More Mush from the Wimps

Here’s a few days of headlines from our Advocate which shows the absurdities of our times:

“Officials warn of slow jobs rebound” — which is started off with this sentence: “Bouyed by good news on the jobs front, the Obama administration claimed credit for reversing the downward economic spiral while bracing out-of-work Americans for a slow recovery.” In other words, the administration’s policies can’t kill any more jobs at the moment, but they’re working on it. For what could be the outcome of more taxes, rules and regulations? It must be a worse jobs picture. Slow rebound? What rebound? Every indicator shows continuing destruction of the economy. Slow recovery? But no jobs in that “recovery” — so what then is recovered? Beats me. When one is bouyed by nothing one is something or other, but rational it ain’t.

“Bombs kill more than 40 near embassies in Baghdad.” Does this imply that this is worse than killing 40 away from the embassies? So much for the Religion of Peace – ahem, so let’s just kill as many as we can so, um, to encourage the others to do something or another. What a way to win the hearts and minds of people – by blowing up their hearts and minds. Terrorists are just no happier when killing people for no reason – and Amnesty International just declared that there’s such a thing as proper jihad, for “defense” — but defense against whom? The innocent folks trying to live their lives? Or is this not what AI had in mind? No word is given.

“Bill ties teacher jobs to students” — this is supposedly reform – except for two things: 1) it is unfair to tie a teacher too close to the doings of their students for no matter how well a teacher might teach, what can be done if the students are just lousy students? Or dumb? Einstein couldn’t teach dumb kids no matter how smart he was – somehow the goodness and smarts of teachers can’t be completely linked to teachers – it also is partly the parents’ fault. 2) But annual evaluations that are called for by the legislation proposed is good too, depending on the methods of evaluation, which we are not given. But since all employees of any business go through annual evaluations it is a good thing. Of course, the unions are against it – why? Is it “how dare you evaluate our teachers”? This cannot be good for the unions or the kids.

“Governor’s initiatives take aim at trust funds.” Which is not good for the trust funds, which were set up to channel the interest to certain things that need attention on an ongoing basis, and which sort of insulate these ongoing things from the ups and downs of politics and the budget crises. But with the money taken for the shortfall today there will be no interest in future years for the trust fund’s purposes, and the underlying budget problems will be there after the money is spent. Thus in a year or two, after the trust funds are spent then the budget will face the same shortfall just down the pike – with no more trust funds to spend. So it is sort of like using your savings for a drunken spending spree this year, but doing nothing to stop the drunken spending for next year. Not to mention that to do so requires changing the state constitution. Not a good idea.

Meanwhile, in the age of the brilliant new Obama health care crud: “Health care also is the biggest challenge facing the governor ovr the next few years. The federal government wants the state to start paying a larger share of the cost of the Medicaid program that cares for the poor.” Yeah, and not only that, but Mary Landrieu got us $300,000,000 for Medicaid didn’t she? Maybe not. Well, the governor is going to use money from the Tobacco settlement to cover this year’s costs – and then when that runs out? No word on this coming crisis. But it will be rationing which we were told will not happen or it will raise taxes which we were told will not happen. But if people spent their own money on health care it wouldn’t make a danged difference how much was spent. Indeed, hypochondria would lead to more jobs, even if just handholding the panic-stricken. But with government running the health care show it will just escalate to the same politico-budget problems we face right now.

In fact, since this is a dual subheadline under the big doozy of: “Jindal’s agenda for change” – one wonders what will happen when the trust funds are gone, the health care costs are up and there’s no more money – juggling funds this year to keep the same 24 Billion Dollar Budget does nothing to alleivate the problem that will merely be painted over.

But that’s just today – for on Saturday it was reported that “EBR school surpluses drying up” I bet. Seems the system will slide into the red once the 39.5 Million Bucks on hand now is blown, then by June 30th 2011 there will be a 30 Million Buck deficit for the year. Which means that 69 Million Bucks will be spent in one year with naught to show for it. Look, let’s blow $39 today, and keep spending another $30 tomorrow. This way we’ll be so broke there will be no way to pay for anything. One Mr. Dilworth, head of the system, say’s he’ll cut $10 million a year for the next three years and still be $2 million in the hole. So this is odd – for the numbers don’t add up:

$39 million on hand today.

$30 million in the hole next year.

