The Road to Breathtaking

It’s not that nothing happened in the past few days so I didn’t post; indeed it was too much.

Nor is it that I could think of nothing to say for a few days; I always have an opinion.

It’s just that I threw a dinner party for roughly 25 people on Friday night. That involves a lot of planning, cleaning, shopping, preparing and chopping and what have you. There’s a lot to do to ready any house for so many people. Thus there was no time to blog – some things must go by the wayside. Low priorities go first and I’m not exactly saving the world here.

Though I’m also planning a trip to NYC. Yes, scene of ter… no, what was it? Oh yah, a sort of hoped-for-by-liberals TEA Party attack. It’s odd, no, though, that Pro-big government demonstrations always wind up violent? Greece is but the latest example. The incessant violence at G-8 and 20s and Climate conferences and a whole host of economic this and thats is always a way to light up the nightly news. That violence, is, of course, shown to be very good for getting politicians to see the way to go. Though there were the immigration fracases too, and I wonder how many things I missed? But, in the spirit of smaller government people mill about and sing patriotic songs, leaving the place cleaner than when they arrived. This is somehow a burgeoning threat to the power mad. Troops are called out to quell the grannies. Odd.

Then too I’m about to go get poked and prodded, asked for my papers and wonder if I’ll be racially profiled because I look like an “angry white man.” Yah, folks rifling through my things, based on the mere fact that I’m flying somewhere within my own country. And then too I have a one way ticket – who knows what scrutiny that will entail? It’s happened before, the extra screening — “why are you flying one way?” I was asked. “I just don’t know when I’d be returning, or if I was,” was not quite an answer that totally satisfied the peons with power. But such was the travel I was doing. But if I was a Muslim or a Mexican I suppose I would not be scrutinized for my sensitivities must be protected. I shall be asked for my papers, and show them, and still be suspect until I deplane at the other end and leave the airport completely. But they here plotting terror and living without legality are somehow the salt of the earth and part of the cherished American Way. Bizarre.

Now also some kids were chastized, punished even, for wearing clothes with American images to a US public school in the US – on a day barely celebrated in Mexico – which is a country with two odd dress habits: 1) is that it’s illegal to wear representations of the flag of Mexico in that country – and indeed, one hardly sees the flag flying anywhere. They are virtually flagless, country-wise. 2) is that the most popular color combination for clothes in Mexico is red, white & blue. It’s like every third person is so attired. Every fifth or six person is wearing an American flag motif. But somehow the sage ones in California think Mexicans in that school might well be offended by representations of the colors and images of the country to which they fled from their enfeebled homeland is somehow offensive. Strange.

Now when I’m in NYC I shall tour around, even to Times Square. And I shall go down to the World Trade Center site and marvel that we would allow a mosque to be built across the street from the site – and be chastized for questioning the idea – and yet there is not one Christian Church or Jewish Synagogue or Hindu Temple in all of Arabia’s many countries. So bizarre is their claim to equality that it excludes everyone but themselves, those Muslims. Outrageous.

Meanwhile, the oil well dilemma in the Gulf is abating, and the press seems beside themselves in anger that there is no bigger disaster to report. And too the ugly fact that BP gave such scads of money to Obama that it was more than they gave to all other politicos combined. It seems happenstance, perhaps, that Goldman Sachs is in the same enviable position of being one of Obama’s major donors and the man to whom they gave the biggest donations of that which they gave. So perhaps the press, in their continued effort to kiss-tuckus to Obama simply decided that too much reporting on the issue would not be good for the Savior and thus ceased the investigation. Disheartening.

In other news Charlie Crist was so solidly Republican, as he did declare often, that when it was obvious he would lose the primary in Florida he decided to cut himself free from his impending loss and so go it alone – and announced he’ll vote with the Dems if that’s what it takes to get elected – the power must tickle his well creased pants. Duplicitous.

You see, such things as are happening is just mindboggling. It’s like the world gone mad. And yet, there is this under current of change – a broad river of discontent – a stridency for Constitutionalism – that the Odd, Bizarre, Strange, Outrageous, Disheartening and Duplicitous are almost like the words and ideas of a past era. When Newsweek, a magazine which just a few short months ago did declare with great glee that “we’re all socialists now” is soon to collapse, or be bought up by some Right Wing, then I know the world will do fine.

My prediction is this: With a blunt reminder from the stock market’s “Momentary Crash” to stiffen the resolve of the Good – the Bad of this world will slowly recede back into the dark basements from which they come, throwing all manner of things while they are slinking towards oblivion.

I can predict still further collapse of all that we’ve know of late. If the Euro is still with us by Christmas I’d be surprised. And even if surprised, it will be so weak in value that I might well contemplate a return to Europe to see Medieval Castles – which is one of my favorite things. Great. If Obama doesn’t lose a few cabinet secretaries by Christmas I’d be surprised, but even if so, there shall be big and small scandals a-brewing. Ah, the Decline and Fall of the Liberal Empire. Breathtaking.


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