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The Democrats’ legislative framework includes a slew of new immigration enforcement measures aimed at U.S. borders and workplaces. It would further expand the 20,000-member Border Patrol; triple fines against U.S. employers who hire illegal immigrants; and, most controversially, require all American workers — citizens and non-citizens alike — to get new Social Security cards linked to their fingerprints to ease checks of their work eligibility.”


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OK, then, so the president and many of his opinion are up in arms to one degree or another about Arizona’s new law – where in which people in the hands of police might be required to prove they are in the country legally – that is, show that they are not illegal, or criminals, or lawbreakers for not just the crime in question, but for another crime, sort of looking to see if there are any warrants outstanding, which is common even in routine ticket stops. Why, parking meter ladies will zoom in on the plate to see if there are any outstanding parking tickets that might warrant a boot on the tire, and all you did it park!

Whatever you think of the immigration laws as a whole, there’s no doubt that under current law aliens are supposed to carry their documents with them – and they are supposed to have legal permission to be in the country. Seems simple enough. If you are for open borders with Mexico then say that – but they will not, no politician at least. For it is not a popular position.

But amnesty, or legalization, will sort of be a post-fact open borders policy. If you can get in illegally, you will automatically be legalized. Or will someone have to document when exactly it was when they illegally crossed the border? Perhaps there will be a cut off date – you know: “everyone in before June 1st is in!”

I would suppose that at the moment of passage of any legalization bill then all who come after are not eligible? Or will they automatically forever and ever be legalized so long as they come across the border now or in the future? Which is an effective open borders policy. What does any immigration reform bill do about future incursions? They are bound to happen. Will we get a whole new group of illegals, patiently awaiting their own legalization bill some years hence? It’s not quite clear now, is it?

And too there is already ample law to guard the border, but the past few presidents have been loath to do much about enforcing the laws. That’s why illegals are still able to get into the country, right? So Arizona decides to enforce federal law, as Arizona is asked to do for so many other things for which there are federal mandates, but often no funding, though they were not asked to do this, they volunteered (boy, talk about community organizing!) So that’s not too far out of the realm of current law.

So then I read the opening lines above, by a Mr. Tsu, and I wonder – here it is the Democrats are proposing, once again (for they have done this often,) to require all people in the nation to have a national ID card. Indeed, with new technology to have it even more intrusive then they could have imagined just a decade ago. Imagine, being required to carry ID – or else. One would presume a fine, at the minimum, as so many commands from Washington do come with those of late. So, we’ll all have to show our, um, papers, to get government aid, to get onto transportation, to do commerce, to obtain employment, to get our retirement and our medical care, and who knows what else – we are all to be identified at all times – and tracked – what does one think is on those magnetic strips? And the places it will be required will only expand unless the country makes a quick U-turn. Not quite a number burned into our arms, but mighty symbollically close.

But somehow, in the president’s mind, and in the words of oh so many of his supporters, asking illegal aliens for their ID is Nazi-like, but asking Americans for their ID is somehow Progressive wonderbah for the volks. Um, folks.

Odd that our modern Progressives are oh so similar to National Socialists of all sorts. Why, virtually every political party in Europe is Socialist of one kind or another – and we do all supposedly want to be like Europe. (Actually, with the way the president is punishing the economy we might all very much wind up in small walled cities and defended castles, though maybe I’ve read too many novels of the apocalypse.)

Anyway, and how eerie are the Nazi-like things our government is doing?

SS – social security – what a set of initials. Now a number for everything – now to be on a universal card required for everything, or close to it, with one’s fingerprints, like a potential criminal only until proven otherwise. Tied to a number that was obstensibly set up for our Retirement – and in the same year Herr Hitler came to power too. I’m not saying – it’s just odd coincidence, no? But “what is your social?” for nearly every transaction is not much different than “where are your papers?” The words are different, the effect is the same. Why, it’s even on many a driver’s license already! Penalties for not supplying your “social” is slowly approaching not having your papers in Dusseldorf circa 1935 or 1936. Though certainly not Dachau in 1940 I agree.

