Our National Mom

Our national mom


This is a time when we need a national conversation about the dollar. What is it? What did the Founding Fathers think it was? When they used the word “dollars” twice in the Constitution but did not deem it necessary to provide a definition, what did that tell us? In fact, the historical record is clear. The constitutional dollar was — and is — 416 grains of standard silver, or 471 ¼ grains of pure silver, the same amount of silver as is in a coin known then, and now, as the Spanish Milled Dollar. What were the Founders thinking when they decided to use, in granting to Congress the power to “coin money and regulate its value,” the same sentence in which they also granted Congress the power to fix the weights and measures?

How are we going to get back to a constitutional framework for our national unit of account? And, most ominously, what will happen if we fail to do so? It is too much to hope that this national conversation might be ignited by Mr. Obama himself. The Wall Street Journal editorial page is doing a heroic job among the newspapers, including a piece in tomorrow’s paper calling for taking another look at the gold standard, and Larry Kudlow among columnists, his latest being here We hold out hope that some politician will pick up the issue of the dollar. So far the only one who has gone out on the stump to mark its collapse against gold is Sarah Palin. Come to think of it we’re long overdue for having the face of the greenback engraved with a woman.”

>> We have a government of drunken frat boys, an academia of drugged hippies and a media of childlike simpletons. This is the trouble with our nation. This trio is what is leading us down the road to perdition. And then there’s “la idiota” (since we’re so Mexican of late may as well go to Spanish, no?) as so many doth proclaim — one Mom Palin.

A woman who really does “get it.” A lady who does know that it takes 300,000,000 to make a country and not a “village.” Villages are for peasants, countries are for people. Villages have chiefs and a duke’s castle in the distance, countries have free and equal citizens pursuing happiness.

Meanwhile, the dollar will continue to weaken – but still remain, if not stronger, at least more solid, than any other currency. Despite Mr. Obama’s bizarre efforts to destroy it. Indeed, the tax, debt and spend crowd, so beloving of Keynes, will simply continue to wreck havoc. They think “stimulus” can work – when it never can – for you can’t take money out of an economy and put it back in and think you’ll help anyone or anybody – except of course your favored friends, which amplifies the misery of those who pay for the favors. This stimulation attitude will lead us to the ruination about to come to Europe, China and Japan. Yes, bold predictions. But what else can happen? They have set their course towards deconstruction of their economies, instilling sclerosis and blundering along, hoping this next fix will correct the previous one, which corrected the one before that.

Only Mom Palin seems to have a clue that she doesn’t have a clue as to what to do with the economy, and thus just wants 300,000,000 better minds to do what they would do. The others, Republicans & Democrats of all flavors, think they can “manage” and “control” and “direct” and “push” and “promote,” and so many other verbs of action, the economy and come up with some “perfect mix” or something. They don’t even have “targets” or “outcomes” — they don’t know what they’ll get – but they know it will be controlled and corralled, which to them is good, for they will be the shepherds.

What they all fail to grasp is that the “perfect” economy is the one where the government does virtually nothing but provide commercial courts to settle disputes. It’s the one which produces the greatest good for the greatest number. Government getting out of the way, doing nothing, that’s what’s needed; not another stimulus, or plan, or working paper, or whatever they are calling their savant ideas today. What 300,000,000 come up with I cannot say – not with any surety like a target plan brought forth by legislation. But I do know that an unfettered economy will come up with what 300,000,000 want, while control and corrall will produce what is good for some and not for others. It’s time honored, now will not be any different.

But poor ol’ Mom Palin is decried for not knowing what to do – when to know that is the surest sign that you know to get out of the way. If governments are like parents, then economic actors are like young ones growing up – it’s time to let go and let them go their own way, make their own way. Oh, to have such a president at this moment! To have someone who instinctively grasps what she doesn’t know and then gets out of the way. We wouldn’t have 10% unemployment, or 20% just economically inactive, and still another 10% living on the forced charity from the remaining workers taxed into submission for the privilege of helping their fellow man.

This mother’s day I recall that my mother never did understand how I made money. She didn’t understand the printing industry in New York when I was in my twenties, nor how I fit in it. She didn’t know about the trade shows and advertising I did in my thirties and forties. She was confused as to how it seemed I never had a job but still supported myself. How was it that I “never went to work” and still had a house and a car and vacations. Indeed, my mother confused the word “work” with “job,” as so many do. She conflated “earnings” with “paycheck,” since I almost never had the latter but always the former. She was clueless as to how I could both be on vacation and make money. How was it possible for me to go anywhere for months at a time and still have a great time? She did not know.

