Back to reality (?)

Back to reality. OK so the birthday trip is over. A year older, who knows if any wiser.

And what did I miss? Only a Connecticut Democrat caught lying about serving in the war against which Democrats were vocal. One would have thought he would have been proud to not be in the war that ended all wars for Liberals who can see no good from American military power.

Meanwhile, Liberals, Leftists, Socialists, Democrats, or whatever they are calling themselves today, are making plowshares into swords – complaining bitterly about Israeli homebuilding while not at all concerned about lunatic Iranians and rascally Lebanese and disgruntled Palestinians of all sorts plotting to destroy the homes as soon as they might be built. Homes = bad. Bombs = civil rights. Or something.

Bizarre because LLS&D (it’s a law firm no? Surely a lobbying firm? Or just a cabal?) are for homes here, even if their folks can’t afford them, though against the homes of the rich if they are entrepreneurs and working folks, but for them if you are filthy rich from politics and political posturing like so many celebrities and Al Gore are. And they are against bombs for us because we only use them to save the world from murderous Socialists, past, present & future. And nothing is more good than murdering Socialists apparently.

Speaking of PP&F socialists, one Hugo Chavez continues his program to destroy Venezuela for the good of socialism with money earned from its Capitalism funding arm, Citgo. It’s a weird world down there in the breadbasket of South America where there’s less and less bread, an oil producer with blackouts and little gasoline, a vibrant society brought to a standstill culturally as the state seized TV, Radio and Internet goes to the All Chavez Reality Show, where one could get bopped on the head, or jailed, or both for pointing out the reality.

Then over in Arizona a simple ten page law, which I have not read because it’s not my business to, has not been read by those officials who are most vocal against it and whose job it is TO read it, aka, Holder, Napolitano and other officials of this administration, including, apparently the president who even while tooling about golf courses has not a moment to read 1 page per hole, leaving 8 holes pageless.

Amazing that we should be forced to read 2700 pages to find out what’s in them, but 10 pages is onerous in extremis. Such is our nation today.

Then there I was having a cocktail with my friend Jerry who is under the illusion that Stimulus Spending works while telling me all about his exciting adventures looking for a job in destimulated NYC. I commisserated on the job loss, and ignored the stimulating conversation that could have come, for the sake of birthday pleasure.

Then there I was having lunch with my computer geek buddy Dave who is trying to maximize his wealth, and buys all the latest trappings of our techno-society, complaining about Obama, his former man of the year, for not being socialist enough in seizing the private enterprize system. Dave seemed to be unaware that socialist economies don’t create the techno-gizmos which he delights in.

My sister the stock trading Obama lover is somewhat confused about why every pronouncement of Obama drives the market down – or bubbly up until the next pronouncement as people try to eke out what they can between the swings.

My cousin Kenny seemed to be truly shocked that not only is Sarah Palin not an “air-head” but that she was a governor, is a mother, sold 2.5 million books, and has millions of followers, and with a mere “hi mom” scribbled can move a country, which would be a lot of air from that hand wave.

Speaking of waving air, the Spanish have surrended to the vagaries of reality and pronounced their Green Initiative of Windmills so much La Mancha fantasy and pointless, as well as quite counter-productive. They were willing to play guinea pig, now they are the S in the PIGS who are bringing down Europe ASAP. The G, Greece, borrowed enough to forestall their socialism’s demise for a few years, leading the German and French Socialists who financed the drunken frat boy spending party continuation plan to become quite serious in saying, “now behave.” Or something as serious as their ministrations against Iran, who like G have simply blown piffle lips in response.

Portugal, Ireland, Iceland and Italy, the PIIIs of the PIIIGS have simply continued under the radar in the hope that the Germans and the French will bail their butts out too. Such will probably not be the case. For there is little money left in the coffers of F & G Bailout Inc, and they will soon need their own anyway.

Now, down Congressway, south of the Speaker’s desk’s borders, one Felipe Calderone, temporary dictator of Mexico (they elect a new temp every six years) did chastize us for doing more, which is less, towards illegal immigrants that his own kleptocracy does to the illegals found in his midst. The Democrats applauded the chastizement as if they were a bunch of Euro-Weenies watching Mexico yell at America, and in a way they were; but they are surely un-American for the effort.

Then too I read as how Los Angeles did want to boycott Arizona for this illegal border crosser issue and then some sage person on the Arizona Power Commission, or whomever makes electricity there, did say that perhaps Arizona will pull the plug on ¼ of Los Angeles power, which would be nice.

Now, it appears that the US Federal Government will ignore it’s own law because Arizona wants to follow it. Which may lead to somewhat of a Constitutional Crisis as the president is impeached for not “faithfully executing the laws of the nation.” Now there’s something the new Congress, coming in November this year, will be sure to write and read very carefully to ensure both that it covers every impeachable offense of Obama Inc., and also so that they might safely say it without mistake at every opportunity leading up to 2012 and beyond.

There were other relatives of mine up there in birthdayland, all of whom seem to be quite smitten with our President, but still, just as unread as he and his administration are on so many issues. So it was fun to listen, and get ideas for repartee and banter on the subject, but which was not the right time and place to say much for it was a family reunion of sorts, and my birthday (did I mention that?) and not a political convention or debate program.

I just smiled and said “Yes, well, all well and good, but it will all be repealed either before the national bankruptcy or after the national bankruptcy.” They all did look at me as children on the cusp of teenageness do towards adults who say there is both a Santa Claus and babies come from storks. Somehow the fantasy and the reality clash.

Then it is just a matter of growth into productive citizens or a descent into mental problems to be endured by society that is the path to be chosen. Time will tell, as the bloom does continue to come off the Rose of Obama, which had such a sweet smell, but is now going the route of the carrion plant, which while a gorgeous flower does stink to high heaven.

And the garden itself does look good, which is a nice welcome back from the whackland of Liberal Distopia and cherry flavored unicorns to which I went with the expectation of nothing less.

And I went up to the top of the Empire State Building and did look out on NYC and marveled at what capitalist entrepreneurialism did wrought, and wondered at those who cannot see this, and so thus are dedicated to its destruction so we might return to the innocent age of royalist rulers, state controlled economies, insider privy councils, and serfs galore to be worked until no longer useful to the rulers.

I saw the future, and it was in a Palinesque blur of upsetting the big apple cart of our current morass. What a next birthday to look forward to!


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