What more can one say?

Nothing much at the moment. Here’s something I posted on www.americanthinker.com

It’s not just one, or a few, or even hundreds of lawsuits that need to be filed. No, it’s millions. This legislation affects each of us, so we all have standing. Overturning it is, however, only one part of the process to just kill the Concept.

No more is is just kill the bill. For they’ll be back. It’s got to be > kill the Concept of government run, or closely regulated health care.

Plus, there’s still elections in Nov. to push for repeal. Remove the Dems. And not a few Republicans too.

It’s changing the so-called arcane rules of congress so that this nonsense is stopped. Robert’s Rules of Order should be sufficient. No need for all the rest. No need to worry about which rules may or may not apply to this legislation or that, depending on the whim of a chairperson of a Rule Committee. This whole thing needs cleansing.

There’s a boycott of government owned banks — the big ten. Put them out of their misery. And against General Motors and Chrysler — put them out of business, too bad.

Then too there is the purposeful program of boycotting the mainstream media, time to tell their advertisers no more.

It’s removing kids from government schools. It’s no more Hollywood anti-Americanism. Boycott.

In watching this unfold it occurred to me that the socialists have a whole-country approach to their nefarious plans. They have insinuated themselves everywhere. And the liberty minded, so far, have defended against this or that.

The time has come for a wholesale, coordinated, legal and constitutional plan to take back this country. Where is our manifesto? Who will be our “Marx”? Why are we going to Marxist professors and universities? Avoid them, rabble rouse against their funding.

Clog the courts with lawsuits. Sit in with our congress folks. This has all got to be stopped. Just voting in November is no more enough.

These people are at total war with us, and nothing less than total war back is required. We have left the Information Age and have come to the Political Age, whether they like it or not. Now it’s all politics all the time until this thing, this mess, is beaten down and cleaned up.

Two can play this “to the barricades” stuff!

Meanwhile, there’s these sites where interesting takes on our country can be found:











This is the short list. There is no going back on this now. They have thrown down the gauntlet. It must be picked up and hurled right back in their faces. This is not a battle against bad policies, or bad government. This is a war against socialism. That insidious theology that destroys nations wherever it comes into power, as it must, for the theory behind it is flawed. It sounds good, but it is bad, monstrously so. There is nothing to do but stop it. As I’ve said in numeous places:
We have nothing to lose but the chains they are fashioning for us. For their theology requires chains. It might get worse before it gets bette. Indeed, it almost is guaranteed. But still, our default position is the Constitution – It Will Prevail. Of that there can be no doubt.

In closing, on the website of MSNBC, one of Obama’s biggest butt kissers, they put up a poll to guage public support for Obama and his Obomination. I think they will be surprised to see that as of 10 PM this evening 25.7% supported this garbage and 67% were opposed. No clearer sign of its imminent demise can be seen. Amazingly, some 6.9% are still fence sitters. But given these figures, it is a mere matter of time until Rational Government returns to the hallowed halls of liberty.

And then I urge every one to read my proposed Amendments to the Constitution, which I posted to the left – it’s time we push for this – or something damn close. We must constrain this and all future Congresses. Of that there can be no doubt.


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