Full Moon

OK, then, California is broke, careening towards collapse, and yet the legislature out there wants to ban “cuss” words. Lord forbid we use the word “curse.” That would be bad for the children perhaps, though the imminent collapse and the effect on the children seems not to bother them. Odd. http://www.floppingaces.net

has the report. It’s too weird to contemplate. The &^%$#! morons. And considering the stuff that comes out of Hollywood it is going to be quite a trip to watch this latest government plan to ban words come to fruition.

Meanwhile, I read that in Massachusetts there is a bleating to ban the word “retard.” How weird. What a bunch of retards. See http://dougpowers.com

for the comedy/serious take on it.

But what it is about banning words? What on earth are these people thinking? What part of Freedom of Expression do they not grasp? Perhaps they are all reading the Soviet law on this and think this is good. Who knows? Both efforts are doomed to failure. But still, that they would try is scary. And that such efforts by Michigan just a year or two ago to incarcerate a man for cussing/cursing based on a law written in the 1800s was shot down. Still, they’ll keep trying, for that’s what socialists do – ban free speech.

Meanwhile, I took a book out of the library to read while my 87 year old buddy teaches piano at a nearby private school to which I drive him: “State Houses” by Susan W. Thrane and Tom Patterson. It’s one of those beautiful coffee table fluffy picture books. And in looking at the gorgeous large scale pictures of our 50 state capitals I can see how our elected officials do get their royal bearings. Here’s how: I was in Europe and saw this very sort of thing. Just two trips – but 90 days each – plenty of time to visit castles and palaces galore. Had a blast. Among the palatial places were Moritzburg, Pillnitz and the Rezidenz Schloss in Dresden, the Duke’s palace in Dijon, and a few palaces in the Czech Republic, (the short list) and the similarities are quite astounding. Gilt and gold, pilasters and marble, pillars and grand staircases – all that’s missing is the powdered wigs. Perhaps it’s time to move our elected officials into warehouse like plain boxes, with metal folding chairs to sit on, and church basement tables to write on. This might bring these people back to earth. No chance of it happening, but can’t a boy dream?

Speaking of boy-dreams — Another crack in the Great Wall of Obama has appeared – www.hillbuzz.org reports that Matt Damon, heart throb, is now having second thoughts about Obama. Well, better late then never. He’s disappointed for the wrong reasons, though. But still, when your opponents and your supporters dislike you I do think it’s a clue that you are not doing good. Says Obama – “I won, full steam ahead.” Such delusion is quite commendable, even to the point of strong commitment – like to a mental institution. Says his Pelosi (no one else wants her): “we should lose the congress so that we can get what the people [don’t] want.” She’s pretty oblivious too. You should hear her now wax ecstatic about the TEA party: “We’re on the same side.” Really? A few short months ago we were Nazis and anti-American, now we are her buddies? Such delusion is only possible from the amount of booze she must consume on cross country trips, or perhaps the botox is going to her brain. Or – or she’s become a Nazi! How odd.

Now, this just in: http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-02-28/i-told-you-so-america/full

Where in which some lady named De Rothchild says I told you so, and lays out the reasons. Really good read. Yet another Democrat for Liberty, and thus for the slowly reconstituting Republican Party, from which the weasels like Lindsay Graham, Charlie Crist and John McCain, et al, will be expelled. For the TEA party is not for Republicans or Democrats – it is for Liberty, Truth, Justice and the American Way. All four of which ideas are anethema to the elites. We the People are the heros who are able to leap tall big-goverment stooges in a single bound (the biggest stooge is said to be 6’1” in physical height and some two or three miles in ego height.) We hopefully will not have to wear our underwear on the outside of our tights. Unless, unless, the TSA does decide for that for our safety on airplanes all non-muslims will have to do so. Muslims will not, of course, for that would be, um, racial profiling.

Then this, from Yahoo this evening: STOCKHOLM (AFP) –China has started exploring how to reap economic and strategic benefits from the ice melting at the Arctic withglobal warming, a Stockholm research institute said Monday.

Chinese officials have so far had been cautious in expressing interest in the region for fear of causing alarm among the five countries bordering the Arctic, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said.

“The prospect of the Arctic being navigable during summer months, leading to both shorter shipping routes and access to untapped energy resources, has impelled the Chinese government to allocate more resources to Arctic research,” SIPRI researcher Linda Jakobson said.

Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the United States are already at odds over how to divvy up the Arctic riches, claiming overlapping parts of the region — estimated to hold 90 billion untapped barrels of oil — and wrangling over who should control the still frozen shipping routes.

So much for getting China, and the other five mentioned, and probably everyone else except Al Gore onto the Global-something-or-other tax economies into oblivion trip. Oh well, money making will win, as it always does. Too bad Al. Oh, no, that’s right, you’re making money too. My bad. Illegally by you, but fear not Al, we’ll put a stop to that, at least for you. To protect you from the evils of capitalism, which you do disdain. And if you just put that Nobel into any available mailbox to be found under the snow drifts I’m sure the Postal Service will be able to return it to its rightful owners – the rational people of earth.

In other, more personal news, apparently a very liberal friend of mine is now just so miffed at me for pointing out the fallacy of global warming I’m to be excluded from his ministrations. No reasons, no logic, no facts – just raw disdain and dismissal. Now avoidance. He thinks, perhaps I give a damn. But no, I’m on a tear to tear their tears from the ducts of their very eyes. Politely so, of course. I will hand them a tissue as they bewail the collapse of their tax, regulate and spend addiction. I wonder if there’s a patch for that? Oh well, still, I suppose it had to happen. For the divisions of the two sides – rational thought v. Socialism — is becoming more defined day by day. Too bad, too, for otherwise he’s a nice guy. Though I hear Uncle Joe Stalin was too – unless, unless, you pointed out any poppycock pushing. But still, the truth just enrages him.

I quote: “Enough!!!!!! Or Else!!!” — and nothing more in his last email two weeks ago — Or else what I don’t know. I asked, he won’t say. If he thinks I’m going to somehow stop the ridicule of the poppycock pushers he’s got another thing coming. Still, so much for bipartisanship and “can’t we all just get along” mentality the poppycock pushers push so long as you agree with them. But, heavens forfend if you disagree, for then you are guility of questioning the glories of big government. Which such people do view as bad. As my 87 year old did say just the other night: “I think Jimmy Carter was a good president.” No facts, no mention, nay, no admission of the misery index. Then he complained that “rich people are for Republicans” — and when I tried to show him that most of the super rich are in fact for Democrats he resorted to “la la la I won’t listen. I have my perceptions. Facts won’t change my mind.”

How do I wind up with these people as friends? I don’t know. I shall try better to isolate the wackos surrounding me so that they do no more harm.

Now, outside to feel the cold, to refresh the soul. Though they do say we’ll finally be in the 60s by Thursday. I expect immediate protestations that this is “global warming.” Whereby which I shall scream, and have the excuse of a full moon.


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