Now, too, it’s odd that General Motors, now not much different then Mercedes, Porche, Audi, Krupp and so many other German industrial concerns were made quasi-government companies, to produce as politicians told them, in cooperation with the workers unions, and forced to sell shares to the government – and presto, another odd comparison.

Even more odd is the new Chevy Volt, the car that “could save” General Motors – but which is but one letter away from Volk. Or Volkswagon. Or the car pushed by Hitler, much as the Volt is pushed by Obama, though more obliquely at the moment. It is, again, I’m sure, just another odd coincidence.

So too is the enviro-left, so enamored with and by Obama, calling for national sacrifice for the national good, so we can all live socialistically national, or like, if you prefer, as national socialists. Which were, of course, the Nazi’s full name. Mein Gott! Cap and Trade anyone? And not to leave out a national sales tax, very uber-Deutsch of the 1930s – where did you think Dolph got the cash? In fact, many of Obama’s “industrial” policies are very reminiscent of the Fascists of Italy, who were best buddies of the National Socialists of Germany. Odd, that’s all.

Then too is Obama’s demonization of Israel somewhat reminiscent of a certain Austrian housepainter circa the 1920s. Not full blown yet, but slowly, almost inexorably, logically, going that direction.

Then there is the logo – that omnipresent logo of Obama’s. So hopey happy, and red, white and blue, of course, but still, a logo tied to one man for one thing – his power. What is it about messianic power people and their logos? For instance, during the Franco years there was a logo, but it wasn’t on the flag, then King Juan Carlos Hapsburg gets his palace and crown back and back comes the king’s coat of arms to the national flag. And royal and noble coats of arms were just the logos of the day. But they were/are tied to one man. When Obama goes he will certainly take his logo with him. Won’t he?

Then there’s the czars. The appointed henchfolks of the president, to communicate with the hapless cabinet secretaries. And who has he appointed to the official positions? All happy boobs, qualified in advanced bureaucracy for sure, with nary a new idea or any idea really. In fact, Janet Napolitano was heard to say just the other day that she was clueless as to the oil spill fighting capabilities of her department. HHS Sebelius (how royal already: Her High Serenity, or something…) had not a clue, she did reveal, in what was in that law recently passed – requiring all Americans to cooperate for the national purpose – or else. Hmm, can you say “Uber alles”?

Now, certainly there is also the rubber stamping, pass anything, we’ll figure it out later, but let’s give the president vast new powers Congress that is so like the Reichstag in the 1920s to 1934 time period it’s bizarre.

The demonization of banks? Adolph did it, with a bit more fervor than Obama is doing now, but who knows how strong the president’s words will grow?

Belittling of the opposition? Ditto.

Laughing at critics while making veiled threats? Ditto.

Oh yeah, calling for a “youth movement” in the name of the leader, ditto.

Youth camps, Organizing for America. Ditto.

The parallels one can think of on a drizzly morning are not delightful.

Now, I don’t want to dwell on the parallels, for there are many many dissimilarities. But still, all the hallmarks of the petty tyrant are right there in Obama’s playbook. About the only thing that stops the guy is the Constitution and the political culture. He’s already said he doesn’t like the former and aims to change the latter. So one, in flights of novelistic fantasy, can just, for a moment, take a trip down comparison lane, and see what might be Nazi like and who’s doing it, rather than, for instance, enforce federal laws on the books – put there by FDR, who did so much like the Herr, but was more tortoise like – again, that pesky Constitution thingy. Oh, yeah, FDR wanted to pack the court to get around that messy bit.

Yep, gotta love that logo. Right? It’s good for your health, I’m sure. In much the same way as paying the school bully not to beat you up everyday is good for your health. Still, the government is now very concerned about your health, much as Hitler was for his people. For the good of the people, nothing more, of course. Only the best, of course. Though it did go a bit far over there, back then. Still, with health czars talking about allowable funding caps for designated populations, well, it’s only the paranoid who think things can get worse. Or people will all of a sudden find themselves unallowed and de-designated, or something. Right? Yes sirree, Mr. Logo.


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