Caution, frat boys at play

Yesterday’s Doonesbury cartoon had this, by the panel, with his cutsey artwork:

1. [the action line:] Sam’s Sarah Palin action doll is hosting a tea party!

[sundry characters sit around, each speaks, bold in original,]

And what don’t we want?

2. Gummint-run health care!

Yep it’s Un-American!

3. Like Medicare!

And Medicaid

And V.A. Care

Darn right! They make us less free!

4. Mini-guy? can I have some more kool-aid?

Tea! It’s tea!

Sure, it’s cute, but highly innacurate and/or misleading. Does Trudeau know this? Or doesn’t he care because to him the cause of big government is paramount. As usual, beats me. But it’s something along the spectrum from complete lack of knowledge to complete complicity. For just some of these reasons – and Trudeau is presumably a smart man, no?

Now, the question of why the Tea Party doesn’t want this version of health care is just possibly alluded to by his own words, which he presents as the case for ObamaCare >> for lack of an actual program name I’ll call it this, for this law is not a program, like the two Medis, nor like the VA. You can’t sign up for it. You won’t get a card providing this or that. Nor will there be any actual specific tax or fee for it. In fact, it has, really, no new health care. It doesn’t pay anyone, for anyone, any more or less than for any needed medical care. Indeed, from all indications, every citizen, non-citizen and tourist wandering about in this great land was and/or could be, attended to at the slightest sniffle free or charged according to income status, just like they always were. ObamaCare doesn’t really affect this much either, at least not yet – they’re designing the from-the-moment-of-creation broken system right now – with plenty of new forms and different office names and other glories of the new bureaucracy for health care taxation!

The exact same amount of health care we have right now is exactly the same before and after the day Obama signed the bill and noted the sky did not fall. Oh so true. Not even a 1% rise in humidity was observed. Nothing changed in the provision of health care – that is – the number & distribution of hospitals, doctors, nurses, lab workers, on and on, the medical device makers, the pharmaceutical research centers, and on and on. Nope, it’s all still there, right where we left it just a month or so ago. It creates not one new … see list previous sentence. It neither moves them, or lessens them, or makes them bigger, or more efficient, or alters pretty much anything. Ain’t no one getting a new tongue depresser out of this law.

So what does it do? I suppose it expands Medicaid to include all the people who were already eligible, not that it provides doctors to actually visit with those patients who weren’t going to the doctor anyway.

I suppose too it increases eligibility for Medicare for whom it is an entitlement when they hit 60 some odd years – you know, the retiring swarm of baby boomers which will sign up for what they were already entitled to – and were forced to pay for already. Still, the country faces a nurse and doctor shortage as it is, and facilities are overworked to some degree or another (I’m sure every hospital and clinic has a sob story of what they lack – if only they had more money.) — and ObamaCare will not endeavor to allieviate this shortage in anyway, and may, in fact, make it all the more punishing.

Not to mention that both Medicare and Medicaid are rife with fraud by their own admission, and they are a form-bound bureaucracy that piddles away money like a leaky 18th century scow being towed to the scrap yard. Nor let us forget that there are billions and trillions of obligations promised to pay and scant money to pay them – something like 50 to 100 trillion I do believe – what a grand and good model of government run health care that one might be opposed to in its current form – but being perfectly willing to find some true “reforms” that you know, actually solve the problem of bureaucracy?

And the stories of ineptitude, corruption, filth, sloth, misspent dollars, missing equipment, broken systems, lost patients, mis-diagnosed and sadly, unnecessary deaths in, through, around, under and on top of the Veterans Administration from sea to shining sea, to the point where the chief honcho had to say “well, yesh indeedy, it’s a big morass,” or some such exculpatory excuse for ably administering a verklempt system by bringing in all manner of experts to diagnose the problem for whose solution is only the petitioning of Congress for billions more immediately or they’re a bunch of heartless scaliwags uncaring of the proud veterans of all the wars we really shouldn’t have been in. The newspapers don’t go a month without a story of V.A gone nuts or bad, or both. If this is a model of health care we should joyfully scurry towards, we are a sorry bunch of delusional and self-negating people.

