Technocrat, not bureaucrat

Here is a nice view of the politics of the oil spill, mostly from my gal Sarah:

Now, it seems, according to Palin that there is the 1990 Oil Pollution Act, or OPA, which gives the federal government instant authority over oil spills of the very nature we are experiencing today in our mush pit. Who knew? Not me. Not my job. I’m just here to help pay the taxes for a rather rational National Oil Spill Action Tean. Yes, a NOSAT.

Now, for those of us who don’t like much federal action this is actually a perfect instance of good federal action. Indeed, the EPA with the OPA and my fanciful NOSAT should simply be technocrats to come in and assist whichever private company has such an event.

The company didn’t cause this on purpose, or even through negligence. They’ve done dozens of wells in just this manner, so it’s hardly like some pizza delivery guy that decided to punch a hole in the ground to see what would bubble up. It’s not Jed Clampett with a squirrel gun who goes up to Beverly either. BP drills for oil, a lot. It’s just that stuff happens.

Now, the mechanism should be – if you spilled it you pay for the clean up – that’s not too political, or controversial. And the fed-techs, with the power of the military or at least the Army Corps of Engineers, with cooperation with our major engineering firms, like even yes, Halliburton, should simply come in with all the resources that can and should be mustered to rectify the situation. It should be automatic. It should be a NOSAT.

That’s because cleaning up oil is not rocket science. Nor is it a political or legal matter. It’s not a Democrat or Republican thing. No disaster is. Rather it is grunt work on the ground backed by solid engineering and techno-wizardry. The eventuality should have been planned for well in advance, the organizational flow chart up and running. The materials, means and methods should be right there, ready to deploy. The president, in his capacity of chief executive merely gives the order for some guy with a slide rule in his pocket to start calling up his nerdy friends to figure out how to stop continuing damage, and to clean up the damage done. You know, a NOSAT.

Instead, in our socialist-political world everything becomes political. Some wackos want to blame George Bush, or Cheney, or some oil executive. Others want to say the president needs to go on down to the spilll, or he’s not doing anything, or something, as if he’s going to run the show. But to me, fault is somehow through action, not through mere accident. If a kid stumbles and breaks a lamp, so you clean it up, fix it, get a new lamp, perhaps move it to a safer spot, and you tend to the child. You don’t blame him, at least not if you’re a good parent. You don’t punish, or even threaten to punish the kid. Now, if a kid throws a brick at the lamp, now, there’s blame-worthy behavior. But BP didn’t throw a brick, they stumbled.

But our socialist president, and our socialists in government, just see this as political hay. That’s the problem with the adversarial nature of socialism. It’s always the government, supposedly speaking for the people, which attacks companies, like government and companies are against each other, instead of with each other. The same thing with socialist vanguard movements, and community organizers – they are against other people, usually business people. Then once it’s in the hands of the government it’s some elected official fighting for his constituent’s fairshare. It’s a fight with the bureacracy. This is the entire problem with the socialist mindset – it’s always a fight. To the barricades?

NOSAT should be sort of like a volunteer fire department. Such departments are an American tradition, and millions volunteer and go out and fight the fires. It’s not Republican or Democrat. It’s a necessity of humanhood, for fires do strike our houses. When the fire strikes we don’t appoint a committee and a legal team to figure out who’s responsible or if there’s political gain to be made. The firetrucks go out to the fire and put it out. But we have no NOSAT equivalent of a fire department. We have the socialist adversarial system. This started coming into our culture in Wilson’s time, sped up with FDR, escalted under Johnson and has blossomed under Obama.

So I don’t worry so much about the blame-game. I avoid the news on TV because it’s all about the politics, which the reporters seem to know well, and now about the technology, which the reporters seem as hopeless about as a 12 year old fixing a race car engine. And as usual, I see good from this – we might get a NOSAT and Obama’s rush to socialize-adversarialize the nation will be slowed, if not stopped.

So relax, the technocrats can fix it if only the politicians get out of the way.


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