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The president said both Democrats and Republicans have a responsibility to tone down the rhetoric, but that much of it has to do with the current media environment in which extreme comments are echoed in the blogosphere.”

And then Maxine Waters and some other Democrats baselessly accused nearly all Americans of being racist, which was immediately broadcast all over the media, and which were then decried in the blogs and many said this is exactly what the president spoke against. Oh well, so much for toned down anything.

His site is really good the last view days.

A qualifying child is a child that meets four tests: relationship (very specific), residence (live more than one-half the year generally), age (under age 19 unless a full time student), and support (provide greater than one-half of the total support).In general, to be a taxpayer’s qualifying child, a person must satisfy four tests:

Relationship — the taxpayer’s child or stepchild (whether by blood or adoption), foster child, sibling or stepsibling, or a descendant of one of these.

Residence — has the same principal residence as the taxpayer for more than half the tax year. Exceptions apply, in certain cases, for children of divorced or separated parents, kidnapped children, temporary absences, and for children who were born or died during the year.

Age — must be under the age of 19 at the end of the tax year, or under the age of 24 if a full-time student for at least five months of the year, or be permanently and totally disabled at any time during the year.

Support — did not provide more than one-half of his/her own support for the year.

Interestingly, the IRS will default the dependent to the one who has more adjusted gross income or “AGI”.

The effects of an incorrect dependent are huge. It can consist of adjustments to one or more of the following:

1. Dependent deduction lost

2. Filing status impact (i.e. head of household)- tax rates, standard deductions, etc.

3. Child tax credits

4. Child and Dependent Care Credit, and

5. Earned Income Tax Credit

And, once disallowed by the IRS, it is disallowed forever until the dependency exemption is justifed to the IRS.

And so all the 26 year olds now on their parents policies might be dependents, thus usable for a tax deduction, which means tax revenues would decline. Oh well.

I read this somewhere, I can’t recall where – but still … (I think it’s Riehl World, but I lost the link. –OK, I’m a poor blogger – I don’t want to do this – I want to be left alone and uninvolved, but that is no longer possible.)

The NRSC, NRCC And GOP Money Woes

I don’t by any means think the RNC should get a pass for everything. But this is what irritates the hell out of me when I see people firing at the RNC, while claiming donors are re-directing money to the other two orgs. In some cases, it’s a trumped up charge to distract attention from the two orgs that have irritated the base the most. And Tucker Carlson’s willingness to push the attacks as he did, and with such shoddy journalism, suggests he’s more interested in climbing into bed with the elites in DC, than he is doing anything positive for the conservative grassroots. The last thing the Right online needs is one more elitist outlet playing the, we must control the message, game of beltway Republicans. And I’m far from alone in my assessment of what was playing out earlier this week.

This below is why GOP fundraising is down across the base, if it even is. And anyone suggesting the NRSC and NRCC are more deserving of Right-side funding than the RNC after everything we’ve seen this year is selling snake oil with a brand that isn’t conservative at all.

It was Cornyn who, by giving the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s endorsement to Charlie Crist — 15 months before the Florida GOP primary — sparked the Not One Red Cent rebellion.

Over and over, we have seen recently that Republican “leadership” in Washington is a joke, their cowardice exceeded only by their incompetence. Pete Sessions and the National Republican Congressional Committee squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Dede Scozzafava campaign, and the NRCC’s candidate-recruitment efforts consist mainly of trying to find “self-funders” — e.g., Ben Quayle types with lots of Daddy’s money to throw around — rather than identifying real leaders with solid values, like Vernon Parker.

Frankly, with the people so riled up I’m not sure that anyone needs to give a lot of money, nor do the Republicans need to spend a lot of money. In fact, the ads should be pretty much be the same nationwide. Only the name of the offending Democrat need be given. No need to spend gazillions. People who are mad as hell and not willing to take it much longer don’t need much convincing to vote against the Democrat. Keep it simple – and inexpensive.

And this is the coolest thing this day – the people bring the crud to court!


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