Radical Wealthectomy

OK, so Obama had a medical check up today.

The thing I want to know is did they look up his butt far enough to find:

  1. his head
  2. our taxes

3. our national pride

4. some jobs

5. a rational health care bill

6. corrupt Democrats

7. lingering socialists which might benefit from a high calonic

8. the end of his term

9. his resignation letter

    And other than those questions, I’d feel his medical review was OK, and hope it went well. Clean bill and all that, not that he would know what a clean bill would look like.

    Not finding the answer to those questions, well, then, ’tis money ill spent.

    Other than that I do wish the man good health.

    Really I do. Humanitarian I am, I swear.

    One more thought – did someone write on his sphincter “hi mom”? Or some imprecation when he moons us? Alas, he does seem to want butt kissers, and that is not in the American Spirit. His mistake in thinking so, but we did warn him, no?

    And this then is the short post, before I leap to flights of fancy like Al Gore, about whom I’m worried. Truly. It seems he’s falling off the deep end as his life’s work of tax everything that moves and doesn’t for his program of fraudulent hoaxing global something or other while raking in a cool billion for himself. And thus, considering his most recent rant and screed in the NY Times, it does seem that he’s lost it. For usually liberal decry only the “right” — read Patriot Constitutionalist – but this time Al did accuse an entire generation of being criminal – which is exactly what socialists do and did – and thus they push for penalizing the entire nation of which they seize power, put up the gulags, and the border fences, and the border guards ordered to shoot, and the usual panoply of efforts to keep the criminal generation in lock up – and we know he likes lock ups, or lock boxes – which is where I think he put the warmth. Or was it up the colon of Obama? So hard to discern.

    OK, OK, too nasty, too prurient, too… yechy.

    So I’ll call it a night, and hope that Al’s family, wife & daughters, and son, do get him to the psychiatrist of his choice, so that reality might be found. And he be saved from self-harm.

    Oh yeah, did they find:

    10. Reality.

      That’s what I hope the doctors did find when poking and prodding the president.

      I wonder if the TSA was doing the poke and prod – they do have those gloves – after all.

      OK, OK, no more, no more sarcasm this eve – ’tis Sunday, a day of rest.

      Rest well Al, you’re going to need it for when the trials start. And to handle the laughter at your expense.

      Rest well Obama, for you are going to need it when you lose your majority in the Congress – and the last vestiges of support of the 25% of the people who approve of what you are doing.

      Rest well, you daring duo, for the end is nigh for your crap (no allusion-pun intended, well, OK, just a little.)

      Yech, pfew, pfew. Is washing my mouth out with soap a health care bill covered expense? Probably – who knows what you can squeeze into 3000 or so pages of marxist mush.

      I know, I’m cruel, but really, ’tis but crankiness at the cold, and the prospect of the health care bill being rammed up the collective wazoo of America. Land of the free, and the brave, and the really really miffed. Sleep well, daring duo of the end-times. For you shall need your energy to deal with the anger of We the People.

      Oh yeah, I hope he doesn’t try to perform his radical wealthectomy on us — for he does like playing doctor, and he did stay at our hotel last night.


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