One Point of Dark

One point of dark.

Remember when George Bush the elder was derided for his “Thousand points of light” encouragement to go do something, anything, to both better yourself and whomever you worked with and for? Now we have a president with “One Point of Dark.” He’s a man hellbent of wrecking the nation and liberty wherever it may be – to bring the Dark Forces of government control to the world. Disgusting, and more infuriating every day. That he went to Prague, bastian of liberty and my family’s ancestral home, to sit down with Russians to work on weakening America and endeavoring, in my humble opinion, on bringing the Czech Republic back into the Russian orbit, is equally disgusting. Why they let him in Hradcany (The Czech National Castle-Capitol) is beyond me.

Then I read today that he wants to ban internships in private companies. So stupid as to be beyond the pale. So crass, so crude, so just mindboggling moronic. So un-American! This man must be stopped.

Here’s links to the aricles whereinwhich I read this new-fangled plan to meddle in other people’s business.

Who the hell does he think he is? I mean really, what a two bit busybody with nothing more to do then interfere with people’s lives and fortunes.

The first thing I thought of is not the economic stupidity, nor the stupidity of upending time honored ways of doing things, nor just the venial stupidty of meddlesomeness for the pure sake of meddling.

No, what came to my mind – and which seemed to escape the two websites and the Wall Street Journal is this: It is Blatantly Unconstitutional to pass such a law or rule, or regulation or executive order, or however he thinks he’s going to do this.

Unconstitutional? Yes – the First Amendment says you have Free Speech and Freedom of Association – and if you want to associate with anyone for free it’s your business. This restricts the rights of Americans to speak to each other for the benefit of both, however they see fit. Besides wrecking havoc on the concept of mentoring. Not to mention that it wrecks havoc on one’s desire to test run a career – suppose for instance you volunteer at a job, one in which you have no experience, to see if you want to study that in college – or while in college, perhaps changing majors. It’s just wrong. Plain wrong.

Further, we have the right to volunteer in any organization of any kind – how can someone tell you “No, you cannot volunteer there!” It’s ridiculous on the face of it. As I said, just Unconstitutional!

What next? No one can volunteer for the Little League because it’s sponsored by the local pizza parlor? Or perhaps no one can do an internship to clean up a beach or a park because the local big company organized it? What other volunteer activities will be banned? It’s a dark hole into which free association and free action will be sucked into – until this moron is out of office. And at the same time he’s forcing us to work for free for other people! Why, to raise taxes on one group of citizens to pay for the lives of others is Involuntary Servitude – but to this moron this is OK. And we will be forced to do business with those we don’t want to but are now to be prevented from doing business with whom we want to. This man is blot on the nation – a dark spot of spilled ink on America. He’s got to go. The sooner the better at this point in time. Start the impeachment – start the civil disobedience – ramp up the demonstrations! To the barricades! Or will the internships in anti-BIG-government activities be banned too? It’s the logic of it all, that’s for sure.

Now, I work on my blog – for free, mind you — does this now run afoul of the law because it’s on a corporate website company that must be making money somehow from my labors? Even though I volunteer. Since I’m new at it, learning how the blogosphere works – I’m interning – is this now illegal? Should I expect the knock at the door? What of the websites I build for people, or advice I give, or the benefits of my business skills, that I give to people in business or starting businesses – I don’t make money, not in the traditional job sense – I merely give advice. Is this illegal now?

What of SCORE? It’s the Serice core of retired executives – a group of folks who volunteer their time to help new entrepreneurs – it’s an internship of sorts – is this now illegal? It’s mindboggling the lengths to which this reasoning can go – all the way to needing government approval for any volunteer work – and at the same time this putz is ordering us to associate with insurance companies with whom we might not want to associate with. It’s just so contrary, so out of kilter.

I could go on – I’m in a lather — What of the volunteer fire departments – internships of an extraordinary sort. Illegal now? After all they put out fires at private businesses. What of sand bagging flood wall builders – aren’t they interning or volunteering for private enterprise. What of helping the old lady out of the supermarket – is that to be illegal? Volunteering no matter what it is called should never be illegal – in fact, it can’t be – only the law which says it is is illegal!

To prohibit the free speech of businessman mentor and the eager student is reprehensible. This must be challenged as Unconstitutional. Must be, now.

Now I’m going to volunteer, as an internship, at a local piano club – will I be prohibited? I think companies and those desiring internships should blatantly and publicly flout this law as Unconstitutional. Do I make myself clear you old-fangled idoit president?


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