Another volcano?

At this page I found this quote below.

“The bright line [between civic virtue and violence] protects our freedom. It has held for a long time, since President George Washington called out 13,000 troops in response to the Whiskey Rebellion,” Clinton wrote. [Billy dude has been lately calling right-side “protests” some sort of seditious-leaning evil. While he did and does hail the left-side “protests” which always seem to decay to violence of the sort he purportedly doesn’t like.]

That line between civic virtue isn’t as bright as he thinks. For one thing, Washington’s chief qualification for civic office was that he successfully led an armed revolt against a king to whom he had previously sworn allegiance. This nation was founded by laying out an explicit rationale for anti-government violence. [Ain’t this the truth. The nation was not founded for More government or More taxes.]

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,” reads one notable anti-government declaration of the era. …”

This bold statement is the crux of the issue. On the road we are on we will come to this point – alter or abolish. It is not within the next decade or two. First we’ll try to alter it – but if it cannot be altered, then it will be abolished. Whether before the national bankruptcy or after is hard to say. I offer no prediction. Though the chance for abolish before is longer odds than the near-certainty it will be abolished after. But it can’t continue – it’s simply impossible to borrow 50 cents of every dollar you spend, or eventually you’ll use the 50 cents you earn to pay back the 50 cents you borrowed, and you’ll still have to borrow to survive – it’s called insolvency, or bankruptcy, or utter lunacy, or drunken frat boy economics, or vacation is me, or shop till you drop, or burn through the inheritance. It’s sort of irrelevant what they call it. Nor is it important what words they will use to both hide the reality or figure out a way to pay for it to go on just a little while longer – fees, taxes, mandates, inflation, budget cuts, asset seizures, taking control of failing economic sectors. They’ll find a name that sounds good. Actually, several names – then they’ll all get together somewhere and write up a law that deals with every new term, for bipartisan compromise. Then we’ll get change and reform.

In the next decade it will be the continuation of borrow and spend, tax and budget cut, seize bits and pieces, and I’m sure price controls to control inflation soon, and sneaky new taxes called VATs and I’m sure ZATs, zone-added tax – what you want to ship from China to US– different zone. Or maybe from dockside at LA unto a far WalMart – yep, different zone. Don’t forget TATs – which is now Tanning added tax, though will be tattoo added tax. In fact, there’s a veritable alphabet driven thesaurus of words that could fill in the blank of ___AT – and it will almost always ressemble some word! Like, well, VAT – it’s the witch’s vat, the devil’s vat of goodies, the vat into which all rational thought on wealth will be poured. The vat into which every spare dime will be sucked into with a vortex reaching ever wider and fatter, higher and stronger, into the living economy, which will kill it, so that we can have a living constitution.

In fact, I think that the more living liberal constitutional interpretations go on the more the economy will die. And the most solid as a rock constitution we have then well, the more alive economy we will have. For the bigger the government, the more alive the constitution – of any country really, not just ours – the deader is the culture, the society, the wealth driving features of life. And vice-versa. It’s been true since the dawn of times.

Still, as noted, will not after …. “Of course, the Declaration of Independence goes on to say, “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.”

Which is where we are now – different groups have begun to say that the prudence-point has been seen now, it’s straight ahead, and we had better stop it. I’m positive it will be stopped, if only because math will always win, and there’s no one to bail us out, as we did bail out almost every nation on earth – oh yeah, every nation. Not one country since 1900 has not relied on the US to solve some problem of theirs. It’s rather a long list of food, technology, expertise, products, goods, raw materials – on and on, hundreds and hundreds of things to every country on earth that has bailed them out of the course we are on – but there will be none to bail us out. For they will collapse lower than we will – for they start in such more entrenched and longstanding poppy-cock government and policies that they are still oh so much more fragil than us.

We will, probably to Obama’s dismay (and certainly many others) [remember his “whether we like it or not…”?] still be the biggest, richest, most powerful, resilient and strongest country on earth, and we will bounce back oh so much quicker, and we will bail them out again one way or the other. It’s a theory too long for a post, but this I can see. I’m not worried. On the other hand, some Doom & Gloom:

And this I liked so much I give you all of it:

My Son Knows Better Than to Try Such Foolishness at Home

by DON BOUDREAUX on APRIL 25, 2010

“Here’s a letter to the New York Times:

Applauding efforts to instruct children on how to scold their parents into becoming more ‘green,’ Allison Arieff reports that families can save both money and the environment “By washing in cold water, walking or biking to school/work and kicking the bottled-water habit…. GMP’s [Green My Parents’] founders suggest that by taking simple steps like those, the average family could save over $1,000 each year” (“How to Green Your Parents,” April 22).

Wow! Who knew?!

Now that Sissy and Junior are enlightening mom’n’dad about how much money the family wastes on frivolous luxuries such as getting to work on time, the family will no doubt find yet other ways to save money while helping the environment. For example, by taking no more family vacations. These carbon-intensive excursions often cost several thousands of dollars each year while inflicting great damage on mother earth. And for what? Nothing more noble than to satisfy silly and selfish desires such as to see grandma and grandpa face-to-face.

With parents’ eyes finally opened to all the money they waste on perilous-to-the-planet indulgences like hot water, Americans can look forward to the day when every family boasts a bank account bursting with bucks and a lifestyle like that of pre-industrial peasants.

Talk about sustainable!


Donald J. Boudreaux

And doesn’t that sum it up. Go find a video of George Carlin on the environment. It’s been around. Exercise googleocity and find it – it’s hysterical. Oh so true, at the altar of EcoGaiaSaveUsAll. Ecogaiasaveusall – wow what a word! Almost looks like the name of an Icelandic volcano!


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