Saturday Speculation

Saturday speculation

I woke up thinking, which is a sometimes dangerous thing to do. The paper is mush of course, for the completely unimportant news that some “Family found dead in home” (except of course, and poignantly, sadly, for the people who knew that family one way or the other,) eclipses the news that the job picture is bleaker still. The family headline is two inches high emblazoned across the front page. The jobs loss is a sidebar after thought. The one is a few people adversely affected, and for the rest of us it is a sad moment. In two ways, for we do feel the emotion of sadness to one degree or another, but we also seem to have this prurient interest in all the sordid details of the why and the blood-splatter problems like we are all on NCIS or Law & Order. This interest, rubbernecking if you will, is completely irrelevant to our larger lives. While “news”in the sense it happened, it’s been happening for millenia. No period in time was without the murder-suicide this apparently was. But now the Advocate will no doubt spend endless hours and dollars looking at every single thing of this tragedy, to supposedly, as is said often, so we can figure out what happened, so that it never happens again. Until it happens again to be emblazoned across the front pages. Kill enough and you go national. Kill a kid and it is to Nancy Grace. It’s almost a well scripted thing. But, for society, for America, for We the people, it is nothing more than a horrible thing, not to be wished on anyone.

Unless you are Sean Penn, who recommends rectal cancer for those who disagree with him. Which is mostly over why there is such a loss of employment in this state. Why did 42,200 people lose their jobs? And how many of those represent business failing, which brings up all sorts of new problems to come? Why did 6,600 people lose their jobs in one year in this city? Shouldn’t that be the emblazoned query of the day? Shouldn’t that be the major focus of the hours and dollars spent in investigative journalism by our Advocate?

Could this be because of the president’s policies? Even worse, could it be because of this present political process? A process so convoluted that “legislation” shaping the entire life-fortunes of 300,000,000 and more Americans is going to be simply “deemed” to be “Law,” like imperial diktat from on high. I mentioned before that there is far too much gilt, gold and marble, under imperial domes along high columned corridors, and it is perhaps better to put these people in a windowless warehouse in gray corded cubicles and a big conference room in Wichita Kansas, so that they think before they act. In this current spirit of “We need something, anything, in whichever way we can so declare, a law to do something and giving us vast unlimited power to spend and order about the entire nation,” it is well to speculate what will happen in the ensuing ruckus.

One thing else I read this morning was this:

It is the responses to speculation, entitled “Will ObamaCare cause us to wake up?” Well, yes it will. Now the question would be: “How so?” What will be done?” “What will we do?” Since the Congress clearly cannot come to either a definition or a conclusion to this process called health care reform it is now said that some number of unknown pages, encompassing student aid, health care, abortion, taxation, 159 or so new agencies, and any other matter lying about that can be “amended” so that some previously passed rule or law might be applied retroactively and around the corner in the dark so that the legislation about which the nation has been arguing, as the president himself says “for 100 years,” is to be willed from Hell and the heavens and deposited in a community far from you, and well away from your street so you have no earthly idea what the purpose, process, prognosis or possibilities of this new super-law will be. You will be just like any member of congress. You will be in the dark and told to shut up and do what you are told to do by just a handful of people, like a medieval king’s privy council. It’s rather breathtakingly unconstitutional and unAmerican, but hey, they have a crisis of their own making that they must take advantage of.

Complicit, by the pushing of the high unemployment figures to Page B6, and putting some poor unfortunates on the front page, along with the Louisiana Special Olympics, our Advocate has abdicated its position of self-proclaimed responsibility. They wonder why they too are crumbling as they look over the neighbor’s fence for gossip and emotional stirrings, while ignoring the killing of a country and a culture. Even if just 1/3 of the 6,600 newly unemployed read the paper, not an overstatement at all, that’s 2,200 people. They don’t need the paper anymore to get news, or job openings, or government succor information, so there go another 2,200 subscribers. One would think that a business about to lose so many customers, in a continuing trend, would examine what it is doing and stop whatever ails her. But no, they remain mush, as every other failing paper in the land is doing. Mostly because these papers support and push the Obama-way of ever more government and tax everything that moves and doesn’t.

