The End is Nigh

Today was spent in the yard, looking at and futzing with the “trees” and the “forest.” It gives a guy time to see where the roses doing well can be smelled in just a short while, and it gives a guy time to ponder the great conundrum of our times; politics. It’s not linear thought, just observations of the big picture brought about by an editorial in our Advocate that sought to defend the Abyss we are stepping into by saying it’s not socialism. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t have had to say it. To defend and declaim that it is not socialism means very well that the idea is too solid to be ignored.

Ah, but politics, that’s what we are in, a brief period of politics. Frankly, there’s too much of it. And there’s more every day. Even though no one want’s it, they say, it’s going to increase for awhile before it begins to decrease. Our own president says we have too much politics: “The time for talk is over.”

That reminds me of the scene in “The American President,” with Michael Douglas courting some ravishing lobbyist. The president, in the movie, says, over a game of pool, to Charlie Sheen, his chief of staff “It’s none of the people’s business.” Mr. Sheen’s character says: “Sorry, sir, but the American people have a funny way of determining what is or is not their business.”

So true. Obama seems not to think this. So he pushes all politics all time, increasing it, all the while saying “the time for talk is over.” No sir, it is just beginning. We are ornery folks, we Americans. So this politics discussion will increase, not decrease. For a while longer.

It will not decrease because of acceptance of the growth of politics or government, as the liberals hope with their calls for “community involvement” in everything. Nor will it decrease because of apathy, as the liberals hope will happen when the public should get bored and see “just how wonderful it all is,” as one Nancy Pelosi, and many of her kind, more or less said. Nor will the decrease come about because we will be beaten into a sullen conformity, as some do fear.

No, this decrease will come about because of the coming end of politics as we know it. There is now no one who thinks the thing is sustainable. Even the Democrats say they are all about getting the deficit and debt under control and brought down. That they think you can borrow money and spend it on pointless projects to get out of debt is just a quirk of royalist-socialist zero sum but multiplier economic theory.

It’s royalist because the system relies on a king-like figure with a privy council to make the “big” national decisions. Who can doubt that this is what we have today? There has been, under many the past few presidents, various numbers of “economic advisers,” and “health care advisers” and schools, and energy, and commerce, and well, everything, advisers. It is as clear as day that the president has been exhalted to some all-seeing and all-knowing leader who will solve the nation’s problems. It is no different today then it was in 1550 when the Hapsburgs ruled Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Northern Italy, the old Yugoslavia, Hungary, the former Czechoslovakia and bits and pieces of this and that here and there. There was the Emperor in Vienna, and his ministers galore, all making all the decisions required for the people to live their lives. They were aided, abetted and rewarded by sycophantic junior nobility. These are not much different then our governors and state governments of today. The structure is the same.

Don’t like the Hapsburg analogy? OK, how about the French under Napoleon? Or maybe England under Victoria? Or could it be, oh, say, China at any point in it’s history? Even the tiny Dutch had their empire. Charles and Gustav of Sweden had a go at it during the first half of the 1600s. It’s all the same.

The vestiges of it all live on all over the world. Look at it. It is mindboggling. The systemic unemployment of no less than 10 to 15% worldwide. The overblown bureaucracies making more and more rules of Kafkaesque complexity and pointlessness. View the violence in the streets of France; nightly cars go up in flame, the likes of which any American would think there was violent revolution in the streets, but to the French is but another night at the cafe. Envision if you will, the riots by all sorts of discontented people in the streets of Greek cities, busting out all over in a wave of destruction over politics.

This is the result of politics all the time. This is the result of the royalist mindset of one leader with one plan for the good of all. To make all happy, none must be happier than the others, so envy is bred, and politicians are called upon to give favors to quell the unrest. Ours is still a genteel unrest of a Senator or a Representative holding out for this or that special provision for “his” people, much as the Esterhazy family ruled Hungary with the permission of the Hapsburgs because the Emperor was too busy quelling the unrest in the Netherlands, for among the Dutch could be found no local oppressor. This is politics of then and now, now.

This was the way it was since the dawn of time. Now then, sometime in the mid-1800s spread this “new” idea. People with titles like First Secretary, Comrade, Brigade Leader, Freedom Fighter, or some other very “with the people” name, worked their hardest to overthrow or at least sideline the royalty in their lands. But did they set up Free Republics? Nope. They kept every law, and added a few more. They kept every bureaucracy, though some individual bureaucrats did have to be retired, or shot. This Marxist revolution, evolution, devolution, or however the politics came into being, exchanged the people and the titles, but kept the same system.

