I Have A Piece of Paper!

It’s down to baby killing

Ah, what sweet doings does our Advocate and our Congress do. First the four headlines of the apocalypse.

Panel Oks plan closing EKL

Rules are Rules; and at the capitol, they’re getting tigher

House near sufficient count on health vote

Jindal freezes raises for state employees

What a round up. First, EKL, or Earl K. Long, is a hospital in mostly African-American north Baton Rouge. It is old and decrepit by any standard. Mr. Long was too. And while governor, to get his way, or avoid doing what the legislature wanted, would sign himself into a mental institution, (Jackson State was his favorite,) or out of such place, and sometimes other people pushed him in or pulled him out, as was necessary to get the Will of the State done. No word on if Pelosi, Reid or Obama will try the same maneuver to effect their Will.

But, no, the “health vote” — and how nice of our Advocate to call it a vote for health, as if anyone would dare vote against health. No one would, would they? Except maybe some miffed bureaucrat, denied his wage increase because of budget shortfalls? Which, you know, might just be remedied by voting against the health of a supplicant to budget largesse. Any bureaucrat, as shown throughout history, does come to the ugly conclusion that they might be more important to society than some 80 year old living nicely in the paid-up home with the new Chevy in the garage. Hmm, kill Bill and get raise so I can get a new Chevy, or keep Bill alive and spend precious government money on a losing proposition that could well be put to better purposes? Hmm. Decisions, decisions. Death panel? Absolutely not! It’s “guardian of the public purse,” thank you very much.

Now, the “near” bit is because even though Obama has declared the era of talk is over it seems that people are still talking and not coming to the desired conclusion. Now, Obama does say, often, that each conceivable matter for 300,000,000 Americans has been addressed every which way except the people keeping their own money to buy or not buy health care as they deem. This most rational course of action is simply not good, apparently. I suppose the president is right, in his way. One cannot have both a humongous, unworkable, nation bankrupting social program for one’s legacy and a free people with their own cash doing health care willy nilly. Why, too, Joe Biden might be upset that he won’t get to control all the insurance companies, like a plaything, as he is most delighted to do, he said the other day. Neither one of them believes, as is clear by now, any American is as sage and wise as they are, to you know, spend their own money for themselves.

Now the continued talk is about whether federal tax does should be allowed for killing babies or not. Stupak and Pelosi are still talking about that. It’s really a dilemma. For while it is perfectly fine, legal and moral, say the pro-fed-fund folks, to kill babies, not allowing tax dollars for the beastly practice of paganistic infanticide is not to be tolerated. On the other hand, for a slew of others it is perfectly fine, legal and moral, they the anti-fed-fund, to kill babes, but to allow holy tax dollars to pay for the beastly practice of paganistic infanticide is simply not going to happen. It seems there is a similar divide betwixt the baby killers in the Senate too. Of course, the few who don’t want to kill babies at all are some Neanderthal boobs who want to continue the species. And doing that, well, that’s no good for the environment, nor for future health care expenses, nor good, one can imagine, for the job prospects and Lebesraum of those who escape the giant sucking machine at the entrance to the womb.

Nor is there, apparently, one measly dollar allocated for the wayward girls homes that might be founded to bring to birth the kids to be killed otherwise. Now, the president, who does like the idea of some citizens army does miss a great opportunity. He could push for the great expansion of the wayward girl and foundling homes with the mandate that the state be given charge of the newbies so that they might be raised by the village, so to speak, to guard against any people who like to keep their own money and spend it as they wish, which is something that bothers the president and many in power at the various levels of the government.

For instance, our mayor thought that a central park with his name or his mother’s name on the gates would be a perfectly fine use of other people’s money, but that for people to spend their own money on their own little park in their backyards would simply not be good. “After all,” one could imagine our mayor saying “we couldn’t even put up a camera to watch what was going on, nor could we post a list of rules forbidding all manner of sundry but dangerous pastimes like tree climbing and skateboarding, which only lead to health care costs that would cut into my raise. And where too would my name live on forever? No, no to people’s parks, we are to have a park for the people!”

Now, on to those rules. With no great irony our Advocate does gush over the new security rules at the state capitol building. It’ll be like an airport, I think. Perhaps the TSA is being brought in to consult: “Well, yes, body scan the grandma, but that guy with the Allah Says Kill hat? No, that would be immoral profiling and defiling of his peaceful unto death come soon religion.”

One can well imagine the fear in which our legislators live. I would be afraid too if I was busy stealing money and disparaging civil rights as the legislators do. Why, just the other day, on the national level, some Virginia Representative, Pierrelli or Pyromania or something, (Who cares his name? They’re interchangeable cogs in the machinery of government,) did say “if you don’t lock up us we’ll keep stealing.” Refreshing. But, so, then, to the lock up it is. And they do it willingly, and cooperatively, all by themselves. They deserve a treat, for sure. For in a way, by keeping the people out of the halls of power, these guys are imprisoning themselves within. Which will make it all the more easy to contain them in the coming Constitutional and Financial and Heatlh Bureau fracas. Why, we could put up that yellow caution tape around the whole place, declare it a foul and despoiled disaster zone of polluted cesspit mush, then bulldoze it. Do you think one of those magnetometers could detect a bulldozer from a hundred yards? Hmm, what a movie scene! The hero revving the engines and poppin’ a wheely before heading in to do the people’s business, which is primarily keeping our own money.

