Oil, Immigration, English

Three things: Oil, Immigration & English

Of course, the recent blowout in the Gulf, where an oil platform went up boom, will spur the eco-nuts to scream “no more drilling.” For any number of reasons, such as the dead, the flames and smoke, and the resulting oil slick. While all a part of any disaster, it is hardly the reason to stop doing something. Planes crash, we still fly. People die in car wrecks, we still drive. Buildings collapse, we still construct. True too, that one day, if not already, someone will fall from a giant windmill and die – will the eco-nuts call for no more windmills? Then, too, one might fall one day and injury who knows what. So too the enviro degradation – of the vista most obviously – but also for the transmission lines strung hither and yon. Not to mention, but why not, the mining of the metals required for the giant whirlybirds. Then there’s the problem of getting a hundred or so to wherever they might be put. These windmills are no less unsightly than an oil well or a coal mine. Just as factories with all those good union jobs are big box-blots on the landscape, a hundred acres of wildland or former farms done in for mere jobs. Jobs in which people might die. It’s a sad thing, when making the solar panels that people might die from mining the materials for them, cooking the alloys and steels, transporting them, installing them – all have risk of death or injury. All blight the landscape – how bucolic is 20 acres of solar panels end to end? How nature-like are the miles of wires and cables required to move their power to the places people are? How many trees and little critters will die for solar power? But the eco-nuts will not dwell on this – for these are “clean” — yeah, like baby bottoms beyond beans.

So too, when you think about it that nearly ever large project is dangerous. Even the building of the ancient stone monuments sprinkled about the earth must have had a cost in lives. And I wonder if some eco-nut in 2000 BC Giza pointed out the rather large shadow cast by Cheop’s pyramid. Or the big hole left in the ground elsewhere (what, did you think those rocks were lying around on the desert sands?) How about the destruction of habitat perpetrated by Angkor Wat? What of the mountain goats displaced by the humongous Tibetan monasteries? What of the shadows and stones of the great cathedrals of Medieval Europe? Aren’t these blights on the vistas? Why even a castle on a crag does despoil the perfect view of nature. In fact, humans are just messy, leaving about all sorts of stuff on this planet – and every culture too, not just our modern, western one. There are significant slices of priceless jaguar habitat plowed under for Mayan cities and temples.

So too do things go awry in the construction. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is of course the one that never quite fell down. But in Bruges, in the late 1300s they were building a 400 foot tall church tower when like a bad Janga joke the whole thing fell down boom, and killed dozens. Galloping Gerty was a bridge torn asunder by nature, now there’s a more stable bridge across the Tacoma Narrows of Puget Sound. But what of the blight of vista of the Golden Gate Bridge? These eco-nuts must just pine away for it to be ripped from its anchorages so the wild coastal hills of the entrance to San Francisco Bay is restored to its rightful place.

One could go on. The point being – drill, baby, drill – and continue the work on safety, enviro-conscience and reasonably lowered impact on nature. Preserve nature through use, not disuse.

Now, immigration is in the news because Arizona wants to enforce already existing Federal law. The state, seeing a mandate, oh like so many other unfunded mandates handed down from DC, stepped into the shoes provided and said let’s go a-walking. This is now cause for endless grief and ill-minded comparisons. First of all, everyone is already required to carry ID. Whether resident alien green card or citizen’s drivers license, everyone already has photo ID with them – you really can’t do anything without it. Not only that, I’d say, oh, 99.9% of the people keep their ID in their wallets, and I’d say, oh, about 99.8% of the people leave home with their wallets. So people are already carrying ID, this law merely says, um, people have to carry ID.

Then it says that if a person is questioned in a valid police matter – car wreck, crime scene, domestic dispute, traffic stop – then ID must be produced, ahem, just like now. Then, like checking for warrants and other legal interdicts, which cops are required to do and do so with quite a firm regularity, then they can check if you are here in America legally. Obviously, any such question is more likely to be asked of someone with a foreign accent – for that accent is a clear clue that they were not born in America – which means that they may or may not be here legally. Resident Alien card, required on person at all times under current federal law would simply be shown and presto, no more issue. Or if driver’s license, one would assume that Arizona doesn’t give those to illegal aliens. Do they? I remember when I got my Arizona ID I had to show a birth certificate. Same when I got my Louisiana, and my Florida, and my Texas driver’s license. So if the birth certificate was from Outer Slabovia or Inner Jalisco it surely means that proof to be in the country legally would be required. For a tourist then would simply be able to go with the Nice, French birth certificate and request a driver’s license, and even a voting card under motor voter – why, it’s endless, really, the ways that there’s little way that an illegal alien can show some form of current American ID when in the midst of a valid police action. So what’s the problem?

And there’s certainly no authorization for anyone to just walk up to people on the street and demand ID. The cops here in America, unlike the cops anywhere else in the world, still can’t just cruise on by and say “hey, you legal?” Or “where are your papers?” In every country in Europe the cops have such power. In Mexico, and all points south police have that power. In fact, that power is implicit in the Civil Code of the entire world – and explicitly denied to police in the 7 or 8 countries of the Common Law. Instant that odd? The liberals want us to be so much like Europe, or even South America, certainly like China, and yet they don’t want the police to have the power that, they, um, won’t, have. So why the fuss and muss? Oh yeah, there’s political hay to be made.

Meanwhile, what do we do with all these illegals? Frankly, it is too difficult and impractical to round them all up. There’s no real way to imagine a house by house, job by job, seat by seat search for 10 or 12 or however many millions they might be. Sure, you could concentrate on the Mexican neighborhoods, to get the biggest number, but you’d miss the Eurobums who wandered in and can’t find an airport out. And too we’d miss the Canadians who skipped across the border and now their compass won’t point north no more. So the conundrum is how to solve the problem. Keeping them illegal serves no purpose. Legalizing them just like real legal immigrants is unfair to those who played by the rules. Here’s what I’d do – yes, make them legal, but with certain provisos, since such status would be provisional – not quite citizens, nor quite like legal aliens, but not illegal either, :

  1. not allowed to vote. Their kids can when reaching the right age, but if you came illegally you forfeit the right to vote for so long as you live here.
  1. proof that they are learning English. Failure to do so is forfeiture of their rights to be here – deport them.
  2. Free from committing any felonies – do so – deport ’em.
  3. A special ID which identifies them as former illegals so that they can’t vote and find out faster if they are criminals.
  4. Maybe one or two years of community service somehow, to let them pay their debt to society.

I’m sure there’s one or two more ways to make four classes: native born, naturalized, legal aliens, provisional aliens. Presto, problem solved.

Of course, while all the illegals are getting legalized we should put a hummer and soldiers about every 50 yards along the whole border, and light it up like a shopping mall at Christmas. You know, to stop anyone else with bright ideas.

Now, it turns out too that Tim (or is it Tom) Smith who is running for governor of Alabama wants no more drivers license tests in foreign languages – good. This can only be good. The language of the nation is English – and you can learn it – millions of people are doing so right now – you are not special. If you are here for more than a year or two and don’t speak English, you should go. And since wherever you came from has plenty of English language schools you should have worked on it before you even made the trek, no? To paraphrase Flip Wilson, “if you can find Los Angeles in the night time you can learn English.”

Other than that, welcome to America.

Of course, if General Winfield Scott had stayed in Mexico, and President Polk authorized the annexation of the whole place, we’d have much less of a problem, and a far smaller border to worry about.


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