Et tu, Barack, et tu?


Et tu Barack, et tu?

Really, this is surprising. Health care is still not forced upon us. What is taking these socialists? Don’t they know we have to make plans to avoid it all and engage in civil disobedience and vote them all out of office too? We’re making plans here, and these guys are still discussing health or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Just do it already, and shut up. Yet now they tell us – it’s still not done! The president has come out against the Senate version(s)* of the health care taxation, regulation and ruination bill still not finalized. Amazing. Who knew? *(I still don’t really know how many there might be, it’s still a secret or something, or it might still be being written, or deemed or dreamed of, nay, hoped for!)

He’s against, he says now, all the special deals he was for. Such is the headline this morning — “Obama wants to strip health bill of state-targeted projects.” Projects? These aren’t no stickin’ projects! Would the writer mean bribes for votes? Special deals for favorite senators? Unconstitutionally treating some citizens different than other citizens? Or is it just screwing some citizens in some states by taking their money and giving it to other citizens in other states? Who can tell? Such is the mush.

Still, since the whole shebang is special deals, presumably he might be against it all. Who knows? Perhaps he’ll tell us on his campaign trail [because the election is over and he won] to get a few hundred people riled up in favor of what he now says he’s not in favor of. And to ask for support for what you are not for is audaciously hopeful indeed. Yes, he can really rake in the people, 200 or 300 specially invited (see, there’s that special deal thing again,) guests almost anywhere in the country. Which is better than the coffee-obama-bean-party can do, with most reports putting attendence in the low 10s at their sprinkling of events.

Meanwhile, everywhere the TEA Party rallies there are hundreds to thousands waiting to say NO! They do invite the winner of the election to voice the NO of the electorate, but Obama has no time for such things, he’s busy trying to destroy the economy or something.

Meanwhile, too, everywhere Sarah Palin appears she draws tens of thousands of uninvited guests. And when an out of work mom pulls better numbers than the leader of the less-everyday-free world, well, that says something, doesn’t it?

Still, as Alan Fran, writing for the AP and our Independent voice who-has-no-paid-staff Advocate says:

Obama has railed against the ‘ugly process’ of cutting special deals, but the president and his top [only the very best socialists need apply] advisers were prime players [and the only players, none others being invited] in negotiations on the agreements to win votes and push the legislation forward.”

Which leads me to think “What didn’t the president know, and when didn’t he know it?” I know, it’s not quite the way it usually reads, but what can one say of a man who met secretively, behind closed doors, in meetings to twist arms for votes by doing what he’s against? Wasn’t he, like, um, there? Didn’t he object at the moment the deal saw the dark of meeting room? Didn’t he rise up and, like all good Americans of late, say: NO! No he did not. But in a very John Kerry-esque sort of way he was for the special deals before he was against them. Quite extraordinary, and surely a sign that Harvard degrees are not all they are cracked up to be.

Still, Fram points out “It highlights a spat between White House and Senate, dominated by his own party.” Well, it also highlights a spat between the left-side and the right-side of the president’s brain. It seems to be that he, genius he is, can be both for and against the same thing. It is a marvel to behold, such sagacity. (I keep adding emphasis so as to convince me this is real, and not some fantasy script for a new cartoon of some kind.)

Well, it’s a good thing that Fram is there to tell us what the problem really is – and for once it is neither Bush nor the Republicans, which then is either an oversight or an awakening, and might well cost Fram his credentials with the butt-smooching press:

We’ll certainly keep it in mind as we pull together a final bill,” said on James Manley, spokesperson for Harry Reid. Not final? Not yet? What’s taking so long? Bumpkins. Lenin communized Russia faster. Still, well, certainly do sir, and keep in mind, too, that nearly everyone in the country now feels that this bill is mush of unimaginable proportions and should be shredded and all the detritus of the copies dropped in somewhat shallow waters off of Florida to help build coral reefs for fish habitat, even if the president wants to shut down the fishing industry too.

Yes, shut it down, or outlaw it or something, for the good of the fish I guess. Or, perhaps, you know, to save jobs or something, by sending them to less enlightened countries where fishing is a very Jesus sort of thing to do, to feed the masses as it were, and also, by creating all that business down there wherever will help solve the illegal immigration problem which he wants to tackle right now! too. My, what fell swoops this president can triangulate, compartamentalize and strangulate while assisting other nations and our own at the same time, and still have the time to condemn Isreal for building 1600 government funded apartments in their own capital city for the past 5700 years, and still find the time to smooch the behind of Iranians and Taliban. Yikes, he’s marvellous. Who could have known? He did not tell us. Or did he? He speaks so much it’s hard to keep track of it all. Maybe I missed it. Or maybe I heard for, and not against, and he was for both, and so I was confused.

Oh, yay, though, what has brought Manley to such certain mind keeping?

That tepid salute underscors the prickliness with which many senators have greeted what they consider Obama’s meddling in their business … “ Oh horrors – Meddling! Dastardly, Mr. O, dastardly. Now you know how we feel, for they are meddling in our business too. And they won’t let us meddle in their business either, for their business is our business too. But to meddle in the Senate’s business by having sleep over parties at the White House to craft this bill in secret and be so exhausted from the romper room rumble that no one has read the bill, and they forgot to put it online, or even publish a word of it? For shame, sir, for shame. Why, it’s like a Christmas gift, per Nancy “Have a cocktail” Pelosi. She did say, you know, ‘perhaps it’s better left unknown until the magic morning when we can finally tear the wrapping paper off the gift and find out what’s in it.’ (Close enough quote, she’ll deny it by noon tomorrow, so it doesn’t count.)

Prickliness? How about “pricks” — so much easier. Go ahead Fram, you’re obviously cracking, say it. It’ll be good for your health, thus cut costs to the government. They’re all pricks. Don’t you feel better already?

Over in Slaughterland I do not know if Louise of New York, like Catherine of Russia, will deem the legislation passed before it is written later, while the president and his senators are pricking each other, perhaps in the shower. Too bad for Louise, she has no Siberia to send the recalcitrant to. We do have Alaska, but sending people there could not be good, for all that pops out of that state are Palins of every sort, who are only good at humorously pricking the Democrats and socialists and royalists of our times. “Hi, mom” comes to mind. Oh, just google Slaughter Rule for the sordid details of trashing the Constitution for legislation no one wants except the handful that will write it up any day now. You can buy this now, but impeachment trials must be bought separately.

Fram informs us that “heightened public opposition” does stir Obama to be against what he is for. Or is it for what he is against? Who knows. But really, “heightened”? How much higher or more intense can the public opposition be? How much higher or deeper, wider and louder can public opposition get? Well, Reid and Pelosi, with a cast of thousands of socialists, do intend to find out. What an experiment! Government dollars well spent on this biggest, grandest poll and test of the American public – Just How Prickly Can The Public Become? What a disertation to write for any budding social studies college major looking for at least a B+. Fram does not delve into how heightened will the public opposition get. The socialists aim to find out, apparently, in a great unifying project by tacking on any piece of legislative ideas hanging about in the Omnibus Socialism for America Bill.

One thing for sure, I bet the American people can be a tad more prickly then either Reid or Pelosi, Obama or Fram can possibly imagine. We’ll soon find out, that’s for sure. Got your seatbelts on? It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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