That’s all folks


<< BUT, it’s fascinating to us that so many — and we bet the numbers in the millions — people believe Obama’s capable of doing something like this.

That says an awful lot about this president, and the political trouble Democrats are really and truly in.

If the public believes you are so corrupt, un-American, untrustworthy, and vainglorious that it’s plausible you could institute martial law after manufacturing a crisis to essentially pull a Reichstag fire putsch on American soil, then you have serious credibility and electoral problems.

No amount of hopey-changey posters are going to resolve this.

No photo spreads playing basketball and trying desperately to appear manly are going to make this go away.

If Americans really and truly believe, in their hearts, that the President of the United States is essentially a cartoon villain out of the imagination of a show like 24, then the White House is facing an unprecedented challenge — a complete and utter vote of no confidence from the public.

Even Jimmy Carter, at his nadir, didn’t face a public who believed he had it in him to destroy the country to save himself.

More and more people are admitting this is how they feel about Obama.

Where this goes from here, we can only conjecture, but it’s uncharted territory.

Unprecedented”, even. >>

Ain’t this the truth! Few say it more clearly than this view towards the future. It’s why I feel just fine – looking forward to it actually. Certainly now the end is coming for the socialists. The reality has been seen, the people are pissed, and those who aren’t are so confused that to go pissed is not going to be that hard. One thing for sure is that those who are confused are not going to go Democratic Socialist after this stuff hits the fan.

What the guys at Hillbuzz and so many others of those they refer to don’t realize is that there is no real way to “declare martial law.” There’s no provision in the law for it and plenty against it. There’s no way to cancel elections short of a nationwide lack of electricity rendering it impossible. No one can say their time in office is extended because of some emergency. Nope. A bomb in one city ain’t gonna’ do it. Again, there are no provisions of law, there are no powers, there are no authorities or legal rulings or cases. There’s nothing the president could say except “because I’m the president and I said so!” And if he did that I think it would be a call to the “incapacited wacko” amendment to remove the crazed man who declares the right to rule by decree.

It’s just phantasmagorical that some military guys are just going to listen to some claim by some president or his aides to simply shut down America, or put us all under house arrest. It’s beyond belief –

but that so many hold it shows how the distrust and disgust of this government, this political system, this president and this congress has grown so large that those who support this government, political system, president and congress are quickly going to be removed from power over the next decade or so. This is the second revolution, but evolutionarily so. For it will be done by votes. The violence will come from the losers. It will come from the socialists – for that’s what all losing socialist movements do – they move to violence. But our American socialists don’t have the guts that foreign varieties have to really do violence. In other countries they destroy TV stations, and they take on police stations. These guys here just want to burn public garbage cans and shout little ditties while hanging Bush in effigy.

So, no, I’m not worried at all about this situation. Hard to put in a blog, but there are so many signs of the end of the socialist ideal that it is hard to list them all in a few hundred page book. They’re going down swinging. Why, just this night I heard one Rachel Maddow screeching about “American Greed!” and “American pursuit of profit” as some evil things. From a woman making a few million bucks for screeching she’s got one hell of a nerve. But such are the socialists of our times. Say goodnight folks. So long, farewell. Th-th-that-t-t’s’s’s all-ll f-folks!


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