Vote for blank pages?

I saw this today at

[Anthony] “Weiner [NY Democrat] said, though, that those concerns could be ameliorated if a deal is worked out to House Democrats’ satisfaction.

“That’s a procedural problem that fades to some degree if the substance that is worked out between the House and the Senate and the White House is satisfactory,” he said.

He also said that the votes aren’t there to pass healthcare in the House right now, but that the tally was a function of the final legislation not having been presented more than anything else.

“I think right now, if the vote were held, it probably would not pass. We’re kind of a little bit burdened by the idea that there is not an actual document,” he said. “So it’s kind of hard to rally the votes without a specific bill.”

Emphasis added in utter shock.

For I do recall just yesterday this: “The time for talk is over” — Our Dear Leader.

Still there is no bill, and still they talk of voting on something. There’s no bill, but the talk about it is over. What on earth? They are talking about voting for blank paper? The president is talking about signing blank paper? This is absurd. This has got to be Unconstitutional. This has got to be agaist law, rules, regulations, common sense, tradition and every part and fiber of real people. How can anyone vote for words that don’t exist – based on Our Dear Leaders “Trust me”? He’s got to be kidding.

I would hope that if a vote is held, whether pass or fail, for a bill that is not written then criminal charges by states, citizens groups, political groups, and everyone down to the dog walker, should be filed against each and everyone who did vote Yes. This is preposterous. This is un-American. This is crimimal malfeaseance by miscreants no longer deserving of public office. Vote for blank paper? What are we, the Hapsburg empire circa 1550? This emperor has no clothes, and a straight jacket is required so that he might sign nothing, ever again.


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