A Buck’s Worth of Lies

I’ve been reading a book entitled “The Secret Archives of the Vatican” by Maria Ambrosini. It’s an interesting enough book. Moves well through the history. But one thing caught my attention just this day, when she writes about the “menanti” which were, more or less, the first “journalists.” Sort of the Glenn Becks and Dan Rathers of the times. These folks back then wrote the “avissi” — the gossip, the advising, the scoop, as it were, which was sold illegally in the streets of every Euro-City in the 1400s to 1600s. Apparently, back then the common phrase, says Ms. A., was “give me some lira worth of lies.” Apparently, even today, in some of Italy, the phrase to buy a newspaper is “Give me sixty lira of lies” (the book is pre-Euro, so I’m sure it’s now, “give me a euro of lies, please.”) Yes, doesn’t that sound good? Sure.

Look at the lies spread so giddily about. In fact, so widespread are the falsehoods, or the mush, if one wants to be charitable, that in just one week two friends said almost the exact same thing – five days apart. Where could they come up with such similar phraseology? It was odd. What they both said was that “today’s Republicans are like the Democrats long ago.”

“What piffle,” I said in both instances, instantly, with no compunction, no social filter.

In the first case the old guy I assist and a few other people were conversing and he said it. I chopped that out right away, bluntly. “That’s nonsense, and you know it.” They all looked at me. For such call outs are just not done, supposedly. But when something so dumb is said, well, it must be stopped, right then and there. Screw the social niceties. There is no time to “gently correct” later. For the moment is ripe, and the listeners won’t get the benefit of the chastisement.

Then just days later my friend John was visiting and he said the same thing. “Nonsense, and you know it,” I said. He looked at me in a subtle shock. Perhaps, no — apparently — no one ever questioned this canard in his presence, and knowing who he knows I’m sure he and they said it before.

What I then pointed out, taking no time to listen to any rationale they might put forth, is this:

“There are no Republicans calling for separate but equal facilities, or colored only water fountains. There are no Republicans going around calling for lynchings, or burning down black businesses. Nor is there any call by the Republican Party to re-institute the Jim Crow laws. And if you think so, you’re nuts. What you are saying is not reality, and you know it. You couldn’t find the Republican calling for a return to Dred Scot or Plessy versus Fergusson, nor of segregation, or of any of the Democratic promoted, installed and maintained racism that existed from 1877 to 1977.”

“In fact,” I told them, “it was only with the first Republicans since Reconstruction that got elected in the 11 states of the Old Confederacy that the segregation ended. And in fact, under Republican rule the New South was built. Now, with Republicans ascendant, the South is richer than ever before, with a net influx of people, and prosperity for one and all. Never have race relations been better. And in fact, the only ones still crying for separation and crying racism are Democrats.”

They looked at me, and started to mumble something about the southern strategy of Nixon.

“Yeah, it was a call for one and all to join the Republicans in building wealth and prosperity and liberty. Unfortunately, those poor blacks went with the party which kept them poor, and lo, they are still poor, mostly. Not only that, it is a blatant falsehood to say the modern Republicans are anything like the slave owning and post-Reconstruction Democrats and you know it. Where would you get such crap?”

I glared at them. With the old man, no one said a word, but they all had thoughtful looks on their faces, for they knew they were wrong, all of them. With John, he looked sheepish, like ‘uh oh, maybe that’s right.’ Yeah, maybe.

And that’s been gnawing on me as the press keeps pushing the Race Thing onto the Tea Party. It is absurd on the face of it, unprovable, and just blatant lies and falsehoods. Frankly, I think it might be actionable under libel and slander laws, and I’d urge the Tea Party biggies to push this issue – for if the press says it and they know it is not true, they are libelous and slandering. There’s no way around that. And they know it is not true, so maliciously spread this garbage.

I just wonder how much the lies cost now a days, in Lira, or Euro, or Dollars for that matter.

Meanwhile, just as much as I was in their faces, these two wrongheaded friends of mine, so I see that Andrew Breitbart is in their faces, and so is Jason Mattera. I like it. Ramp it up, guys. Breitbart has the Big Government site, www.biggovernment.com and Mattera makes do with www.jasonmattera.com

Their goal is to get in the faces of the poppycock pushers. For frankly, the opponents of liberty, small government and rational governance are in our faces, saying all sorts of calumny. They said outrageous things about George Bush, and few said a word to halt the viciousness. The left is still at it.

Frankly, what is clear is this: You cannot discuss anything with a socialist – but they must be confronted by their own words and riled up, for they are snakes. Their playbook calls for them to be snakes. So let’s be the mongooses and go after the slimy bums. Full blast. Everyone has to confront the perfidy, at the point it is uttered, even if it is socially awkward, or otherwise the bad words win. It is time to put an end to that.

Meanwhile, I found these two sites: http://www.youtoocongress.com/index.php


Always, interesting to find new sites for Liberty! And you know what? The Tea Party Resurgence – neither conservative or Republican, but Rational and Constitutional, is growing so fast that there are websites and organizations and movements being founded daily. So perilous is the assault of the Socialist Party, (nee Democrats) that there is nothing left to do but Ramp It Up! Politely, but firmly. Leave no erroneous comment standing in any social setting. Just say: “NO! That’s Nonsense, and you know it!”

Let them go on the defense. I for one would rather break Miss Manner’s heart then to let the perfidy stand anymore. And while my “good” liberal friends joke that they just delete my emails, for they don’t want to learn, then when I see them I go right at them – with a good jab at their refusal to even debate an issue: “Just like socialists do, you socialist. Good to know which side you are on.”

No longer can we allow the perfidious a moment’s rest. Nope. What I’m engaged in is a Kinder, Gentler refutation of all they say whenever they say it. I don’t care anymore the “social consequences” for the issue is too big now. To paraphrase Nathan Hale – I regret that I have but one country to lose for liberty.

Frankly, I don’t aim to lose a country so I can be friends with the liberals I know. Now how do I know so many is something else again, and which I can’t answer, except to say, a while back it didn’t seem to make much difference. That’s no longer true, however. But like Obama himself, I’m in campaign mode and I’m organizing the community.


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  1. Pimania

    “Liberalism” does not liberate the core folks of America. It strangles. Repudiate it fast!

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