A Good Start

A Good Start.

So it’s been reported that some 50% of Americans pay no income tax – and I call that a good start. Now the question is how do we get the other 50% into the non paying category. With unemployment bound to either stay the same or get worse those people won’t pay. With the decrease in hours worked that’ll bring down a few more people into non-pay status. With people quitting and resigning, taking early retirement rather than pay even more taxes that’ll put a few more percentage points into non-paying status. Then there are those business owners who will do what they can to take the tax breaks related to their decreased business, that should shave a few more points. And so goes the steady decrease in taxpayers – at least on income. I bet few have thought of this trajectory – for most economists function under the “all else being equal” mantra – and nothing ever stays equal – but there is a reaction to every action.

Meanwhile, Pelosi thinks people really like her – and with an 11% approval rating nationwide, despite the majority in her district who seem oblivious to the national mood, I suppose she’s liked by some people. Who they might be is hard to say. Probably federal bureaucrats and booze salesmen.

Over in Nevada Harry Reid thinks he’s well liked too – which is weird, since every poll shows him losing to anyone who runs against him. At his 100 person campaign kickoff in his own hometown someone yelled out death wishes to his opponents – the good senator did not seem at all concerned. So much for fear of violence among his supporters.

By the way in many polls now three people – somebody, anybody and nobody – all beat Obama if the election would be held today. And that’s, um, to quote the president’s accolytes – unprecedented.

Throughout the nation Democratic Congress-people are avoiding their constituents. They are also being waylaid by TEA Party people who wonder about this and that and the Dems under questioning seem not to know what they are talking about, or lash out in scorn and invective. It’s quite funny to watch the videos, they’re everywhere, go find some.

To be fair, some Republican RINO (Republican in name only, for those who must know) critters also seem to be woefully uninformed about the founding documents of our nation and the legislation they might be pondering. They must go as surely as the Democrats.

Former Mayor Giuliani went head to toe with Arianna Huffington – a woman who escaped a socialist hell and is now intent on establishing it here – perhaps she likes to escape poverty, you know, like a sort of hobby – and anyway, Rudy did step on her toes. Good for him. It’s about time people just speak up and say “piffle!” It’s got to happen more and more, and it is, and this is good.

Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 reward for any video of racist words being shouted at congress-blacks still goes uncollected, as it must, for it never happened, while the press keeps bleating that it did.

Though a CNN reporter did go to a bunch of TEA Party rallies and was shocked to find out that all the reporting he was doing about the violence, threats and racism wasn’t true. Of course he did it the sly way: “I can’t substantiate the reports of the violence, threats and racism that are well documented, and maybe these people are just being nice on camera” or somesuch – makes no difference the exact words – the Socialists certainly don’t care about the facts, why should I? Still, the wall of piffle cracked a bit – for now other reporters will get the gumption to brave the grandmothers and maybe even take one of the proffered chocolate chip cookies.

Now, it seems the ‘racist’ attacks are still being made by congress-people and press-people – with no proof – just blathering on – then they are caught — then it they are exposed – then the TEA Party gets bigger. One Charles Johnson dug up a photo of Democrats in the South protesting intergration in the 1950s and said it was the beginning of the TEA Party. Really stupid, so blatant, that one is just stunned at the temerity. Just like some MSNBC anchor has been suspended, supposedly for going to a rival network to look for work –(He thought he was a politician, you know, those who get to keep their current jobs while blithely ignoring the work required in it so they can go look for another job)– but I think it’s because the man’s a moron of hateful proportions.

Speaking of morons – I heard Joy Behar laughing at Rush Limbaugh — “what, he has a few million listeners, who does he think he is?” Kathy Griffen did agree that it was pitiful that all those millions of Americans were engaging in their First Amendment Rights in the Courts of Public Opinion — which is ironic coming from Behar, who can barely clear 700,000 viewers at all.

The President went out to the ballpark and had no earthly clue as to what was going on or any history or even the name of the park just 10 blocks from the house he never really lived in. Many in the sports reporting world are now openly calling him a fool and a phoney. Or is it a phool and a foney? I’m not sure.

