Real and Fake Populism

How can one man be so wrong?

I usually don’t comment on opinion pieces because they are, well, opinion – and we all have one or two of those, now don’t we? Yep.

But yesterday E. J. Dionne Jr. just went a bit nuts and funny – so much so that it bears a closer look. He is, after all, on the opinion pages of a major daily newspaper – actually, the only one in my neck of the woods. His headline is: “Survey and analysis of tea party movement.”

First off – TEA Party – that’s the proper way to do a proper noun. Like Democrat v democrat. Or Republican v. republican. If one is to refer to a “movement” then one should capitalize it, no? Or is “tea party movement” just so pipsqueaky that it doesn’t deserve what English calls for? I would suspect that Mr. Dionne or the editors of the Advocate would not put in a headline: “Survey and analysis of democratic party movement” now would they? Nope. First demerit.

Second, his source for the mush is oddly the New York Times and CBS News – two anti-TEA Party Movement sources. Two groups that have an agenda, as surely as the TEAfolks do – but Dionne simply concludes they are the be-all and end-all judicious and fair minded sources. He does not provide a link to the survey – so I have no way of knowing what the questions are, nor how big the sample was – and most importantly – How did they find any TEAfolks? Suppose, as is common, they randomly called up between 900 and 1500 people – how could they possibly know the numbers of TEAfolks in the sample? How could they even know if the people who said they were TEAfolks actually were? Since the anti-TEAfolks have repeatedly stated they want to crush the movement how do we know that someone called, upon hearing “Hi, I’m from the NY Times and I want to ask you about the TEA Party…” and the recipient of the caller thought “ah ha! I have an opportunity to do damage to this group I don’t like” or somesuch? There’s no way now is there? Nope. Second demerit!

Then there is this “laughable” line (and laughable is a word Dionne uses): “In fact, both parties stand to lose if they accept the laughable notion that this media-created protest movement is the voice of true populism.” — What the hey? – Nice to know that Dionne does know what “true populism” is – and that anyone of us can know what “true populism” is – after all – Obama and the Dems, and the Republicans both claim to the be voice of “true populism” — I suppose there is false populism then? Or half-hearted populism? – beats me. Oddly, Huey Long is considered a “populist” who led “populism” and Obama is far closer to Long in outlook politically (Tax the Rich!) – and then I would suppose that it’s true: The TEAfolks are not “true populists” — they are the opposite of such a thing. Third demerit.

Now, the statement “media-created” — why the hyphen? Since when are such terms hyphenated? Odd. But more so – which media “created” the TEA Party? Let’s see: NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, HLN, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times, Newsweek, Time – I could go on – this is the “media” — Does Dionne really believe that this bunch “created” the TEA Party? Surely that’s laughable. Now, FOX, of course – wait — as per the president and the rest of the “established” media FOX is NOT media – but instead just a blowhard opinion group of wackos. Now given the paucity of coverage of the TEA Party by the “media” how did they “create” it? Beats me – but such is the mush. Fourth demerit.

Now, even if FOX did “create” — wait a minute – Does Dionne believe that the (now let’s go to his screed’s opening line) “the tea party is nothing new” group — was created by FOX – so a long time movement, not new, was “created” by FOX? Talk about your laugh-factor! Did FOX reach back into the past and create the oldtime movement? And note too, again, Dionne’s failure to capitalize the words “tea party” — talk about your mild continuing disparagement. Demerits, my man, demerits indeed.

Now, let’s look at his line: “Their findings suggest the tea party is essentially the reappearance of an old anti-government far right that always has been with us and accounts for about one-fifth of the country.”

Whoa nelly! So an “old” “always” “been with us” 20% of the nation was “created” by the current media which disparages the TEA Party folks as fully as Dionne does? Is the man dumb? Daft? Pushing an agenda? And more obviously – does he really think his readers don’t notice the conundrum than an “always … with us” 20% of the nation could not possibly have been created by any modern media? Though I suspect the Federalist papers authors and Patrick Henry, (what, the FOX news of the late 1700s?) might be to blame? Or maybe it’s just what the founding principles of the nation is formed from – best represented by “Don’t Tread On Me” and the Whiskey and Shay’s rebellions – why, the nation was so Anti-government that we fought the richest most powerful nation on earth at the time to get rid of … the government. Dionne – get a grip man! Demerits like a flood.

Now, the rest of the mush is so mushy I can’t get a grip on it – this or that percentage is bandied about with such solidity – backed up by Dionne’s own words of “their findings suggest” — and so suggestive, apparently, is this mush that it is the Gospel according to Dionne – which is from the Book of the Liberal-Left 20% of the nation’s Bible, aka, the Socialist-Communist Manifesto. Now, that the leftist 20% thinks it should have the right to tell the 20% of Liberty minded people to take what’s offered and shut up is, um, ahem, Un-American! And that’s the problem with Big Government Leftism – 20% of the people (Dionne’s own estimate) must be not only ignored, but subjugated one way or the other. The demerits just roar out of that cavity of empty thought.

But it’s his closing line that is so hysterically laughable that I can barely write through the guffaws:

“A just-released [What, is there a special on hyphens?] Pew study found widespread mistrust of government, but also of banks, financial institutions [what’s the difference?] and large corporations. Yes there is authentic populist anger out there. You won’t find much of it at the tea parties.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA – OH STOP! My sides hurt! Really! So, Pew finds 80% of the people distrust big government and big banks, big business and just plain old big – that’s “real populism” and the TEA Party ain’t them doth declare Dionne — and the Times/CBS finds 20% of the people are TEA Party people who distrust government and big banks, and big business and just plain old big – that’s the “not-real populism” — leadng to the rather odd conclusion that:

Both real and fake populists distrust BIG anything – which Obama leads – he is the Biggest Pusher of BIG since Louis XIV, or Huey Long & FDR & LBJ at least —

Ergo — 100% of the people, both real and fake populists distrust BIG anything! Why the only people left in the nation who support BIG is the government, the media and the socialist-communists in our midst.

Dionne – you have a problem – it seems 80% of the people who are “real populists” are now joining the “media-created” fake populist “tea party” — whatever are you going to do, sir, you dupe-dope?

Now, that the Advocate pushes this mush is quite disheartening – oh, no, it’s not – for we find that nearly 100% of the people distrust BIG Media too! Why, at the rate readership and viewership of the BIG media is declining poor old E.J. Dionne ain’t going to have a job soon enough! I wonder what else he knows how to do? You know, other than to push his screed for BIG on We the People? I know I could always fall back on printing – which is always a thriving industry – boom times one prints stuff for growth – bust times one prints the stuff for bankruptcy. But, Mr. Dionne – you is a dumbo!


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