Meanwhile, what will happen? Well, those comments are rife with doom. They are full of this doom that it will never be repealed. The internet is alive with such commentary. The blogs are jammed packed with the coming something or other. The left thinks it has won, something, power perhaps for some reason. They are never more clear except to say to rescue the people from the nefarious concept of making money and keeping it for ourselves. The left never saw a dollar, or a euro, or a franc, shekel or drachma that it didn’t think it should take from you and give it back as dimes to be spent this way or that so that the public purpose is served, even if it is contrary to the wishes of the individual members of the public. This is nothing new. It’s not Obama. It’s just the way of emperor since the beginning of time. The Left, you see, is State Power. More left, more state, more right, less state.How simple. Now we but have to look at the examples of the various points on the left-right continuum and see how that worked out. We did.

Then we all escaped that. Sailed oceans blue, and there was no mountain high enough, nor valley deep enough, or even some body of slim water that couldn’t be crossed on an inner tube to escape that. To America, and did this individual thing, which created the richest, most powerful, yet benign and helpful, welcoming yet inward looking nation of “leave me alone, I’m trying to go shopping here” people the world has ever known. And well, the left is not having any more of that. But they’ve been clamoring since about McKinley set up the Interstate Commerce Commission. Why “interstate commerce” is their favorite words on parchment! From then on it just snowballed to encompassing the decision as to what width the toilet paper shall be in public accommodations, and even whether you gaze at your navel or bite your fingernails, which will affect next years health care budget. Pass the salt? Not if some whack job up in NY state has is way. Which isn’t much different, when you think about it, then when, I kid you not, Henry VIII of six wives fame did decree the size of codpieces allowed to be worn by this or that rank from serf to earl. Two guesses who got to be the um, big guy on campus? It is good to be the king. Most times. Others, not so much. What do you think that food taster was doing?

Most now seem to think it will never stop, this snowball. They will quote all the things that happened or did not happen in the past. All of which will be true, for it is history. The past always happened. Not only is there no way around that, but there’s no way to change it. But the future is changeable. The issue is “will this be repealed?” So many think no, because nothing was ever repealed before. But, so what if it didn’t happen before? That is absolutely no reason it cannot happen “going forward,” as is said. Time always goes forward. There’s no way around that either. It is entirely possible to imagine some rather plain, simple, politically viable and reasonable scenarios for which this “legislation” will be repealed. In fact, it is even possible to imagine perfectly plausible scenarios where the entire federal structure as we know it will be repealed, altered, reconfigured and put on a sound and reasonable, limited basis. How that will come about may be a parlor game, but come about it will.

Still, the one reason I’m confident that this will all work out in the next decade or two is two pronged:

  1. the current trend and process is unsustainable, and escalating
  2. We the People have a fall back position of the Declaration and the Constitution

Now, George III did try the Henry VIII bit in his own absolutist way, much as the “deemers” of legislation think they will do something. But let us look as some repeals in our nation’s history.

Prohibition was repealed.

Slavery was repealed

Dred Scott was repealed.

Many FDR programs were repealed.

There are many more of course.

But the biggest repeal was that of We the People against the King himself. Well, then, so let us say that repeal is not only possible, but it is, uniquely among all nations, in our nation’s blood. It is our Right. It is our Duty. It is simply the American way to repeal unjust laws and notions, to rid us of unworkable ideas and unsustainable measures. No, far more than the current healthcare will be repealed. For it will crash. And the default position is the Constitution, which is pretty simple and clear in so many ways. Now it’s a mere matter of time, for this new and exciting way of passing legislation has simply been the handwriting on the wall. It is transparent in it’s murkiness. It is absurd now, by every yardstick. It shall not stand, for the house is divided, between the Left-State-King concept and We the People. Don’t bet on the crown.


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