$10 million cut in one year

$2 million in the hole the following year —

something is not right here – for if you blow through $69 million, of which $30 million comes from a hole somewhere, and you cut $10 million in this same period – you wind up just $2 million in the hole? What of the other $28 million projected hole-wise? Beats me – it’s not explained. There’s just no way for me to make heads nor tails of the situation – other than to say MUSH!

Meanwhile, the Mayor went off to China – for some reason or another. He’s shown with a big picture given by the mayor of some Chinese city – Heze – with which we are now sisters. Only this sister is a communist run dictatorship antithetical to all we hold dear – what a sister! A mean, disconsolate bitch who screws her kids – why, let’s get friendly!

The mayor has been on 55 out of state trips – so says Greg Garland. It’s funny that this is in one article, when adjoining it is another article by Greg Garland on the same subject – so why not just make it one article? Beats me – one just says he travaled, the other says “Opinion differ on value of travel.” So conflicted are opinions on the issue that Garland writes two completely separate articles on the same day on the same page. Bizarre way to do it, I think.

So the mayor travels – to bring us jobs – and the jobs left – for it was reported just this week that unemployment rose by 6,600 in Baton Rouge – so the mayor’s trips did nothing I guess. I can recall no big new companies, no new factories, no new shopping malls or construction projects, no net gain of any sort whatsoever, being mentioned by anyone. Except in the numbers of Chinese escaping places like Heze, I guess. The oriental foods markets here are doing well. Oh yes, the Feds say that some enviro-group can sue the city and companies, which will result in more jobs lost – and the mayor of Heze doesn’t worry about any silly environmentalism I can assure you, which our mayor might have gone to learn about.

Oh, the mayor does tout that there were two (count them) discussions of maybe looking at doing something here – but nothing yet. Oh, the mayor did go to Reno, which I’m sure has something … no, I’m sure it has nothing to help this city. What could we get out of Reno?

Oh, the mayor is “working on diversifying the economy so it is less dependent on oil and gas and its other traditional centers of employment” — which centers are? They don’t say! No really, they don’t.

But we are dependent on foreign oil, and in competition with the Chinese to find it in foreign lands, and we are going to rely less on it here! Brilliance I tell you! No, I don’t, I can’t – in fact, it’s just plain dumb. But — Here’s a concept – let’s ramp up our oil and gas economy and get the Chinese reliant on us for their energy! Then Heze’s mayor can come here looking for jobs – if he’s allowed out of the country by its central communist party headquarters.

Oh, the mayor went to a global warming conference, (spewing carbon by the bucketful to get there too!) which does want to diversify from oil alright – by killing that business – always good for jobs!

Oh, he met Robert Redford at the Sundance Festival for a net gain of zilch.

He went to the Grammies to see and be seen.

He went to DC to get Federal Aid – which we’re not getting – and it’s our money anyway. Always nice to go to Uncle to plead for money Uncle took in the first place but Uncle won’t give – why, just the other day we were told “no money for you!” by Obama’s henchpeople just after we spent all that money in begging and pleading to get a piece of our own money back.

20 column inches later we find that not one job was brought here (though if they did it means some other poor schnook of a city lost jobs, which is never mentioned in the luring process.) Not one new anything, except the art by the communists. Such prowess and progress is not to be dismissed. And it isn’t – Jim Ellis, the former chairman of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber says: “He’s the best mayor Baton Rouge ever had for economic development.” Wow! And if nothing to show for so much travel makes him the best, one wonders how bad the others must have been.

Actually, the best mayor we had for economic development was Ray Nagin of New Orleans, who so bollixed up his “chocolate city” pre- and post-Katrina that Baton Rouge gained 100,000 or so folks who didn’t go back to that benighted city which is as decrepit as it ever was. So a good part of our recent growth, our jobs, our construction, our economic development, only came about because New Orleans was wrecked. This is good? No, this is pointless exercise in futility.

At every level then – city, county/parish, school board, state and federal – government has shown itself puffery and piffle ridden in incompetent spend-like-there’s-no-tomorrow – and from this I should be confident in anything they say and of which our Advocate reports. A mere mouth piece telling me what the politicians want told with as much investigation and proposing as to make a 2 year old blush with accomplishment. My my, such are our times of more and more government for no purpose under the sun – sort of, like, you know, the Counts of Foix being invited to Le Petite Trianon during the time of Louis XIV.


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