Still more missing irony is that in another capitol, far far away, there are new rules by the swarm-full about to fall onto the heads of a free people. These new rules will be tighter, too. What irony, then that the headlines are switched. For the headline about protecting the servants of the people from the people should go over the story about the coming deluge of rules. For what could be in 2700 pages of legislation other than rules by zillion from forked tongue snake mouths? Even rules about the funding for killing babies in paganistic infanticide! And rules about the closing of hospitals. And might I note here that our Dear Landrieu, the only member of our delegation voting for the monstrosity of unconstitutional provisions, did not lift a finger to secure a penny for old EKL, or new EKL. Nothing. Zip. Amazing, isn’t it – in her fight for the people she did leave out the hospital to serve them in a “health vote.”

Of what good will be this insurance we will all be ruled to buy if there is no hospital nearby in which to apply its wondrous use of other people’s money? Do explain how one less hospital is conceivably more health care Ms. Landrieu? Mr. Obama? This I got to see.

Still, the state is broke. Frankly, with the profits and efficiencies that WalMart brings to the table I’d rather see Wally-Care long before ObamaCare. Indeed, while the government is closing their hospitals for lack of funds, (it’s a nationwide thing, not just EKL,) WalMart is busy setting up clinics in every store for miles around, for quite reasonable prices too, I hear. While the state is busy consolidating all their eggs in one basket, just in case a natural disaster destroys it all in one fell swoop, WalMart is bring healthcare to where people actually are. It’s dastardly, I tell you. And I’m almost certain that the four donkey riders for socialism, Reid, Pelosi, Obama and Biden, are not going to put up with that for long.

But why the closing of hospitals for the good of the people? Where is the money, the $28,000,000,0000! Billions in state budet money! I know – it was mostly given as raises in every past year to the bureaucrats who will do without this year, or at least until some crazy judge decides in favor of the bureaucrats in the lawsuit that is sure to come. My my, private enterprise doing better than government. Well, the socialists in our midst are miffed indeed, and like good socialists the world over, will endeavor to promptly put a stop to that. To put people first, they say, by preventing people from going first in doing what needs doing. Though they often put people first, for it is better to have gun and bayonette at the back of the peasants being marched to Valhalla and Nirvanna and a good life a write of preapproved thoughts, lest the peasants come up from the rear. Yes, people first, in front of the police that will be soon required as the nation spins out of control.

Now, too, with all this ballyhooing about the rules being rules, where is the screaming headline by our Fourth Estate (so French, the term signifies the press as decreed by Louis XIV, who made four estates to tell him all about their exciting adventures while he was reclined at Versailles, exhausted after having declared that not only was the state him, but all the talk about the matter was over, very much like our Obama now.) — where was I – oh yes, screaming headline about the chucking of the rules of the Constitution. That silly document which the press had reduced to two phrases – the First Amendment says the president can make no rules about the press, and the “general welfare” phrase means that the president can make any rule about anything else and everyone else. It is very convenient for the press to come to this conclusion. Not brilliant, but convenient for the moment. For throughout history, it has been shown that once the ruler makes all the rules, then well, the Fourth Estate becomes quite a mushy pin cushion pull toy to speak only of the wonders of the ruler, brought down from on high by Heaven and the God of their choosing. It’s always quite a spectacle to watch the press which supported the Ruler Uber Alles now come under the rules themselves. They scream and squawk, and sometimes are shot or imprisoned, but still the Fourth Estate is all for the Rulers so long as the rules don’t apply to them. Which is that convenient part.

And so we enter into the valley of healthcare something or other, still arguing unto the last moment. Tomorrow! A Sunday, mind you, when no self-proclaimed power mad congress will give up working for the people! Sunday! The vote to deem, declare and announce that some 2700-3000 unread pages giving the government vast new powers, authorities and taxes will become – um, not much. Appears that with all the changes it will go back to the Senate – perhaps only for deeming. But there is one last rule that needs to be followed, it is inescapable. They all are unhappy, but still, the dirty deed must be done. For it seems that a bill must be identical right down to the chant used at the moment of paganistic infanticide before it can be sent to the president, and before he can issue decrees so thick you would think a plague of locusts has descended on the people.

Meanwhile, out in Peopleton, Realityville, and Miffed Citizen City, there is a swarm of busy bees preparing the consitutional challenges, the nullifications, the will not complies and other forms of NO! It cannot be known which one will bring down the socialist coup, perhaps, no, surely, all will be required, but it will be done. This bill, this ObamaCarelessness will not come to pass. Oh, like Neville Chamberlain, Obama will hold up a piece of paper, (well, actually it will take two hands, maybe even four or six, to lift this mush pile,) and say “health care in our time.” Then his mind will go blank in fury as the assault begins to, to borrow a phrase from R. Reagan of Libertyville, “Tear down that wall!”

What these four stooges of the mock-opalyse do not see coming is the constant assualt by law, reality and civil disobedience by We the People until this mush is mopped up, and the detritus of the failed socialist welfare state is swept away. With this bill they will have given notice of their plans. Now there is nothing left to do but shoulder on until the Sysphean task of cleaning out the stables is done. This manure called Entitlements, this plague of bureaucrats, this mushpile of rules and regulation, by this bill, did bite the dust. Oooh, how I’ve waited and longed for, argued and pushed for, this moment. Not here yet. Still, it is nigh! Thanks Obama, you done made my day.


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