I’d say many of my friends are the same way. They went to work at 9 and came home at 5 and flipped on the TV and waited until their dreams were sundered by having to do the same thing the next day. Meanwhile, I was careening around with no visible means of support and had more fun, did more, made more money (than most) and lived better – as they all tried to live vicariously through my exploits but would not suspend their belief in the serf-inducing job for a boss.

Obama is set to put more limits on Me and the Me’s of America – the vast numbers of small business owners and freelancers and contract workers and entrepreneurs who make the nation’s things and run it. He’s intent on fullfilling the socialist ideal of everyone in the job that is pre-determined to be the best fit for you for the rest of your life in the company that has had the risk removed so that all stays in stasis. That is Europe. It’s career vs. careen. Careers lead to cradle to grave protection from the viscitudes of life at the hands of some all powerful and all knowing national economic leaders and a company around forever. Careening makes all the big splashes, it’s what makes the socially and economically upward reaching rich, it’s what makes poor men wealthy. It’s the sclerotic Euro-economies where, almost like in the 1400s, what your father did you shall do, and your kids shall do, and the least amount of change is some assault on the national fiber. This is Obama’s plan, for it’s what he’s comfortable with. It’s what the Greeks are rioting for. Indeed, the Euro-bama method is comfortable, but like an old shoe that’s good so long as you don’t walk too far or it doesn’t rain, it’s really not great, but just “good enough.” Sort of like a torn coat in a winter wind, good enough, but not truly warm. It’s guaranteed, and thus is stasis. It’s set in stone and that stone shall crush you. The Japanese even have a saying for it: “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

It’s what leads to the drain of the daring from the rest of the world into America. Alas they are arriving into an America where the politicians, universities and media are pushing for “what exists today cannot change.” Like King John in England in the 1200s – what is is what is. Runnymede is emblematic of the entrepreneurs, who say “Let me be, and I shall be fine or ask for help from those who might offer it.” Magna Carta, focused on property rights, was the entrepreneurs of England telling the king to let go of feudalism. Throughout history governments have been afraid of such attitudes of entrepreneurialism – for there is not enough control of them nor deference from them that hold this view. Oddly, it’s the view that always surfaces the minute the strong hand of government is removed, and is the view of the black marketeers skirting around the dictates of government.

The government’s strong and visible hand always leads to poverty for most and a long boring life for those under the elites, and to the elite which always must be fighting amongst themselves to maintain themselves in the elite pecking order. The economy’s invisible hand leads to wealth and/or happiness for all who wish to the degree they wish But being invisible invites fear from those who crave deference.

Mom Palin seems to get this. Just one way that’s clear is her linkage of the value of gold to the value of the dollar, noted above. No matter how “unconnected” the dollar supposedly is from gold, as all currencies supposedly are separated from gold and other precious things, the reality is that intuitively people know that money is not worth the paper it’s printed on other than what it buys in a true weight of gold, silver, other metals, and other precious things. Of real things, not the imaginary “good faith and credit of the … “ Ancient kings tried the good faith and credit ploy. They were hit with revolution and often head-chopping. We are not so crass now, in the Western World. Now we send the departed wrongheads off to universities and speaking tours, so that they might make another stab at wrecking it all.

So this Mother’s Day think long and hard of the choices we face: folks into it for themselves and obviously wrecking everything because of their good faith and credit in a wrong idea for which we should have deference, because it’s “noble” or “not money grubbing” or some loftiness to high to be seen by anyone in the real world – or the one woman who knows she can’t do it alone and wants everyone, 300,000,000 of us, to just go out and do it – whatever it is that we would do. Maybe I’m wrong – I see no evidence of that yet – maybe she’s as crafty as the rest of them. But somehow I don’t think so. Somehow I think she’s so real that that’s the reason so many of the control freaks among us are so worried about her. None seem the remotist bit worried about any of the ballyhooed in the Republican line up. But they are riled up at the mere thought of Palin as President. That alone is good enough reason to vote for her.

But since the current crop of R & D critters have a heavy hand invested in failure so they might be the rescuers and thus get more power we face a stark choice.

What a choice: failure or success. I’m on the later’s side. And you?

Happy Mom’s day Ms. Palin. Now go spank those bad guys like a good mom should.


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