Not a flotilla’s worth of difference

So the Israelis wake up this morning a little more hated than they were yesterday. Apparently they interdicted a flotilla of crazed Jew Haters on the high seas and death was meted out. has so many more details. But this is what occurred to me:

Though how one could be hated more than the Jews are by their enemies is hard to say. I would think that complete annihilation, genocide, destruction and removal of every last vestige of Jewishness from this world, as those enemies seem to want to do with the Jews, is about as hated as one group of people could get. How could you hate more are that litany of mindless anti-humanism? Now, in our time of Obamian peace, love and happiness the world over, with countries far and wide all in strong agreement that the Mullahs of Iran and the Castros of Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela and Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, murderous thugs all, are just the cat’s meow, that the world would go deep hypocritical and condemn Israel again, and again, and again, for its mere existence is odd.

There it is, a beacon of wealth, peace and tolerance, and the world is enraged. There it is, the only country in the entire Middle East with a mosque, a christian church and a synagogue within soft voiced hailing distance, and the world will not tolerate it. There it is, the country most willing to give aid to any who ever required it, and the world says they are evil. There it is, Oh Israel, offering peace to any who would sit at the table with them and talk, and they are called the murderers. Meanwhile, the murderers who would rather kill a Jew than be within a 100 feet of one save to kill them, are lauded as the peacemakers.

Israel, which has Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, Bedouins and Christians elected in free and fair elections to its free wheeling parliament, called the Knesset, and they are bedeviled as undemocratic. While in every kingdom and dictatorship which surrounds them the national legislatures are odd collections of sycophants who sing hosannahs and praises to the wisdom of the king or dictator, or else, are considered bastions of decency, decorum and enlightenment towards the new world order.

There in Israel they build modern houses, and tall skyscrapers and product filled shopping malls, and they are called impovershers of mankind. While over the desert sands lies the poverty and abject misery of millions of Arabs intent more on warbling hate than building peace.

Now too the Jews of Israel have been adding to the sum total of human endeavor through the creation of products, ideas, patents, processes and Lord knows what else to make human life more sustainable and bearable. Then there are the Arabs and Palestinians, who are Arabs by another name, who build missiles, and gun emplacements, and polish their rocket launchers so they might shoot at the harmless Jews across the border built. Built not to keep Jews in. But to keep out the murderous Palestinian Arabs who sing, cry out and shout “Death to the Jews” as they launch missiles, bombs, suicide bombers and rockets as they claim they are seeking peace in this manner.

Their peace is the peace of death. The peace of a vanquished enemy, slain in blood by the millions. That is the sum total of the politics of the Middle East: the destruction of the Jews. Who wants it? The Iranians for sure; they shout it from their president’s lips. The petty tyrant of Syria, a former dentist whose only claim on power is that his Dad was dictator and his older brother, groomed by Dad for the role of murderer in chief, was killed in mysterious circumstances. The Jordanian king, a recent product of British Empire that has the audacity to claim 1000s of years of continuous lineage in kingship, madly delusional in that regard, but probably the sanest of them all because he knows he can get more from peace with the Jews than with war, which he is sure to lose.

Egypt ignores its peace agreement with Israel, and after decades of claiming Israel stole the Gaza from them and that it is Egypt’s holy soil which evil Jews held, now has a bigger and stronger and more closely guarded wall between the land of the pyramids and the Palestinian Egyptian Arabs in Gaza than the Jews have. And at least the Jews have border crossing points. At least the people of Gaza can visit, work and shop in Israel, so long as they bring in no bombs, which is a quite reasonable request. But they cannot go to Egypt. That’s how loving of the Palestinian Egyptian Arabs the Nile set is.

