The Helen Thomas Pogrom

I saw today a video of Helen Thomas speaking something I never thought I would hear in America. And she’s our nation’s alleged senior reporter? Frightening.

It’s on dozens of websites, but also at

All I could think of was this:

The Helen Thomas Pogrom

8 PM every night on Associated Press Networks,

and in a newspaper near you. On the internet too.

Dah, da da da, de, fa, la so, da, la, mi …

[camera starts with zooms over studio audience as it whirls down to a close up of Ms. Helen Thomas, senior news correspondent in the American White House, and star of The Helen Thomas Pogrom.]

Helen: Welcome to the Helen Thomas Pogrom, thanks for the music Adolph. Welcome to the show where we talk about our love of hating the Jews. I’d like to welcome the millions of Jew hating people all over the world to our show tonight. Tonight, we’re going to talk about sending the Jews home. Just like I told that nice fellow just this morning.

Yes, really, Jews. Occupiers, Zionists, racists. Lord do I hate those people. Really. They should go home. Somewhere. To you know, where they’re wanted. Heh, heh, like Germany, perfectionists in Jew killing, and Poland, mere amateurs in Jew killing. Or maybe France, collaborating Jew killers. Or to Spain, inquisitive Jew killers. Or Italy perhaps, the best ghettos for Jew killing ever built. Or England, where I’m from, which expelled the Jews for centuries. Yes, so what are some ideas? To you know, send the Jews home?

And I don’t want to hear any silly talk about the Old Testament, and Jesus being a Jew in Jerusalem. We all know that’s just a bunch of propaganda put forth by the Jews to claim Arab land.

Now if you really want the truth about Jews I recommend Mein Kampf. Great book, great. Or the Protocols of Zion, which everyone knows are real, but only the Jews say is a fraud. Those Jews, always trying to screw people.

So what are your thoughts on this, Mohammed? Yes, welcome to our show, Mohammed Al-kilajew Al-kilinfidel.

Good to be here Helen. Well, I’m not so sure about sending the Jews to Europe is such a good idea.

Really, why’s that Mohammed? I thought it was absolutely brilliant, and funny. No, really, those occupying Jews have got to go. Can you believe them trying to stop missiles from getting to Hamas who is trying to defend themselves against Zionist aggression! Outrageous! But not to Europe, you say.

Yes, well, Helen, they do have to go, but sending them to Europe means there will still be Jews. And we Muslims are taking over Europe, and we sure don’t want Jews there. That can’t be good. No, we’ve got to kill them all, wherever they are, you know, for humanity’s sake.

You know, Mohammed, I didn’t think about that. Sometimes, you know, I’m a little slow, I’m old. I should have thought this through. Yes, sending them to Europe is no good, they can’t afford to kill the Jews. And Muslims are making the place better by harassing the Jews they find there, true. And if the Jews hadn’t caused the world wide financial downturn we’d all have a little more money. But Europe, why, they can barely afford to send the Arabs and Palestinians the weapons to kill Jews in Palestine, never mind do it at home. You’re right. Let’s just kill the Jews where they are. What can we do to help?

Well, Helen, we’ve got to educate the people that Jews are evil, and need to be eradicated, just like you said, or the true God will not come to earth for all the Muslims. God be willing. But first all the Jews must be killed.

Yes, Mohammed I see your point, but of course, there will still be other religions. It’s the Jews that are the problem.

Well, Helen, maybe you missed the memo, it’s the Jews first, and then anyone who doesn’t want to become a Muslim. They must be killed too. In fact, Helen, if it was up to me you would not be on this show, because you are a woman, it is against the Koran, you should be home. And look, you are not covered. Shame be upon you.

But, wait, …

No, first the Jews, then you Helen. Now, to help, send money to the Kill-A-Jew Foundation, with offices all over the world. Thanks, got to go, I’m off to kill all the infidels.


And so Helen is left alone, to rot. So she should be. So ostracized from polite society. So banished from her haunts. So fired from her job. So not allowed into the White House ever again. She is an abomination. If there is not an outcry of enormous proportions against what this woman said this day then we are a sorry people. To allow this sort of Jew Hating in our country is impermissable. It can not stand.

I want to hear every correspondent say she’s a pariah. I want to hear every politician excoriate her. I want the president to publicly despise her remarks. I want her fired.

Remarks — “Send the Jews home, to Europe, they are occupiers” is the gist – that are so stupid, so unhistorical, so wrong, so despicable in the vile hatred of a group of people. Promoting the wholesale removal of a nation – in 2010? The question is not, “is she kidding” — no, that’s too polite. The question is “Are you going to get the hell out of here by yourself, or will you be forcibly removed?”

Imagine if she said this about Mexicans, or Blacks, or even European-Americans here in this country. Go home, you are occupiers. Everyone go home. Go back to where you came from. And no people should be left in their land – for everyone is from somewhere else. The Irish are not from Ireland, it was the Huns coming behind them, and the Slavs, and the Germanics, who pushed them off the continent of Europe to the Emerald Isle. Who was there when they got there we do not know. But if anyone was, the Celts, the Irish, they occupied that land, just as much as Angles and Jutes and Saxons came and occupied England. And did far worse to the Celts and Picts and anyone else encountered in what we now call “merry olde England” than any Jews ever did to Palestinians. They were invaders far more than Ms. Thomas, (and by her last name perhaps of English heritage, who knows,) says the Jews were. The Jews have a good claim on Israel. Indeed, they were there some 3500 years before the first Angle came and swung a sword at the first Celt come down to the beach to say hello.

How barbaric is this Ms. Thomas.


Meanwhile, back in the real world, alas, I now predict that there will be an outburst of hate against Israel and the Jews, and they will have but one recourse. They will launch the most astounding and comprehensive surprise attack on the entire array of forces arranged against them. I think the Israelis have the means to destroy in one fell swoop the combined air forces and navies of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran and Egypt, and so thus put the fear of Yehovah in the world. I can’t say whether it will be very soon, or in the near term, or even a few months from now. But the reality of war is now apparent. The last few days have shown that. The Israelis have no choice. It’s either strike now, or forever hold your peace. For the Jew Haters have now come out of the woodwork, like the termites they are, eating the life substance out of the foundation of civilization itself.

There, in the Jewish Testament, is the Ten Commandments, the most basic law of God, which every society on earth claims some version of, but is best expressed there, on the tablets of Sinai in the hands of Moses – thou shall not be a complete nasty vile person. (I paraphrase of course, but that’s the gist of those 10 simple rules.)

I do believe that in one fell swoop, in one short minute, Helen Thomas broke every single Commandment of God.

Quite a feat.

Beware the lightning, Ms. Thomas, and the hellfire and brimstone.

And say hi to Beelzebub when you meet him.


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