Conundrums of Our Times

The Conundrums of Our Times

39 stories in the A Section, so it’s quite a lot to think about, or not.

Oh, but, well, let’s ignore the 14 about the travails of some poor individuals who suffer by disease or by criminal stupidity – but wholly irrelevant to our lives as citizens. Pointless voyeurism for prurient interest in other people’s pain and anguish is not a good use of the newsprint in our perilous times of great social unrest. Unrest that bodes to get more intense going forward, as they say.

There are three most prominent articles on the constant changes and funding problems at Southern University, which is, oddly, our state’s “black” college. No longer segregated by law, it is now segregated by preference, and lower standards and less funding by the state. Still, the system has to get approval by all manner of political entities and persons to get anything done. No word on whether any of this remotely impacts on turning out better students.

Meanwhile, some guy named Byron A. Stewart, a lobbyist for the Louisiana School Boards Association, said this: “It was a bit shocking for us to see that Rep. Carter had those bills that were defeated last year come back up again.” Really? In a country where the President speaks daily on the campaign trail about how his take over of health care took one hundred years, and as soon as he explains it right we’ll all love it, or else, this is shocking? In a country with a driven socialist party, either entrenched in office or the bureaucracy unceasing pushing the glories of the state, this is shocking? That someone would seek to bring perhaps much needed changes to the current system which has shown inadequacy by the very condition of the minds of the graduates is shocking is, well, um, shocking. Sounds to me that someone is trying to overcome the inertia of the status quo to perhaps make a better system. The proposal’s pushers say they listened to the concern last year and are back with new and improved changes. Frankly, I have no idea if these proposals will alter anything for the better. But I do know that maintaining the current system is pointless, for it doesn’t work and it costs too much and is too hidebound in the “that’s the way it’s always been done” mentality. Listen to the prez, go for change! If the changes are bad that’ll be obvious soon enough, just as what we have today is obviously not working.

The mayor is off to China on a “campaign funds” funded trip – but is publicly funded since the public gave him the funds to run for office. So, he’s off on a vacation called a “hopes to drum up trade in China” bit. Apparently medical device companies are on the butt-licking and goody-giving list. I wonder if the Chinese will consider the upcoming taxes on such devices on the wondrous ObamaCareTax? It’s a bunch of cultural exchanges, bring Chinese violinists to the symphony here which is some what pointless in the trade department. Now, why the mayor, who should be looking at garbage collection and road repair, and running a better transit system so that workers might get to whatever job they might have, is shilling for both Baton Rouge and Chinese industry I do not know. It is always said to be good. The politicians must be involved to make these deals happen. Why? Why do the politicians need to be involved. Well, it is a game that all the cities play, and states too. And surely the Chinese like the wurst from Wisconsin and the crawfish from Louisiana as gifts, does it really influence their decisions? Should it be? This is just part of the incredible arrogation of power by government over our so-called capitalist system. Frankly, if Baton Rouge was well paved, filled with literate and competent graduates of the public schools, low taxed and few regulations, and less zoning and other bureaucratic impediments to business then the Chinese might well come. Now it’s just a matter of which jurisdiction here or there might do the better goody-giving until a few years hence when the company finds that it could use some more goodies.

Government is once again poking its nose into the housing market, causing further disruption, dislocation, disinformation and disgust. The plan is to tax the homeowners who can afford to pay their mortgages enough to help those who cannot afford their mortgages. When those who can afford today are taxed enough they will of course not be able to pay their own mortgages and the government will then go tax some other people to pay their mortgages. Just like the mayor is taxing us for economic development plans to help some poor company that can’t make a decision unless the goody-giving is good enough. This because this will bring jobs! But apparently us spending our our money where we might wish will — -I guess will not bring jobs. That’s why it is so much better to tax us, so that those taxpayers without jobs will get jobs. You know, spread the wealth around.

Of course all the jobs that might have been created with the spending by the local taxpayers spending will not be created, but instead this money will be sent to China so it can come back in the mayors satchel of goodies of his people. Such a wondrous system of moving money about and pretending it makes a difference.

Even more odd is this: the pushers of government spending are socialists, against capitalism’s creation and control of nameless faceless factory drudges, who gather huge chunks of capital together, so that they can lure foreign companies or companies from other states, to create large factories owned by super-rich capitalists giving nameless faceless factory drudges jobs. Brilliant, I say, for they get to go to China and tell us all about their exciting adventures.

The Advocate did forget to mention in its 39 articles that the 60 to 70 percent of the nation opposed to health care are joining in a great multi-pronged crusade against the muftis of Washington. Not a word in this Saturday edition about the fact that 8 of 9 delegates are working on repeal of the mush-boggle. Nor a word that the state is joining quite number of others in suing against the piffle-posturing of government control. Not a clue that tens of thousands, even millions of people, are continuing their president-recommended in-your-face politics in every jurisdiction in the nation to fight the president. In fact, from the Advocate the only thing you might conclude from its coverage is that we live in some crime infested swamp and should be cowed into submission from this or that crony in power.

Well, too bad for them. But I don’t think they realize that it is all falling apart. The entire veneer of government as we know it is falling apart. But don’t worry about that, the structure, the skeleton of the nation remains. As soon as we get rid of the big-government in our midst we’ll all be so much better off. Then the mayor can go to China with his own money, you know like from his salary working for one of the companies he lures here with our money. Sweet work if you can get it.

Oh yeah, turned on all the lights and did the laundry during human appreciation hour, to fight the willing darkness. Also planted a slew of seeds, plants, and pup-plants everywhere in an effort to make the yard beautiful and it might just help the world. My liberal friends continue to live in treeless expanses of grass which does naught for anyone, sort of like their ideas — just the same from one fence-line to the next, sterile, uniform, not-diverse. I live in a jungle, growing thicker by the day.


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