What’s missing?

Today it’s not so much what is in the paper as what is not in it.

It’s a good thing, too, for that just left me hours more to do gardening – to make it as colorful and thick and luscious as possible for the geezer I assist – the very man who was visibly and vocally miffed that Hillsdale College sent him a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I mean really, he was like “what the hell are they sending me that for?” For a guy who saves copies of pictures out of the paper, who has a junk room filled to the gun’wales, who has boxes of stuff, like check registers from the 1960s, to complain about another piece of paper in the house is laughable. All I could say was “It’s free, what’s the problem?” He lapsed into some mush about it being “a Republican outfit.” Geez, what a putz – which begins to cause me wonder why I should help him much longer – perhaps he can get some government flunky to come in and solve his problem. Hahahahahahaha, yeah, like right. And I do want to go back to Mazatlan Mexico this coming Winter that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, so shorted is our news from news that there’s no mention of Obama’s ever-lower approval rating – three or four polls now show him with negative disapprovals higher than anyone liking the guy anymore. No mention of world leaders thinking he’s a putz. No mention of French President Sarkozy saying “Perhaps he’s crazy.” And since we are such a Francophile state to not quote the French president is surpising, non? (that’s French for NO?”)

There’s no mention of the collapse of the Democrats in poll after poll. Nor is there mention of all the surprises in the health care bill that have driven the opposition, or pro-repeal faction, percentage to 60% or so. Neither is there mention of the billions in new taxes that the bill foists upon people of whom 97% think they are “taxed” enough or “too much.” Nor is there mention of the corruption of the Democrats around the nation. “Shush” is the operative word when it comes to Democrats across the nation being way behind in the polls.

Not to be mentioned is the well publicized (on the internet at least) plans of Democratic “activists” to disrupt the TEA Parties which continue all over the nation. Nor is there mention of anything that is being done to paint the Obama opposition as racist. Now why the youth of our paper is unaware of what’s going on on the Internet is quite disturbng – for how dumb (willfully or genetically) can they be?

In fact, if one would rely only on the Advocate about the only thing of importance in the world is the crimes of passion that still stalk the city. You know, “rubbernecking” news – like slowing down to see the wrecks of other people, which while sad, have no import on our lives.

There’s nary a word about the president’s attempt to sell or give the security of the nation down the river (which at some point in time might be actionable as treason, if you ask me – ask Quisling or Benedict Arnold.) Nor is there mention of his dissing our allies and cozying up to our self-proclaimed enemies.

Not to be brought up is the bow to the Chinese leader, while he pushes his butt into our faces and says “kiss it.”

No mention of his missing hour to the non-existent soccer game of his daughter – where was that man at that time? A trip to a crack infested neighborhood in DC unaccompanied? What did he do there, and why?

Not to be alluded to is the continuing nonsensical pushing of climate change, or warming, or stasis (or whatever it’s being called this week) legislation which will further extract billions from the people and give it to the government.

Nor is their mention of his efforts to legalize illegal aliens regardless (again) of a majority of Americans. Nor word of his further efforts to hamstring, bankrupt and take over the banks of America.

Nor was there mention that the president is obviously upset that he is the president of the richest and most powerful nation on earth — “For better or worse, we’ll still be the most powerful…” Really? OH, horrors Mr. O! What’s da matta’? You ain’t trying? You wimp!

Indeed, so much is missing from our Advocate today that it seems like it’s a junior high school project, or term paper done the night before it’s due with a dog blamed for eating what mush is pulled from his mouth. Frankly, I’d give it an F.

So pitiful is this paper that it keeps singing the praises of more government, more taxes and more Obama-mush. To be so in the tank for this miscreant president is pitiful. To willfully abdicate the press’s position as watch dog of government and to join the side it’s supposed to be against is somewhat unfathomable. One would think there’d be a shred of integrity left. Alas, there is not. So now it’s just a matter of time before the Obama-mush hits the fan:


More taxes

Less health care

Enemies attacking us

More financial meltdowns

Continued unemployment,

Rising unemployment

More bankruptcies

More pissed off Americans —

What else is wrong or will go wrong?

To be Lincolnesque – you can fool some of the people all the time, and you can fool all the people some of the time – but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Once again, short of a major few hundred pages of evidence and reasoning, all of which swims in my fetid brain of stunned amazement — about the only thing I can conclude is that the Obama-mush will hit the fan soon enough – and then what? Oooh, it’ll be ugly. Can you say Impeachment? Sure you can.


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