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I learn this:

EU wants to rename English Channel

The European Union apparently is run by socialists who always want to run around changing things.

The latest is the name of the English Channel.

Too British.

On a new EU atlas, it is listed as “Le Pond.”

David Wooding of the News of the World is telling them to Pond salt.

Wooding wrote: “It has been Britain’s defense against invading armies, including the Spanish armada in 1588, Napoleon and the Nazis during World War Two.” [Even if no one tried to invade it would still be the English Channel!]

The Brits are not going to let this slide. Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, told Wooding: “These atlases show what a threat the European Union is to the UK and taxpayers will be outraged their money is being used to promote EU propaganda.”

What do socialists have against reality anyway?

Even worse, Pond is an English word, and Le is a French article equivalent to The. This is probably against French laws to protect French. Also, “pond” is a small body of water that one can walk around. The English Channel is not a pond, by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, the French already call it Le Manche. What the Belgians, Dutch and Danes call it I have no idea. But if the mainland side of the Channel is against the word English – or Channel, which is English from Old French, then why use “pond”? Why not, say, Body of Water 1. Then the Baltic and be BoW 2, and the North Sea BoW 3, and so on. Better yet, with the Euro pointing the way with non-existent buildings, bridges and scenery, why not just make up a new language, or use Esperanto, and be done with it? Why bother with the half measures? Indeed, why even call England or France, Sweden or Slovakia by their historic names? Why not Admin District 1, AD 2, AD3, and so on. You could either go in order of population, or by land size. Or by the year they declared nationhood from the melange of feudal fiefs that were agglomerated in the 1450 to 1750 time frame. One more absurd reordering of the world for no reason other than “hey, I’m powerful, I can do this!” And it goes to show the utter mush-headness of change for the sake of change, and socialism for any reason.

Meanwhile, if we are going to go down this route, I think the Gulf of Mexico should be called the Gulf of the Old Confederacy. Or better, the Cesspit of Louisisana, since we put far more water into the dang thing then Mexico does. Or how about the Gulf of North American Rivers? Go for the gusto you renaming fools. And since England, France and Holland all have colonies still on the edge of the G of Mex then I’m sure the EU can find a perfectly valid rule somewhere in their bureaucratic bookshelf to do it.

Meanwhile, along the “I’m powerful, I can do this!” vein, what about all these laws noted below – so absurd, so contradictory, so mangled, to the point of royalist-socialist humpty-dumpty I mean this today and I meant this yesterday and I’ll mean something else entirely once tomorrow roles along.

If Obama had a brain he would have sat down with Congress and simplified this bunch of stinkin’ mush. It’s not that we don’t need laws, but this? This is nuts. This is one of the main causes of our problems in the USA today. And we just got thousands of more pages to add to the unexplainable and incomprehensible mushpit of crud called the law.

The United States Code — containing federal statutory law — is more than 50,000 pages long and comprises 40 volumes. The Code of Federal Regulations, which indexes administrative rules, is 161,117 pages long and composes 226 volumes. [no word on if this includes the 67,000 pages of IRS rules, but I doubt it does.] [does this include the forms OK’d by the Office of Management & Budget? Also doubtful, but each of the thousands of forms of government have an OMB code number and in someways they are rules to be followed, for woe bestowed on those who use the wrong form!]

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

The next thing the Wash. Examiner can do is use the word comprise a second time. For it means “include,” “counting all” “in the entirety” and even a sense of “this much, and maybe a little more.” Sort of leaning towards “replete,” but not as far as “complete.” But “composes” is just wrong. “Is composed of” would be fine. But really, just poor word usage. And, too, the CFR does not “index” the rules, though there is an index to the CFR – this behemoth is the rules, or at least the main rules to which there is no doubt sub-rules issued by every two bit agency and division of each bureaucracy in the land. But if the Index alone – posited by the verb “to index” in the third person “it indexes” — is more than 160 thousand pages — how many pages are the actual rules? That’s the problem with imprecise language. And that’s the problem with “Journalism Majors” — in an attempt to seen erudite they misuse the language.

But at least the roses are starting to bloom and the irises are next. Oh such wonder is nature! And the garden keeps me out of trouble, mostly. But I am, I think, perhaps, ready to head to the streets for the next Tea Party here in Baton Rouge. I have never done the protest thing – and frankly it’s a daunting prospect. But still, it’s got to be done – and remember – we all come along at our own speed. But the one thing that is crystal clear – the way the USA is today in 2010 is not the way it is going to be in ten years – major changes are nigh – one way or the other – and I wouldn’t bet on the big government folks, that’s for sure. The numbers don’t add up. It’s that simple.


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  1. What The Fuck

    The EU bureaucrats are just twats they wont give a fuck at what we think

    Only way were saving the Channel is by Separating from the EU

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