Sweetly, all over the country more and more piffle pushers and poppycockers are having the lights shone brightly on their mushpits where-in-which they are shown to be craven disregarders of the truth, justice and the American way. Astoundingly, one of the most egregious piffle-poppycockers, disgraced governor of New York, Spitzer, is contemplating a run for public office. As what he doesn’t say. But I did not think there was a NY Office of Hookers & Hypocrisy. Maybe in that bloated bankrupt state there is that. After all, California now has an Office of Porn-Film Condoms – and as Cali goes, so goes the nation – which, by the way, is towards bankruptcy. I did see a report that Kazakhstani Bonds are more secure and likely to get repaid than Californiastani Bonds – and when you are beneath the Kazakhstanis in civic probity, well, what can one say.

Speaking of civic probity – Icelanders are abandoning the island as they haven’t done since the 1870s. It seems some 5% of the 370,000 citizens are going, going, gone as of this telling. Whether it increases until Iceland becomes the first abandoned nation in modern times is not known right now. Trends indicate that the island will revert to one of the world’s largest natural parks, and its tiny capital will be not much different than a Mayan Ruin, except the jungle won’t take the place over, even with non-existent global warming, for Iceland is fairly tree- and vine-less.

Speaking of which, the AP did admit obliquely – it’s no longer reporting really, it’s admission of wrongful reporting without saying so – that the glaciers in Glacier National Park have been shrinking since the 1870s – which is oddly Icelandic – in an ironic sort of way – Ice people leave Iceland, ice fields leave iced-land – hmmm – still, since there were no coal fired plants or oil spewing cars in that time it seems likely to be a natural process – though I suspect something isn’t quite right – for if the snow has been falling at record rates and depths across this great land how on earth did the flakes not fall on the glaciers of the park? It’s a conundrum I can’t answer, nor have seen a report on, nor will I go look for one – for who am I to question the wisdom of the investigative press which did discover the problem has been ongoing for quite awhile longer than Al Gore would say? By the way, where has Al been? Neither hide no hair of His Corpulance has been seen since he was laughed at in an Apple stockholders’ meetings.

Speaking of laughing – every day the volume of laughter from inside the nation and without, from friend and foe alike, directed at this guy Obama increases. I giggle at the thought of it.

Oddly, just today I went somewhere, and the topic of health care did come up, and this buxom black beauty leaving the store said – “had enough Obama Drama?” Then she laughed heartily and it was clear that she is no longer a supporter of the president. And a few weeks ago a similar situation occurred while I was having some routine blood work and the nurse, black too, did say “I’m tired of working three jobs to support a bunch of lazy ass …” and then said something quite amazing: “I’m thinking Republican – that’s the way to go.” Oh, my, two, if not more, turning in Hope for Reality. Welcome gals.

In fact, if you want to have fun – and I think I’ve said this before – every time there’s a foul up of any sort, size or condition simply say “Hey, I can’t wait for them to get ahold of health care.” Oooh, the reactions are priceless – I haven’t heard a defense yet.

The approval is still going down. Indeed, now today it is 18 states who are going against the feds. It was reported that a Democratic Attorney General here and there, like Georgia, did decline to join the suit, and the Governor quickly appointed a special lawyer to join the bandwagon and the state legislature started impeachment proceedings against the Socialist Attorney General – ah swift trial and justice, as guaranteed in the Constitution being rescued. And you know, makes no difference if the suits are successful – it’s pouring cement on the socialist plan that counts – and let the Dems defend until they are bloodied politically and throwing teenaged supporters into the battle to destroy the nation. It’s sort of like the Retreat From Russia by Napoleon, to watch the coming firestorm of opposition pick apart the army of the Socialist Internationale. Oooh, look at those words, in idiomatic phrases galore – why, I must be … no I’m not doing anything, but using idiomatic phrases.

Ah, sweet revenge, which should not be our goal, but ooh, it’s sweet anyway. For we are tired of the nonsense. Very tired. An acquaintance of mine did say he’s “cautiously optimistic.”

“Oh, no,” I said, “It’ll be resolved – either it will be repealed before the national bankruptcy or repealed afterwards, but repealed it all will be – and no longer is it just the health care taxation and destruction bill that’s going to go – but a whole lot more – for it is unsustainable. Watch Greece – it’s still going down – and the rest of Europe. Dump your Euros, they won’t be around much longer.


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