Wusses for socialism

Well then, this is good to know: “Democrats upbeat on health” — it’s not even health care anymore, eh? Just “health.” Wow! Who knew? How could we know that Democrats were “upbeat on health”? Surely not while they beat up We the People on health care something or other. Reform? Possibly. “We’ll tell you when it’s finished,” says Pelosi, with great faith, so we can’t tell if it’s reform or merely destruction. Realignment of the wants and needs of 300,000,000 people at the hands of a select few, imperiously so, too? Why, so wondrous it is, this concern, nay, this “upbeath on health” that Democrats have that the president is still out there in Strongsville, Ohio today, or yesterday, or even tomorrow too, in front of handpicked far-more-carefully-vetted mini-crowds than even the president’s czars are subject to.

He does give Dennis Kucinich, wacko of Ohio, of Strongsville even, a trip on Air Force One (well, at least it didn’t buzz Manhattan, maybe it buzzed Cleveland or Dayton, who knows.) Oooh, ain’t you special, Dennis! The handpicked mini-crowd even “yelled out” “Vote Yes!” So enthuses one David Epso – a vaunted AP Special Correspondent, who corresponds to the president’s bizarre quest to do something, anything, FOR HEALTH! Such concern, while admirable, is off putting. For it’s none of this guy’s business what my health is. Butt out, Mr. President.

But at least Epso didn’t say that Republicans and the vast majority of polled citizens are Not upbeat on health. For I dare say, that very few people are downbeat on health. Yes, UP! That’s what everyone is. We are UP for health. But we are DOWN on Mr. O’s plans for whatever it is he thinks he’s doing.

Ah, but the Vote Yes mini-crowd – did they have their own teleprompter to give them the needed words? Or were instruction sheets laid on the chairs, like in Catholic churches, so you might follow the service, and know when to shout Amen and when to kneel to a higher power? No pictures are given, so I don’t know. Perhaps they had one of those LED red letter bar crawlers, since this crowd must be drunks to go with this “plan.” No, really. Drunk with power. Drunk with socialism. Drunk with the nectar of unicorns. Who knows. But drunk it is.

One wonders if Mr. Kucinich knows that for every handpicked drunk-on-Obama person in that small audience there were thousands, nay, tens of thousands, even millions, and tens of those too, of self-picked, you know, individuals who can think, who say, shout, yell and scream – NO! VOTE NO!

Mr. Epso perchance did not quite find any no vote urgers because he was within the security caldron (sic) of the President’s Never Ending Campaign Because I Won. It’s astounding that they won’t let him out of the cacoon, you know, to see how the real world thinks.

Even still, it is the president’s own party who is giving all the grief. But that’s not quite too clear in Strongsville. By the way, was this place picked to signal how strong the ville (which is French for townsfolk and town) is for his taxation with unlimited power and ruination plan for the health Epso says Democrats are upbeat about? Or for how Strong the President is to get this done?

Even more so is Epso’s opening sentence, it’s extraordinary:

House Democrats triggered the countdown Monday for the climatic vote on President Obama’s fiercely contested remake of the health-care system, even though the legislation remained incomplete and lacked the votes needed to pass.

One must be quite, something or other, I’m not sure, really, and I know a lot of words, odd words, like lugubrious and persnicketty, obfuscatory and desuetude, insouciant and bumfuddled, misanthropic and eschaton of the four horsemen immanetized, apocaplyse bound, but really, how can one trigger a climatic vote on something not written? It’s just amazing. And our Independent voice paid for this? They need a new news buyer for sure. They are not getting their money’s worth.

Now, a real bolshevik would have just said the president wants the law, vote or I’ll throw you out of Air Force One like a piece of rotted cheese. What wusses for the Socialist International we have elected. Why, no self-respecting socialist, communist or people’s dictator the world over would put up with such fiercely contested anything! They laugh at these amateur socialists of our media and government. Laugh! I can see Hugo Chavez (not really, he’s in the dark after his remake of the electric system down there in his capital, Crack-Head-&-Ass, did put the lights out,) laughing and agreeing with Sean Penn that it is time to put this miscreant in jail. For this dictator can’t dictate worth a dime. Probably because he refuses to raise our taxes one dime. Which no self-respecting socialist or communist would long tolerate, either. Taxmen of the World Unite!

Now, still, I’m led to wonder, as citizens of Free Republics are wont to do, with the president out campaigning daily, how can he be diligently working on finishing the writing of this fiercely contested remake? Where does the man find the time?

And of the House Democrats, I wonder, so rushed are they to vote they forgot to write the darn thing. Really, they’ve got to slow down and put the horse before the cart that is going to carry either us to serfdom or them to the scaffold of the voters booth. It’s a House Divided thing, cue Lincolnesque comment – it shall not stand. In fact, it’s untenable, which is latinesque for: It Shall Not Be Had!

This is, without a doubt, the most Marie-Antoinette moment in our history. Here we have a You-will-eat-Cake! president, with a few stooges on the congressional stage, but not for much longer, who is trying to “remake” health-care like he’s redoing the Brady Bunch Movie — “citizens, citizens, citizens, they always get want they want!” whines the president and his spokesperson David Espo.

We have been storming the figurative Bastille, and surged outside the gates of our wanna-be Louis XVI in his pretend Versailles, and have shaken pitchforks and rattled sabers, warmed up tar and fluffed the feathers, readied the rails and the TEA, and all very politely mind you, and still, we get: You-will-eat-Cake!

Well, no kingette, we will not. We say it’s mush and to hell with it.

Now I’m going to the garden, still facing northwinds in mid-March, as the Arctic will not stop disgorging its cold air into the tropics because of global warming they say, and for which this president has a fiercely contested plan to remake the energy sector. In fact, this president seems to have a fiercely contested plan to remake just about everything. Well, we shall see who shall fiercely contest the more.

But I shall go watch the plants come up a whole lot faster than this ridiculously inept socialist can try to ruin this, our country. He should return to Lenin University or Hugo Chavez High School (“GO Commies!”) and learn how its done. I’m tired of Wusses for Socialism. I long, I’m told, for some Chinese style single party state, with no contesting allowed, like the New York Times calls for. These guys are a blight on royalism and socialism. 5000 years of running roughshod over the people, thousands of examples of dictators of all names, styles and types, and this idiot can’t even get it right. Really, I mean, it’s Socialism 101 for Pete’s sake. Textbook Communist Manifesto, and we’re halfway there already, and this moron can do it? Pitiful. So sad to see a true believer in Karl Marx appear more like Groucho Marx every passing day. So sad.


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