The President Tonight

The President Gloats

[The scene: The Oval Office, with no corners to hide in, with a bank of TV cameras and various stooges of the Left standing around with giddy smiles. The president sits behind his desk, a new bust of Karl Marx in the background, visible over his shoulder. With his right hand down low, no one sees him finger three small steel balls. A bowl of strawberries is incongruously on the table to the left.]

“My Fellow Socialists, and assorted peons of the state:

Bwaaahaahahaaha, we did it! We have taken over health care, death to the infidels, Inshallah! We have almost succeeded in taking over the automobile industry. The rest will be in our grasp shortly. We have emasculated the banks, and soon the capitalist running dogs of Wall Street shall be no more!. We have started the seizure of the insurance companies, and the hospitals, and the drug companies. The Office of Health Regulation is preparing the take over memos as I speak, for the national good.

To my useful idiots of the press I say this: no matter how bad things get, say no bad of me and you will keep your jobs.. Say one bad thing and you’ll never see a doctor! Thanks, though, for helping me in this socialist take over of the country.

To my useful idiots in the health care industry, boy did you guys buy a pig in a poke. By this time next year you will all be government employees, or else!

Ah, you toadies in academia, no more will you study any negative effects of my government or of government – but you will sing our praises from on high lofty ivory tower.

Yes, America, I have taken over the whole kit and caboodle. What is not done today will be done tomorrow. Comrades Pelosi and Reid are preparing the new legislation to takeover everything. Nothing will stand in the way of the United Socialist America! Nothing.

And now that the issue of your life, living and death has been turned over to the government you will know hope and change, for I am audacious. You will accept it or suffer the consequences. Why, you’ll suffer anyway! But it is for the glory of socialism and the nation. It is for the glory of the ideal we all seek: from each according to what the government needs, to each according to what the government hands out. Such is progress.

Now, I’m announcing tonight our plan to just kill of the energy companies and Walmart. Then my job will be complete and socialism will live forever.

All I can say, America, is you were a bunch of suckers. Now don’t be a bunch of sore loosers, and just do as you are told to do. I won.

Thank you and God damn capitalism.”

[As the camera goes dark, and Obama heads off to gaze in his mirror, there is a small ruckus heard at the gates of the Petite Versailles, “What’s that?” he asks an aide.

“It’s only the peasants sir, they are ornery.”

“Well, they’ll calm down, especially once we give Ritilin to everyone.”

“Yes.” Pause. Looking out the window he says “Well, at least I hope so.” A worried frown crosses his face, unseen by the gloating president.]

Two years later:

“Let is be entered into the rollcall, the impeachment of President Obama passes by 80 to 20. And let it be also entered that those 20 who voted for him shall be expelled from the Senate immediately.”

Obama leans over to his counsel, “How did this happen?”

“Well, you clod, you can only fool all the people some of the time, and you wouldn’t stop the elections like we told you to.”

“Well, I can’t take care of everything.”

“That’s not what you told us when you got here.”

“Yeah, well, I guess I fooled you too, eh?”

Meanwhile, back in reality, all over the net is the fallout from this day of infamy. From the links to the left is a nice starting point to see how this may well turn out. For if anyone thinks it’s over, they are sore deluded. Got that Mr. O?


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