Stunned and Stunted


What can one say? Three, maybe four, stunning things jump out today.

First is the headline on this morning’s front page: “GOP won’t help Obama” and quoth the Advocate nothing more. Yes, well, it’s good too. What is missing is the rest of the headline, perhaps there was no room to put it in: “GOP won’t help Obama socialize medicine.” Or “… bankrupt the nation.” Or “… save his failed presidency.”

Still, one marvels as our Advocate takes to task the minority Republicans from preventing, somehow, the Democrat’s utter ruination of the country. Why my Advocate wants to destroy the country I do not know, but there is no longer any doubt that this is their plan. The Democrats can’t even pull together their own majority, with which they could pass legislation willy nilly, as is their wont, to bring the Glories of Poppa Marx to our shores. And the GOP “won’t help”? Why should they? Obama and Reid and Pelosi and pals in and out of office have excoriated and villified Republicans. Now they want help to continue their nefarious plans? The rubes would not be duped? And our Advocate is distraught at the prospect of saving the nation? Oh well, such are our times. And what is that old phrase? “You can’t catch flies with vinegar.”

What do the president and his killjoys say now? “We shall ram socialism down your thoats. We shall fight on the beaches, and in the houses, and in the common grounds, so that no vestige of liberty, truth, justice or the American way survives!” I paraphrase of course, but still, what else will they do to bankrupt the nation? It is a parlor game already. They are not playing Monopoly, whose goal is to acquire wealth, but instead they play Anti-monopoly – the destruction of wealth. Swell folks be those socialists masquerading as patriotic Americans under the Democratic name, and dragging us through the mush, and stomping us into the muck, and then pushing our faces into the mud for good measure. Oh, well, November 2, 2010 is but around the corner.

Meanwhile, it seems Al Gore was found – sitting in at the Apple Computer stockholder’s meeting just yesterday somewhere in bankrupt California. What happened is that Al, again, was laughed at publicly, and called the fraud and charlatan he is, publicly. This time right to his face. It is a scene that will be repeated again and again, with greater ferocity, like the blizzards striking the northern half of the globe at this moment and the next. Gore will be hounded out of the public eye, save for the trials to come, for being so willfully wrong so often that only … well, I can find no other parallel. Even Dillinger had the decency to say why he robbed banks. Or was it Willie Sutton? “That’s where the money is,” one or the other said. No difference whom, for they were, um, honest crooks. Still, the man must be made to cry uncle, loudly. And to give back his prizes, much as Milli Vanilli were forced to give back theirs.

But still, this too, for they will not surrender, like Nazis in bunkers [no, they are not Nazis, only similar to the die-hards willing to fight to the last man in a losing cause, for one could refer to them too as Japanese in the caves after Hirohito said it’s over, or to Confederates who said the South shall fight on after Atlanta contributed to the warming of its time by being burned to the ground – losers of such fortitude are to be respected if only for sticking to their guns as all falls apart around them.]:

From the Daily Express of England:

CLIMATE scientists yesterday stunned Britons suffering the coldest winter for 30 years by claiming last month was the hottest January the world has ever seen. [ignoring the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, and the Dust Bowls of the 1930s, as well as several millions of years before Januarys were even invented, but hey, there’s politically inspired grants to be won!]

The remarkable claim, based on global satellite data, follows Arctic temperatures that brought snow, ice and travel chaos to millions in the UK. [and the rest of the northern hemisphere, including our own fair mush pond where still, again today, some 70 days after it started, is still 10 to 20 degrees below(!) average, which is the forecast, too, going forward for the next 7 to 10 days.]

At the height of the big freeze, the entire country was blanketed in snow. But Australian weather expert Professor Neville Nicholls, of Monash University in Melbourne, said yesterday: “January, according to satellite data, was the hottest January we’ve ever seen.”

[my underline, so that the balderdash might be better seen.]

Huh? His is satellite broken? Or is it aimed at Venus? Or perhaps at his fireplace and furnace. Who knows. Is Neville deluded? Certainly he’s like another Neville > Chamberlain. He of “I have a piece of paper” infamy. A piece of paper, mind you, that brought the world to the abyss of the aforementioned Nazis. Yes, indeed, this current Neville has a piece of paper he prepared showing that the unrelenting snow and cold is a sign of global warming. This guy sounds like Captain Smith of the Titanic — “Iceberg? What Iceberg?” I do not know if Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press knows Nicholls, but surely two pea brained people have never occupied the same pod so comfortably together.

Back to our ship of titanic state:

Sir, we hit an iceberg.”

Don’t be ridiculous, mate, there’s warmth here melting the bergs. No icebergs can survive the warmth!”

Cut to scene hours later >> glug glug glug, the ship slips beneath the waves. DiCaprio will “die” in this flick too.

The last words of Smith? Unrecorded, but perhaps, “that was no iceberg, that was Sarah Palin and the TEA Party interferring with the God Given Rights of Government to Rule Everything!”

Well, I wouldn’t be taking any wooden Nicholls from this guy, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, apparently David Patterson, future former governor of New York, state of my birth, is now — the day after he said “full steam ahead to reelection” a la Capt. Smith – dropping out of the race today. Well he should, given his possibly criminal acts in browbeating a woman who was sexually harrassed by one of his staff, or some such. Amongst probable other reasons to not seek reelection, or even to resign, now, today, as newspapers across the snowbound state do request this day, like, oh, I don’t know – continuing his program to bankrupt the state, for instance? Sounds like a good reason to me. Would that other politicians follow the Patterson lead and resign. Don’t lemmings follow each other? Sure they do, and more than a few are already dropping out of their races to push us to a bottomless pit of debt, taxes and statism. There is a surplus of corrupt politicians lounging about – Rangel of NY, oh, and Charlie “she’s a bitch” Schumer of NY, and oh, … there are so many I merely refer to the entire list of elected officials of this nation, wherever assembled, who have conspired to tax and regulate this nation into the third world.

What else? Oh, yah, the health care summit. What was the key phrase of six hours? I did not listen to it all (OK, I confess, virtually none of it) – but I did hear this — “I won.”

Yes, sir, you did, alas. And while I am not one to quote John McCain — “I’m reminded of that every day,” he did say in retort. Yes, something about vainglorious leaders constantly telling us they won to warm our cockles. Which warmth we need.

To para-quote Liberace (I’m a pianist, I can do this) “I laugh all the way to the elections.” Ha ha he he ho ho, they all have got to go!


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