Whirlwind, Whirlpool

So, the world is still nuts.

Or should I say, the powers that be are. One, a John McGinniss, some erstwhile reporter, has decided to move to Wasilla, Alaska. Renting the house next to Sarah Palin. For what purpose? To spy, of course. What else? It’s a far way to go from Washington or New York, where this guy is from, to way out there. And too bad for that, for Ms. Sarah does seem to be down much closer to Washington and New York most of the time of late. Perhaps he’s there to see if anyone not the Palins shows up, you know, to mow the lawn or something. What he could possibly hope to get out of such a move is hard to say. Too much peeking and I think the Peeping Tom statutes might come into play. Too many questions of folks around town will not get him much either, for I’m sure they’re protective of their former mayor. And will he try to break in? It’s on the water, there’s a gate. Maybe this will be the McGinniss water-gate story. Hard to tell. I’m thinking too that some sort of stalking law might well come into play. Time will tell, but if this is “journalistic integrity” then the journalists have fallen on integrityless times. Funny too, that apprently some other reporter went up there to report on the reporter reporting (there’s no other story, you know, war in Korea, war in the Mid-East, the collapse of Venezuela, the corruption of politicians bubbling up like oil from a broken well,) and the reporter of the first reporting was not willing to speak off or on the record to the second reporter – something about privacy I think was uttered, which is odd to say the least. You move in to a house to spy on the neighbors and NOW you complain about spying? Hmm. Oh yeah, it was good for the local economy! The Palins quickly went out and bought enough materials to put up a fence that even an illegal migrant Mexican might have trouble getting over. Will Obama take credit? Not known yet.

Then too apparently, Mr. O, erstwhile president, gave a “news conference” on the oil spill. Only it’s not a spill, it’s a leak, for it was in no vessel yet, but merely still there were nature put it. But it wasn’t a news conference, either. It was an emotion laden lecture about how he grew up in Hawaii and so is close to the ocean or something, as if the 60% of the population living within 50 miles of the coast does not respect or love the ocean, or something. And his daughter wandered into the presidential shavetime to wonder if he “plugged that hole” No word on if Mrs. Obama slapped that girl silly for language that could well get a kid sent home from school. Not that geography has anything to do with love, either. In fact, to hear Obama talk, BP, which does ocean drilling, positively hates the ocean. In fact, from the way I hear the whole panoply of reporters on the constantly blaring TV here (the old man is deaf, and he ain’t getting no hearing aid, he says,) seem to be implying that BP simply went into the ocean punching holes until they sprung a leak so they could purposely befoul the ocean and not make the millions of dollars they obstensibly seek through drilling for oil. They are pilloried as heartless anti-environmentalists bent on destroying mother earth for the profits they won’t earn from the oil leaking which can’t be recaptured and sold. It’s a weird sort of capitalism which drills to destroy wealth. Though with the way journalists and politicians think, they could conclude that’s what BP did. Meanwhile, Rick Sanchez of CNN, on the story for some 30 days now, still has no idea how many wells are in the Gulf. So busy doing something that an hour or two on google might well provide the answers to the many questions he always seems to be asking. In fact, for a reporter, he knows precious little about anything.

Meanwhile, apparently, just like in Katrina, the thousands of volunteers come to help are not to be trusted, and must undergo drug testing, background checks, and senstivity training, and the proper deference to politicians, before just possibly being ready to clean up globs of oil. It’s a weird way to think – guys who pick up oil must not offend or be a bit toasted while they do the dirty work. Me? I’d give them all some beers just for the effort! Even stranger, American volunteers to clean up America are being asked to show their papers, but Americans asking non-Americans for theirs is evil incarnate and racist. If illegal aliens came to volunteer they no doubt would be put to work instantly regardless of their papers. Strange, Americans have to show our papers with alarming frequency, while to ask some non-English speaker for theirs is tantamount to declaring a National Socialist pogrom (oh, yea, the Nazis.) And oh yeah, once again, the police here are going to crack down on seatbelt non-wearers. No word on if papers would be asked for to even write a ticket. Given the pro-police state stops for seatbelt usage, the governor of Arizona might well have put a provision in her law to require all cars to be pulled over for seatbelt & papers inspection – and that would be fine, it seems >> oh, but to ask after a crime is done – oh the horrors!

The president might have known more, but he went off to some fundraiser in San Francisco at $17,000 a plate, and another for $50,000 a plate – because you know, he’s all for the little guy and hates the rich, or something. He was also busy talking with some basketball reporter about the balls and baskets. Not quite fiddling while Rome burns, but danged close. At some function out there he was heckled by his gay supporters, who are getting more miffed at him than his detractors. He took umbrage, demanded their papers to prove they were vetted correctly before being allowed into His Majesty’s presence, and few saw the irony that if Obama was in, oh, say Arizona, and began asking for papers he’d be doing opposite to what his own administration is declaiming – it’s raaacist to ask for papers, for ID.

What a strange land we live in – rabbit hole like, I swear — where violent demonstrators are freedom fighters, but grandmothers for freedom passing out cookies are a dire threat to the Republic. Questioning the patriotism of patriots is just fine, but questioning the patriotism of those who swear to blow us up is simply evil racial profiling. Where laws of any size are not read by many. Where the health care bill shall now, according to some, not be called ObamaCare, because Obama’s pride and joy, his big fu….g deal as it were, is simply so toxic that still today 65% of the people are opposed to it. Even he doesn’t want to be associated with his signature piece of legislation. It’s a world where American servicemen are brought up on charges of striking the enemy, and with Patton’s example, now it is wrong for servicemen to slap anyone. They can’t slap their own or the other side, nor spank each other (too gay, don’t ask, I’m sure,) and thus they are perhaps to just sit still and don’t do much, lest the world be offended at America defending freedom.

I could go on. And on. And on. It’s just too much, too often, faster and faster coming, like a whirlwind in a whirlpool, and you know what happens? I’ll tell you – the laws of physics dictate that either everything will be sucked down into the vortex at the bottom of one whirl, or flung out to the nether regions from the other whirl. And thus, in the next decade or two there will be such astounding changes, none good for the socialists and the Democrats (and only they can tell each other apart.) While it is always darkest before the dawn, it’s also true that dawn comes. The collapse of Euroland, the collapse of Venezuela, the collapse of the frail peace in Korea and in Israel – all this collapse overseas will help push the collapse at home. As I’ve said before, either Obama is brought up on impeachment, or he’s brought out on the incapacited amendment. But the one thing that can’t happen, is for nothing to happen. Like a top set free on a table, the whirling will continue. Freedom controls the music, so when it comes time to sit, the Socialists won’t have many places. Oh well, they tried. Better luck next time Socialists, like when math is overturned by emotion. Have fun a-waiting.


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