Thoughtful Revolt

Every so often one stumbles on new websites that make you think. Or should make you think (any think you must, in these times.) Well, here’s today’s:

He, like me, has far more questions than answers. Not because we are not smart, but that we know we as individuals have no answers for society and it’s corollary, no society can have answers for individuals. Only individuals have answers, and at best, small groups of them, for themselves. Don’t confuse, either, Society, with government. I have no answers for society, but I do have an answer to government: NO! No more. I’m just done with 90% of it. Sure, there’s some need, but so little, that it makes no sense anymore what they are doing. Look at the children playing in Congress. They must be sent home with a spanking.

Nor do we have more questions than answers because the answers are unknowable. Rather it is because many of the answers must spring from the individual and not from the collective. The answers to many of life’s persistent questions are different for different people. But collectively it never works. It cannot. Why? Because the collective is merely some other individual, or small group, over there, with no earthly clue as to what is good or best or desirable for us, but look only to their own interests. Only we can know what is good for us. Those over there impose their answers, and thus they create, and then aid and abet, frictions and dislocations as we all stumble and flail about seeking favors from them with our own money.

That’s the whole point of the country, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and now the TEA Party and all the “roughians for liberty” in our midst. It’s is freedom for the individuals and small groups to answer their own questions. But the time is over for governmentalists to continue. Oh, they’ll go a few more years here, but they are toast. There are already those of us who will no longer allow friends to blithely say stuff that makes no sense, even if we come to offend those people. But those people are self-offended, we who push for liberty do not offend them. Facts, reason, logic, math & reality cannot offend. The offense is in pushing these Five Things onto the minds of the Socialists in our midst. And they are legion.

Then too I find this site, which seeks to put it all into more serious discussion from a historical point of reference:

Now, this site is serious reading, which is perfect for this Sunday, still not as warm as “they” predicted. It’s sites like this that are taking it all apart – the entire mentality of big government. It must be stopped, or we’ll wind up bankrupt and decrepit, like most of the world. While that would solve the immigration problem, it’s not the best course of action. And frankly, it is un-American to be for the policies that lead, and kept, the world in such penury and dislocation so as to cause such massive immigration to this country. We all came here for a reason – and one of them was not to put that worldwide system of big government on these shores.

This current president, and the Congressional Budget Office, and every other person with a brain looking at the facts, comes up with depressing projections of endlessly growing debt and deficit. They argue the percentages, but there is no escaping the reality – there is not enough money in our national piggy bank to pay for what some claim we need. More and more are standing up and saying NO! But others, like our president and congress keep blithely pushing along towards the abyss, as if it is a joy ride. They are in for a rude awakening. They perhaps think, some claim, that they will use the crisis to their own purposes – such is not the case. Not going to happen.

The way I explain it to my friends who are non-political is this: Forget the Zeros! Makes no difference, and aims to confuse the thoughts. This is the reality. The government spends $36 for every $20 it takes in. Now you can go on doing that for a brief while. That’s the nature of vacations. But ultimately, you have to stop it. It cannot go much further before collapse. That is reality. What is now projected is not just $36 for every $20, but to ratchet it up to $40 for every $20. This is nuts. There’s no other way to put it.

Now Greece, much in the news, is going to fail for this very reason. They are spending $50 for every $20 brought in. This will come to an inglorious conclusion within the next few short months. So what do these theorists, and Greece, have to do with anything here in America? This, from our Advocate this morning, a Sunday in March:

Overtime negates furloughs in cash-poor California”

Yes, indeed. Seems public servants are bringing in $100,000 to $200,000 in regular pay – thereby helping to bankrupt the state. So Schwartzenegger gives some time off to get a hold on costs – and the next thing you know – these same furloughed workers are raking in $100,000 to $200,000 in overtime. Thereby simply destroying the point of the money saving gesture (and gesture it is, not a plan that will work) and lo, thereby helping to further the bankruptcy of the state. Then, recall, the violent protests of students also demanding money out there in California. So now, according to some, the city, county, state and federal tax burden on the producing people of the state approaches 60 to 70 percent.

Well, no society long survived such a tax burden. In fact, throughout history, once the tax burden goes over 50% of a person’s income then the revolts start. Or the cheating, and the hiding of income, which is revolt by other means. Then comes either a roll back of taxes, or the repression. Our Congress today seeks to push the tax burden still higher, as does nearly every political subdivision in the land. They are astoundingly oblivious to the coming crash. That it will come is sure. The math is inescapable. The progress of ever more debt inexorable. And the people who push us down this path incorrigible. California or Illinois, or possibly New York, now compete to see which is the first state to go belly up. But that they will.

Meanwhile, while the place goes up in smoke, our own legislature and governor here in Louisiana, mostly Republican, go for almost the same plan of action. And our students go to the street to demand more of what is not there’s. It’s just then a matter of when Louisiana hits the wall of big government. But we too shall see the bricks.

And that’s the reality of the day here, while birds sing and plants struggle to come out of frozen torpor. I await this weeks round of resignations and list of who will not run again with great glee. But other than that, seems the quiet news day. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh yah, the president did his part to try to ruin such a sweet day by once again talking about his confounded infernal health care taxation and ruination plan. Seems he thinks we don’t understand the joy of having bureaucrats in every last crevice of our existence. Such a swell guy – just like every socialist I ever met – clueless, unmathematical control freaks who think they have a moral right to tell everyone else what is best for them. Such audacity. I hope he changes.


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