Plugging along

Jury out on “top kill” screams the headline. How ironic then to see the picture of our dear leader right under it and wonder if it doesn’t have some double entendre and is not just about the procedure for “just plug the whole, daddy.” About which more anon.

Meanwhile, a sad day, little Gary Coleman died. He was sweetly crazy and had to be admired for making the best of a bad hand in the birth lottery. And just the other day I heard over the TV, can’t tell you which station, about some guy in West Virginia who had his legs amputated when he was still in swaddling clothes, still struggling with life. Then too there are all manner of appeals for all manner of strange, odd, extraordinarily rare childstart, childhood, childbirth, childness diseases. Had Obama come to the American people and said “I want to set up the Birthday Disaster Program to render immediate service to these special needs children. It will cost every American worker $1 a week, and I know just where in the federal budget it can be found. So here’s what we’re going to do…”

But no, he created some bizarre amalgamation of government gobblydigook that no one really still quite understands, but the more they look at it the more they are unhappy. Repeal is ever more likely as solid 60 to 65% of the people, depending on the poll, either dislike it or despise it, and only about 20% or so seem to really think it’s a good idea. So much for that exercise in futility and aggravation.

But where is that $300,000,000 that Mary promised she got for us? I’ve heard not a peep of a dime over the transom. While it is supposedly for medical bureaucrats of some kind I do believe we might need that money for another purpose right now.

In this case it is the sheer nincompoopery on the president’s part regarding the oil leak. The funniest, at least to me, is that he had no idea if this Birnbaum women, who was head of the Minerals & Mining Service, was fired or resigned. Can you imagine? Shouldn’t he be given a list, oh I don’t know, once a week or so, that points out who resigned or who was fired among the highest ranks of his administration? He is supposed to replace them after all, and find out if the fired ones took any paper clips or something. Shouldn’t he, the man who indubitably signs the paychecks, know how many employees he may have on a given day, like um, payday? Yeah, every payday give the president a list of who was fired or resigned, and hired or promoted for that matter. At least among the top 10,000 federal employees.

But that’s it, isn’t it? It’s impossible for one man, or one team of men, to manage this all. Even the most able executives of the largest organizations on earth would find it hard to be the president. That’s why the most smallest units of government and of commerce are necessary to actually do something with the land and sea, so we might live long and prosper. This way the president can, between basketball and golf, parties and soirees, fundraiseres and apologies to any number of miscreants, you know, handle the big things like oil spills that imperil the coastline of the nation. This one is smack dab in the middle of his paygrade.

On the other hand, he is remarkably consistent. Look, oil seeps into the water, he does nothing. Illegal aliens seep into the country, ditto. Crazed ayatollahs want to seep missiles into the air at Israel, roger that. Dictators seep political prisoners into prisons, he’s with the flow. Europe seeps into bankruptcy, he watches. The nation’s budget seeps into imaginary land so bad even his own party can’t figure it out, he’s down with it. The nation seeps debt and deficits far and wide, he sees no problem. Terrorists seep the country, he’s unconcerned. Worldwide Jihad And Death To The Infidel seeps into the declarations of our enemies, he perhaps wants a beer with them. North Korea is babbling war, he’s considering the fall line up of entertainers at the White House. Then, as misprison of felony, bribes, illegal inducements and other assorted illegal thingies within his administration bubble up as sure as the oil in the water, he sanguinely told us don’t worry our silly heads about it. Or something.

Not quite finger waving of the “I did not have sex with that woman” variety, but surely he can do better than “I did not make an offer to that man” poppycock.

What does he do? Yes, really. What does the president do? He seems to not be governing. Not that I want him to do much, but surely preventing bankruptcy, stopping dictators, interdicting illegal border crossers, killing terrorists and cleaning up oil spills are among them.

You know what his biggest damage to the country is? It’s to the notion that African-Americans really can be great leaders and social forces in our nation. He’s besmirched the good names of all our people, black and white, who would build this nation, and protect it. Not go play bow-to-the-dictators, as he keeps doing.

Now, I just found out that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered Republican. If a copy of his voter registration card isn’t in every TV ad for Republicans in the next five or six election cycles I think I’m going to scream. And I think the idea of putting MLK onto the $20 bill a great idea.

Hey, you know what? I’ll scream now. It’s time to really purge the Republican Party of the milquetoast Rinos and dead-weights and socialist mollycoddling poobahs in charge now. They are no different than the Socialist Democrats are.

That’s one nice thing about the Tea Party. It’s not just realigning some Republicans. Nor is it just attracting the so-called Independents. Nor is it pulling over waking up old-time Democrats. No, it’s reawakening the silent majority. The folks who were never really politically active. They’re getting into the act. This is one thing then that Obama has done right. He has organized the community of Americans. He’s pulling and pushing us together at the same time. That it’s against him is his fault.

Now, with every action and non-action he does he brings more of us together to common ground. His opposition is gelling. His supporters are abandoning him. He’ll never be without his true believers, true. But they too will turn on him, yet insipidly stay with him, in pity and loathing, and he will be a broken man. Which is dangerous to some degree. But America is too resilient to be destroyed by one man, or even a small cabal of miscreants. No, the nation is bigger than that. Why, our love of liberty and reason is just as thick, sticky and mucky as oil on a pelican.

And by the way, since we put out 50 state quarters, and redid the nickel, and dollar coins, why not a rotation of 5 famous Americans per denomination? Better yet, since there are 11 federal reserve districts each can put out their own gal or guy. Think of it like stamps – there’s lots of designs, few denominations. And if small change can reflect the diversity of the nation, so can the paper currency. Only the picture need change, the rest of the bill would be identical, and with all those security features of course. So with 11 districts, and six or seven denominations (do we bother with the $2?) that’s um, 66 different famous Americans on our currency. Now that’s a celebration of our diversity.

Meanwhile, on the front page of my paper today, as I said, is a big image of Obama, prissy with his hands high on his hips, in a suit and tie thing, looking at some red, white and blue pompoms for oil control at his feet. His one toe on a bit of red. No, don’t pick it up, big guy. That’s like, you know, practical hands on experience. The poor schlub has no idea of the thing’s consistency or weight. He’s not a tactile man, he’s cerebral, it’s said. Don’t go down there in jeans and some workboots and see what it must be like to pick up and clean up the stuff. Just the equivalent of two holes of golf would be a fine time. That would give you just a hint of what must be done, which is now worse because of your inaction and ineptitude earlier. Yeah, just look at the colors of our nation at your feet, with this disdainful posture, and you’ll keep doing well in uniting the nation. Thanks, Barry, we couldn’t have done it without you. It’ll be unprecedented: A president unites a nation by so screwing it up everyone is against him.


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