It is simple, really

Well, woke up later than usual, to a still chilly subtropics under a steady north wind. No wonder it’s getting warmer, some claim, in the arctic – all that cold air is visiting the Gulf Coast. I thought I would look at the paper and see something that would spark some comments. There is nothing of interest in the sense of the drama that is being played nationwide. To be health care, or not to be, that is the question. Whether it is to be voted on, or deemed, or if it is to be the House bill or the Senate’s, or yay, if it is to be reconciled or even written, or even if read, debated or scored by the competent authorities, whatever that may mean, is still not known.

Here’s a score card:

The president doesn’t like what’s in the Senate bill the very things he put in there with the connivance of a few senators in a back room without the C-Span like intensity he promised. He even said it would boring. Was he ever wrong! Again:

Anyway, he is opposed to insurance companies so much that he wants each American to run right down to the local InsureMart and pick up a policy or two from any insurance company whose logo inspires them. What about differences in policies? Not to worry:

He’s so sure that this is a great idea that he is going tell InsureMart’s many suppliers that they are all to offer the exact same thing for the exact same price to anyone who might be told to buy the product. He calls this ‘free enterprise’ because the companies can use different color crayons to draw new logos all they want to attract the new found customer base. They are all to earn the exact same profit, less than their current industry average of 2.2 cents on the dollar, even if they have to borrow money to pay out the claims that are mandate to pay:

But this is not the Law of the Land yet. On no, something must happen first. No one knows what anymore:

Pelosi is so sure of her member’s votes that she wishes neither to bring any measures to a vote or to let any members propose any amendments to what they don’t like to get their cooperation to vote as she wants them to vote:

The Democrats not being able to pull together the votes for whatever is the fault of obstructionist Republicans who sneak horse heads into the beds of innocent Democrats to encourage the disarray:

Vast numbers of Democrats would say yes if given the chance, it is said by the Democrats and their leaders in the mainstream media, but the leader in the House says “Not Yet, the suspense will make it all the more better.” She thoughtfully adds: “I even got more stuff to shove as suppositories into the collective American wazoo!” As she stumbled away she was heard, some said, to mumble, “How dare they not make me queen, I’ll show ’em, the bastards.” It is not known, nor speculated yet, if she is angling to disgrace Biden more than he can do himself and to finally reveal all the salacious goodies on Obama, thereby causing them to resign within minutes of each other as she stands over them in the Rose Garden going Haig on us: “I’m in control here!”:

Meanwhile, this or that petty dictator in this or that committee – one when resigning, another by refusing to pay his wife’s legal bills (Someone swore he heard this Conyers fellow declaiming: “I did not marry that woman to pay her stinkin’ way.” But it was not recorded, so is lost to prosterity.) and still a third because no one let her play the wicked witch in the grade school play — is conjuring up rules and processes ever so carefully to make sure that no one votes “yes” or “no” on something they don’t or like, so in such a manner that every Representative can vote For the things they like, and not No against anything, but no two Representatives need to vote Yes to the whole thing, so everyone is happy:

The House is crafting, and will release any day now, the changes to the Senate Bill that they want, but which the Senators don’t. So Reid and others may well craft a law that says that the House changes are fine by them so long as it doesn’t change the Senate bill.

Then with the various portions of the House Bill anyone likes get Yes notes, and no portions not liked receive any No votes, therefore all provisions written or not written are deemed to have passed the House, along with any changes some may want in the Senate bill. Oh yeah, section and subsection, clause numbers and other extranea numbering devices are to be voted on separately, with the proviso that they be applied later wherever some presidential appointee might think is best. Hmm, oh yeh, one more thing, the word “The” was defined in Section One of whatever is passed as: “The word ‘the’ shall mean any word whatsoever is required, sort of like in poker – it’s a wild card.”

Now, once the assorted bits and pieces that are liked get Yes votes and all the bits and pieces no one likes get no No votes then the whole package will be said to be something that all can agree on. Then it will be sent to the president by armed guards lest someone purloin the sacred texts and run for the Liberty Bell or something, where they’ll never pry the tea drinker out of. For they wouldn’t melt down the Liberty Bell under a peal of hot lead would they?

Now, once all assembled on the presidents desk he’ll sign whatever it is. He himself is opposed to certain provisions, but no matter, for the powers elsewhere contained within are so vast nothing so tiny as a provision of law will stop the president’s will. And there is the wild card “the” provision.

Why, if a mere Speaker of the House can override provisions of the Constitution then surely a president can override some provision of a mere law.

Now, there has been some discussion among the media, including our dear Advocate, independently supporting the process of Le Cuchon du Constitution por Le Roi, about some small opposition. Small minded people, it is said. Some nefarious group going around saying they are taxpaying citizens of a Free Republic, or whatever they call it. The media turned to their dictionaries and did not find Free Republic there in, and thus concluded it must be some made up fantasy land. For those not familiar with this festival, it’s translation is roughly “The butchering of the Constitution by the King.” Huey Long was very good at this. He was our Obama, down here in the mush. All talk, some little things done, and plenty of corruption while the whole stayed mainly in the same convoluted mishmash of unworkable laws and rules that have kept Louisiana the poorest state of the Union for decades. Glory be, the man is still popular because he stuck it to the rich – and there’s no more of them, now are there, for we are all equally poor, and so much the better for it, it’s said. Why, we are even the happiest state it was proclaimed just the other week.

But no, nothing much is happening today. Everyone involved up there in DC moved this way or that, said this, wrote that, did thus and such, and in all manner was diligently engaged in the business that best suited their needs. Almost all were so busy they were unable to meet with the now-known-as Vast Taxpayers Conspiracy Against Taxpayers.

It must be, for as so many of the leaders say about the 70% or more unhappy people — “Hey, peons, just wait to you see what we’ve done for you – your are going to love it. Or else.”

Well, so much for the serious policy discussion. In other news Obama is beside himself because someother government built homes for its people on land that Obama didn’t think belonged to them. He’s not content to meddle here, but elsewhere, too. Why, he’s a Nobel Peace Prize winning World Citizen! He has the award and the tights and cape, so he’ll spring into action.

In fact, so dedicated to the world he is, he is jetting of to Jakarta to attend a community organizing committee meeting against a zoning rule proposal to allow people to put up white picket fences in the Kookamannooka neighborhood where he used to roam as a child unhindered by fences.


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