The Good, Bad & Ugly

OK, there’s good news and bad news.

First the bad:

The poor Polish people – the crème of the crop of their government dead in Russia – again. On a Soviet era jet – the wonders of Socialism at work – Tupelovs (the Russian Jet) fall out of the sky with alarming frequency. Why they are still allowed to fly is unfathomable and unforgivable. Those jets are just a danger to society. They’ve been that way for decades – they should all be retired. If Boeings crashed at this rate the world would be excoriating the United States – but still, the world’s aviation authorities allow those death machines to take off.

Now, that Vladimir Putin is going to head the investigation raises in my mind every conspiracy that is possible – how could we trust any of them? They’ve lied so much it’s impossible. Of course, too, the US must be called in, for the black boxes are in English as all flights are, and the boxes are almost certainly of US design. Not to mention that the Russians probably don’t have the technology to fully understand what happened. If they had the technology I doubt the plane would have crashed.

It’s very disheartening to hear this news – such a rare occurance for leaders of one nation to die in another. One of the unrecalled details of the Rwanda and Burundi massacres is that it set off by the crash of a presidential jet – several million dead later we forget all that. And while I don’t think there’s going to be a war between Russia and Poland, it cannot be good for relations between the two countries.

Then the good:

It brings a smile to my face! What more can one say – opposition to the putz in chief is building. It’s amazing to watch the two sides in this current political fracas of ours draw their lines in the cement. But one thing for sure, the president is done for – he’s going to be laughed out of office – and not a moment to soon.

The Ugly:

And did you hear of Democrat Alan Grayson crashing a Republican Party group? He’s a dispicable human for sure. And did you hear Bart Stupak is “retiring” — yeah – the old “I quit”

“You can’t quit – you’re fired!”

“You can’t fire me – I quit.”

Another reprehensible cretin down the drain.

Meanwhile, the CBO and other budget watchers are now saying, just maybe – ObamaCare will bankrupt the nation. Thanks Barry – and he wonders why the opposition is building? The putz.

And sweet that the Left is still consumed by Sarah Palin – ooh, she’s so good – she’s breathes, and they are enraged! Good! Drive them up the wall. But it’s time, also, for her to state she’s running for president and put a kabosh on all the other nitwits of the Republican Party. At this point I’m confident in saying that without her at the top of the ticket the Republicans will get no donations from me and may well lose the vote I never really gave them anyway. The only other person remotely qualified is Paul Ryan. The rest of the bunch is a punch of pitiful poppycock pushers whom I just don’t trust. Not one iota.

And so that’s the good and bad and ugly of this evening.


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