I’m just pleased as punch

I feel positive tonight about the fate of the country. It’s hard to say exactly why. Especially given the seemingly intractable problems facing us. However, Obama and his crew has presented, for the first time in a long while, a great divide. On the one hand are the big government socialists, no matter what they call themselves. They think they have a goodly portion of the nation with them. This is delusion brought about by the vague terms they use, of hope and reform, progress and change, and something along the lines of “well, we have to do something.” What many of the followers of the mush will realize soon enough is that it cannot work. The numbers can never add up. They will be the most disappointed, for their ideals cannot be substantiated by reality. Over the next few years the only ones left with this view of ever more taxes, spending, control and laws and more are the die hard small small minority of power mad folks. Their crush for power is now being seen, and We the People don’t like it.

On the other side is, well, We the People, who really have no idea what we want “as a nation,” but know well what we want individually. What we do know is what we don’t want. The whole thing we don’t want is exactly what is going on in Washington with both parties. We don’t want the political posturing of the politicians, or of the media who support them. This is one reason that all the mainstream media is going broke. They are pushing the endless nitpicking of politics. The people have made it clear we don’t want it. In fact, many of Obama’s supporters thought they were getting some post-partisan, non-bickering, rationalism. Instead what they got is a group which spews some rather incredible lies and accusations. None of it can be hid anymore.

This divide cannot be bridged by mere “compromise.” For the Socialists do not believe in compromise. They want power, for it is their theology. The Liberty Minded, being more diverse by its nature, will have no way to really counter the monolithic Socialists – except by the inexorable destruction of the economy by math. You don’t need much of a degree to see the utter failure of the system. Nor will anyone in the press be able to avoid the coming morass.

Yet, oddly, as I said, I’m positive about where we’ll wind up. The Liberty Minded will slowly grow, and take over the government. Then will come the great dismantling. For it must be dismantled. I cannot say what will replace it, except for far less government.

You know, I got a degree in politics. I studied and read tons of this stuff. The theory, the practical implementation, the ideals and the concepts. It’s way too difficult in blog posts to spell it all out and why I think it’s going positive shortly. How shortly I cannot say, but no more than a decade, probably sooner. Plus, I have a near photographic memory, so that I can recall the whole train of abuses by this government. Not so much abuse of the people, for we are not there yet. But abuse of the system. This is flagrant and undeniable. Plus, I read tons of stuff everyday right now. To keep track of it daunting for most people. For me it’s a piece of cake. That all my friends turn to me to explain slews of things just confirms this for me. But again, in a blog it is impossible to go into the details. I have taken apart many articles word by word now, sentence by sentence refutation has been my style. Many blogs deal with the minute of today, and who said what and who did what. But it’s all done sort of atomistically, as if nothing much is related. It’s today’s events that matter and not much else. When the future is talked about more doom comes out than rectification or success in getting out of the morass. For the moment I can’t figure out a way to reach anyone, other than my bleatings here.

Still, the reality is so apparent >> there is simply not enough money in the nation to pay for the system we have. Nor is there enough money to continue much longer. Nor is there money for new programs from the dreams of socialists. When this reality hits the fan it will clearly be seen to be the fault of the socialist ideal. These guys are painting themselves into the corner. It’s fun to watch. For decades they’ve been trying to get in, or um, kick in, the door, as one of their leaders has it. Well, the barbarians are at the gate and they don’t have any protective gear other than endless words about making things better even as they muck it up. This is now, too, apparent. They might be rearranging the deck chairs on their Titanic, and they are blaming the engine room crew for ramming the ship into the iceberg while they try to exonerate the captain. But it ultimately all comes down to him. And you know who “him” is. He’s the problem. It’s clearer and clearer everyday. Not just him, but the system that produced him.

But, in the great sweep of things, none of this will continue much longer – for there is no more money, nor any more to be obtained. The national credit card is maxed out, the kids are all drunk, and their self-styled leader has now been shown to be a clueless bully. Meanwhile, as never before, the TEA party and all its many offshoots, all very amorphous, are only beginning to gear up. This is not the end yet. Nor is it the beginning of the end. Nor ever the end of the beginning. No, it is the beginning of the beginning of the rectification of the nation by the Great Dismantling. Like Yamamoto’s great fear in World War II – they have awakened a sleeping giant, and this spells doom for the system as it is. Not the Constitutional system, but rather the economic ideas foisted on the Grand Document in the hope it will go away.

From all I’ve read recently, balanced with the great seminal works of politics and economy, coupled with the resurgence of the TEA party concept, with the daily to and fro accounted for, I do believe that the denouement of the socialist ideal is nigh. They are going down. There is no way for them to avoid the responsibility for the coming crisis. And then it will all be gone with the wind. So sit back, watch, but get involved where you can, to stop it. But stopped it will be. No, you won’t find any news articles on this. Nor will you hear it on TV or from politicians. The reality cannot be hidden, however.

So I’m positive like never before. But I can’t get anymore specific without writing a large book. That’s what I’m not doing at the moment here. Instead it’s just small positive comments I put here to tell the world and the few who read my words. But positive I am, without a doubt, no matter how bad it looks like at this moment.


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