The various and sundry terror pushing groups of Lebanon, with a bewildering hate of Jews and each other, so that if they are not murdering Jews they are murdering each other – these are the groups which find succor in Europe’s hatred of the Jews. The Europeans have been among the world’s great Jew haters. For two millenia they hated Jews, longer if you count the Romans. The Europeans who invented the Jew tax, and Jew slaves, and the Ghetto, and the Pogrom, and the great liberal tolerant society of Germany which invented the Holocaust, and the wine, song and love loving French of Vichy France who invented Collaboration with the Jew Haters. Those Europeans who at one time or another expelled all the Jews from their territory and then took their money at the border as they were leaving, England, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, on and on, the Jew Hating Europeans carried out barbarism against the Jews. So one could quite well forgive their current infatuation with the Jew hating Arabs. They have so much in common after all.

And the Jew hatred which is bubbling up in alarming reports from Sweden, particularly Malmo, a city in that country, and in England, and still in Russia, always in Russia, and in Poland where even the Auschwitz site cannot be left to memorialize the Jews without further desecration, and in Switzerland where synagogues were trashed, and in so many other so-called isolated incidents where Jewish cemeteries and Jewish houses were trashed to some degree or more. So many isolated incidents that when pegged on a map, with dots connected, you can perceive a drawing of a dagger stuck into the center of a Star of David, ripping the heart of the Jews out of the heart of Europe.

Yes, those Europeans are working with Jew Hating Turks and Lebanese, and I’m sure a few Jew Hating Cypriots to bring bigger and more powerful guns, bombs and missiles to Gaza so that the Jew Haters there can step up their assault on Israel and the Jews. And Israel is the bad guy for they dare ask “Why are you trying to kill us?”

Apparently the greatest sin Jews commit in the eyes of their haters is the refusal to just line up and wait to be killed. Indeed, for centuries, and millenia, during the great Jew Hating episodes of the times, the Jews patiently lined up to get killed, for it seemed as if their God wanted such suffering. And the Jew haters hated the Jews all the more for calling out for mercy from their God for not being Jewish enough to still His wrath, and not for help stopping their Jewishness. And so now, in these times, the Jews have said “No more.” There is now a great Jewish power that says “No, we shall not go to the slaughter.” And the Jew haters are enraged beyond fury, for how dare a mere Jew defend himself! Such an outrage against humanity, apparently.

So in a few days the Jew haters will line up in the United Nations to express their Jew hatred. A resolution will almost certainly be passed decrying the Jews for not willing to be slaughtered. Great calumny and possibly a few celebratory missiles will be heaved upon the Jews. Of this there is no doubt. The United Nations will unite against one nation like they do against no other. They will rush to fall over themselves in their Jew Hating.

And then we’ll find out if our President is a Jew Hater too.

Is he a man who will stand with the true peacemakers? Is he one who will celebrate the glory of Jewish deeds and civilization? Will he recall this Memorial Day that Jew Hating is not an American virtue? Or that our wars were fought to preserve the rights of even the Jews to be who they are, in peace? Will he recall too that in the last century our tens of thousands of war dead died in fighting the Creed of Jew Hating?

Or will he unite with the nations of the world in their intensification of their Jew Hating?

That is the question I think of this Memorial Day, as I recall too the sacrifice of so many for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness which Our Creator did give us, and even to the Jews.

And as I look up to the starry skies and wonder of that Jewish God who both preserved and scourged His people, I wonder if they will get the gumption to really rile up the Jew Hatred. What could they do? Oh, I bet they have the means to destroy the combined air forces and navies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iran in one fell swoop, probably Libya’s too. I bet they have the plans and the capabilities to take out the military commands of the those top heavy armies arrayed against them. I think they should be more than able to remove vast swaths of the military stores and hardware of their enemies. And to pulverize every missile launcher in Gaza and Lebanon until it seemed the Gates of Hell did open to swallow the rotten lot.

I don’t advocate it, no. But one day I bet we’ll all wake up to find the much hated Jews did punish their haters in ways that will take their breath away.

A real American president would aid and assist and abet such a venture. Obama may well turn out to be of different stuff. If he’s a Jew hater, we shall know soon enough.


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  1. It seems silly to try to convince an enemy to love you. This was said in one way or another by every commander since before we started keeping track of history in the bible.
    In today’s world, it seems dangerous to underestimate the hate towards Israel. Yet we still feel like our enemies should love us (or at least like us.)

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