This is clearly evidenced by the fact that immigration to America never ceased from any European country. With the comingof Socialism, which today our Advocate’s editorial said of “oh posh, no biggie,” by saying all the socialist measures enacted in this land are not really socialism at all, no matter what anyone says or how clearly the reality is. “Oh, piffle, not to worry, even if we enact every socialist measure as shown to be necessary by Karl Marx, here in America it is not socialism, its … “ And then they trailed off about some sad tale of a person in need.

Now, the quotes aren’t exact, no need to be. The sentiment, midway in the full page-column editorial, on the wonders of government control of the health care system, exactly as socialist claim you must do to really, as Representative Dingell of Somewhere, Michigan I think, said: To Control the People. It’s clear. It’s obvious. Says our Advocate: It’s not Socialism, not to worry. It’s Americanism or something. Which is in direct contradiction of what the pushers of the laws say. Is the Advocate so blind? Or so complicit?

But the funny thing is, the Advocate won’t live to see the glories of the coming nirvanna, at least not as a company. For they will fail in short order. Just as dozens of newspapers across the country will fail. Just as the Tuscon paper disappeared, no more. Now replaced by a much more vibrant multipronged media. As will happen, is happening, across the country. The internet is doing what the press would not do. One thing that We the People have that those under royalists and socialists didn’t have is Free Speech. It’s going to be hard to shut us up. Very hard, if not impossible. That’s what they didn’t count on. That’s what they think is not part of their equation. Or maybe they think they’ll get a handle on it any day now.

Meanwhile, just not too long before the Advent of Socialism in Europe, which began in the 1840s, the USA was born with a different ideal – little or no government, and certainly constricted government. This ideal never took hold anywhere else on earth. That’s why we are not only a nation of immigrants, but we are the only such nation on earth, and we are the only major nation still growing in population through immigration. Europe, the land of vaunted urbane culture is on the downhill slide to tiny country, not much different then the years after the fall of the Roman Empire. Back then, in 450 AD or so, the population fell, and the region was plunged into the Dark Ages. It fell again in the 1340s with the Black Plague. It fell again with World Wars I & II. Now it is falling again, only this time there might not be a way out for the race which showed up sometime between 500BC with the Celts until the first nation states started forming around 1500 AD. Then it metastized into a royalist-socialist killing spree of unimaginable proportions. Then too China will decrease in population, as is Japan, as India will follow, and Indonesia, as well as South America. They are both not reproducing enough, and there is a net outflow of people to the US.

Look at just Mexico. 120 million Mexicans, and 20 million of them are here. They come at a rate of no less than 1,000,000 a year. Often upwards of 2,000,000 a year. How can Mexico survive if the people are not there?

What Obama and his followers want to do is bring us to the condition of the rest of the world.

This is not going to happen.

This all politics all the time, but shut up and listen to the politicians, is not going to work here.

Or sure, in the short term it will work. It is “working” in the sense that it is happening. But now that it’s reached this Obamian fever pitch it’s come to the end of the road. The brick wall of liberty has now been sighted, and Obama is driving as fast as he can into it in the hopes of crumbling it. But it is like toothpaste out of the tube, it cannot be put back in.

Oh, people will point to say, Germany, as some democracy that went dictatorship. Only it was not any such thing comparable to the USA. The bureaucracies that existed under the Kaiser was the same under Hindenberg, then the same under Hitler. Each of the three all power leaders may have done different with their powers, but it was the same power, the same idea, the same system.

Poor old Obama does not lead a country with a royalist-socialist background or history. What he leads are free people, people not only likely to contest his every move, but people who can and will reverse all that he’s done. And while we are at it we shall go the extra mile and dismantle it all. Of this I’m certain. There is only so far you can push people into conformity while telling them all the while that they are free to be whatever they wish to be. What, so long as you have a bureaucrat’s permission.

Nope, not going to work. So don’t worry about the politics of today, the trees as it were. But look at the forest. Ronald Reagan compared it to a prarie fire. But that is more gentle, and burns out faster, than the forest fire of opposition to this royalist-socialist mindset that thinks they have seized the government for all time and the time for talk is over. Nope. Not going to happen. So sit back, and watch the blossoms of liberty burst forth while the weeds of socialism is swept away. For it is unsustainable, and will go by rational measures, or it will collapse and be replaced by rational measures.


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