In like lion, out like lamb

You know, I wake up to yet another cold day with 20 mph winds from the northlands to chill our bones in the subtropics and I could not but help think of the old adage about March: In like a lion, out like a lamb.

Let us hope that global warming gets here sooner rather than later for I really can’t take the cold anymore. Though I will not kill me and mine, like some dumb schnook down in Argentina who did just that, leaving his note about saving the planet from warming. Or about something – once the wackos write their manifestos I sort of lose the logic. I still haven’t figure out the Communist Manifesto, and it took Marx some 12 years to write that. It’s no wonder more hastily written screeds are more confusing. Some call for Al Gore to be sued over this unfortunate tango down there, as his wife tried to sue rock stars for suicides predicated by wacky manifestos in rock lyrics. I don’t think the case is good. I think the case for real fraud is much better. Keep focused folks.

Meanwhile, the good Prof. Jacobson at showcases one Annabelle Park’s new “Coffee Party” to promote ever more government in direction contravention to the Tea Party. I don’t want to do coffee; frankly, it keeps me up late at night. Though that could be good for when the jackboots of the nanny state or prison state, or just the state itself, comes knocking at the door late at night to see if I’m hewing close to the socialist line, as they are wont to do.

And just when I think I’ve got a handle on it – and I turn to my Advocate to see what the mayor is up to I realize that ol’ Kip Holden has not made the paper in a week or 10 days. He was last heard from trying to push through his $1,000,000,000 tax plan to build himself a park in the river – you know – that river which is going to rise so incredibly high once all the snow from Pittsburg to Denver starts to melt – if it ever does – and flows down past my fair city and hopefully not up and over the levees. Though I did think my city’s newspaper is supposed to report on the city – but no, they don’t seem to be doing so.

And the mayor-elect-lieutenant-governor Mitch Landrieu? Not seen nor heard since gaining his second job while keeping his first. Too busy perhaps. The governor also is missing in action, or out at a fund raiser maybe, or his helicopter that takes him about the state to churches perhaps is broken and he cannot return to the capitol.

I’m reminded that the London Times, and many a British paper, does put the schedule of the Royals in their pages daily, or at least weekly, so that the royals might be properly paraded and seen to be doing their good deeds – so why doesn’t the Advocate tell me where the governor, lieutenant governor, mayor and others are? We can’t even find them to redress our grievances. Though we have so many, perhaps ’tis best they don’t tell us where they are, lest the Tea Party protests follow them whither they will slither. Mary Landriu is also missing – almost to the point of a milk cartoon request to be found – so we might tell her yet again: NO!

Or did someone eat these politicians? Or are they being Bidenesque and “doing nothing” at all? Oh we should be so lucky. Though that doesn’t really solve any problems, and we are still then paying them to sit on their duffs. I’m agnostic. Yet, sometimes, like bribing a 10 year old with a candy bar to get out of the way of fixing the garage door, is it beneficial to pay for nothing. Like, wouldn’t the country be better off if Charlie Rangel (Corruptocrat of NYC) was down in the Dominican Republic at the house he forgot to mention on his disclosure forms than at his seat in the House Ways and Means Committee? Yes I think it would be, for after all, there are few ways left to gather the means to pay for the ever burgeoning federal deficit. And too, he might well should see his house there so he would remember it.

So I turn to the internet – and oh, well, the world is ablaze with wackiness today. It’s too much to keep up with. I think I need something stronger than either tea or coffee. Well, Obama drinks immoderately perhaps, and Reid is from Nevada, which is not a paradigm of sobriety, and Pelosi owns a winery – so we should join them in drinking up a storm – and create jobs immediately! At least for spirits companies and bartenders.

Once on the net I found this depressingly accurate take on Senator Bunning of Kentucky’s request that the law be followed and 10 Billion in savings be found to replace 10 Billion in spending – but the people did howl! “No! 20 Billion or nothing” No they did not say or nothing. They truly said “20 Billion or 100 Billion!” And why not? It is fun to spend other peope’s money with wild abandon. You should try it. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette did – and it was a blast right until the last few moments.

Then I read this interesting piece:’s-banana-bread

In it the author writes: “Banish all foods other than regulation-size packages of chemical-laced pellets and institute a refrigerator police.”

So I answered in my post: “Sarcasm or satire, I’d imagine. You didn’t even go to soylent green, but still, let’s channel our inner Jonathan Swifts:

Obviously the solution is simply to ban food. Thus no more chemical fertilizers. No more corporate farming. No more Walmarts selling cheap food. No more hunger after a while. No more people, even. Hence, less global warming and mother earth degradation. No more cows belching and passing gas. And of course, the biggest benefit — a large reduction in health care cots. No more obesity, either.
Also, more jobs for burying the dead and coffin makers immediately.
About the only thing left for the survivors of the last moments to worry about is whether there should be a public option for funerals or not.

So simple, so easy. The last one standing doesn’t even have to turn out the lights, for the last bulb will burn out and we, humanity itself, will no longer imperil God’s creation. The meek will indeed inherit the earth. For what is meeker than algae and pond scum?”

Then, exhausted from cold, my labors and now an anti-coffee stance, I do go to nap.

Enjoy the merry go round folks. Live like Lion Kings, and do not get slaughtered like woolly lambs. Actually, I wonder if the lions are sheering sheep to make parkas from so that they too might stay warm? I’ll have to turn to the science channel, they always have mush stories like that.

Meanwhile, Obama came in like a lion, then decided to fleece us, like we were lambs, and now he’s headed out with a whimper. It’s sad to see a grown man cry, but we keep warning him, yet he will not listen. He does declare that tomorrow he will announce yet again the exact same plan as new and improved – aka Health care taxation and regulation Uber Alles


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