So what does ObamaCare do? Well, it starts the process of funneling all the money we spend as individuals into a giant paperwork machine (GPM) in a big and impressive office building in Washington DC. Then so that this GPM can spit it back out in just the fine burst of mist to give us all the nirvana of health care. This bureaucracy, as they all do, envisions itself sort of like a well oiled 12 cylinder fuel injected turbo charged helium cooled Roll-Royce engine on an F-22 – just zooming through the sky, with pinpoint precision removing any obstacle in its way, and providing protection to all the little grunts on the ground. And Obama is the pilot of this craft. He will fly us to some system of perfection by simply moving about the way the money is spent. All the entire increase of spending on health care will of course go into bureaucrats, offices, forms and computers, with all the attendant glitches and corruption, obstinance and pettifogging, and befuddled citizens in front of inscrutably unknowing and uncaring bureaucrats in offices far away. For whom you can indeed leave a message about your lack of the 105s(j)4 form required – “and if you would only go to our website and fill in the appropriate information, we’ll be glad to attend to that right away. Thank you for holding…”

This is government run health care. It has to be. For that’s what government has always been. It will be no different here, now, with this. It must become a behemoth of paper pushers. And you, we, the citizens who pay for it all, will never have the ability to engage the process to avoid the V.A.-like experience. For now miraculously, for the 85% of Americans already forced one way or the other to have bureaucracy-health care – the other 10% will be covered. Wait, that’s only 95%! That’s right, Gary, the great Obama left out 5% — when will you draw of their plight?

In fact, if the government would let you keep your own danged money instead of it being taxed to help you, and the corporations weren’t involved in providing you your health care – and you kept that money and saw lower prices – and they just kept their frisky little fingers out of the pie, then we’d all just go buy health care when we needed it. Now, it’s going to be said “what about … “ and yes, so give me a story. So let’s take the very worst cases – and well, insurance would still be available. Or the many charities that already exist. Indeed, taxes could be collected at the city, county, even state level to build the hospital buildings. State universities can run medical training things. All this was already being done – and it will continue to be done. But creating a whole new level of bureaucrats and their pernicious taxes and forms is pointless. It is designed for some other purpose than health care.

There are hundreds, nay thousands, of things we would all like to see reformed in health care – and those reforms are best created and implemented right there between the people who are talking to each other about the problem – not some third and fourth party busybody deciding how much one can charge, or what one should pay, or if it’s even necessary, or good, or deserved, or within this year’s budget, or within the allocation zone or even if you had the correct form to fill out correctly, in triplicate to get whatever you and the other guy were talking about. It’s none of the government’s business, or any busybody’s, really. Even Mrs. Koslowsky down the block can’t just butt in. But by the insure for everything, employee provided, morphing to government paid health care as “reform” we will create a vile pile of paperwork induced crud. That’s what ObamaCare brings us, Mr. Trudeau.

Now if you want to talk health care reform then go to your doctors and sundry practitioners and pay what you will, and ask for succor where you can get it – but really, I’d rather keep my money rather than send it to DC to pay for a bureaucrat in an office who can provide neither care nor succor. That’s what the Tea Party is opposed to – they are decidedly not opposed to health care.

As to why so long for the TEA Party to get here – well, it always simmered beneath the surface. I myself have been a tea-seed since my highschool years, when I argued against social security. There were others like me. We were called libertarians, or anarchists. And so we puttered along. But then one day, this guy got elected president who was just so wrong on so much that it was time to stand up and stop this nonsense from getting much more out of hand. It was like watching a few kids tumble in the romper room – it’s tolerable. But then they teens pull out the matches and the fireworks, and a beer or two is drunk, and zoom, the house is in danger. So parents, aka, we the people, now have to step in to help solve the problem of the unruly frat boys who got ahold of the bank account.


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