The Way of the Dodo

There being nothing red meat enough in the paper today, they having peddle mush to us this morn, I decided to just read on the Net what might be found. This is something that sort of got my dander up. And the Democrats know no fury like American’s whose dander is up. And so these are some comments collected by The Weekly Standard that sort of sum up where we are in this nation today. It’s amazing what some people will say in order to push their political program. I’ll take crack at responding to every comment, but thanks for the round up Mr. Continetti in an article entitled:

Blame Americans First; Democrats lose patience with democracy.”


March 1, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 23

What’s the clearest sign the Obama agenda is in trouble? That’s easy: the string of jeremiads in the pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, and other outlets of fashionable opinion. Unable to tout the administration’s successes, and worried about Republican ascendancy, liberals have assigned responsibility for the mess they’re in neither to their program nor to their methods but to larger, structural faults in American politics and society. Beginning with you.

Actually, I disagree somewhat with the characterization of “the clearest sign” bit. Though ’tis quibble perhaps. There are actually so many clear signs that it is hard to pick the clearest one for the forest of signs that this president is in trouble. Deep, deep trouble, for him and us, alas. Though we shall survive, and he’ll give us back that key to the House we rented to him for four years.

What signs? Well, street demonstrations, packed town hall meetings, and everyone he supports being defeated for election. Then there’s the constant barage of emails excoriating the current office holders, (I sent my fair share,) the endles comedy on the internet showing the buffoons buffooning, and the t-shirts showing up for sale mocking him. The closing of the ObamaStores that pushed his image, the billboards calling for his impeachment, and the great respect building for Mr. Bush Jr. Then too, the comparisons by serious scholars with Carter (even with Franklin Pierce, who makes Carter look like Roosevelt, almost,) the defense of his own agenda by giving the little boy excuse that “I’m not a bolshevik,” “I’m not an idealogue,” “I’m not a radical,” and then doing what he can to give lie to his own comments. Also, the number of blogs that are pulling apart every bit of mush spewed forth by O… and his minions, including the Speaker of the House, the Vice-Pres and the Senate Majority Leader. Plus the numbers of Democrats who are quitting their races, not to mention those who face such extraordinary battles to try to keep their seats, which they shall lose. Not to pile on the signs, but it could it be the numbers of polls that show that Congress is beloved by a solid 6 or 7% of the people – with some 85% who are outraged, and some 4 to 6% who apparently don’t know there is a Congress. Perhaps it signs are also clear that his own Democrats, even with overwhelming majorities in Congress, still couldn’t get a law passed. No, the signs are legion, like the seven Biblical plagues, the 10 labors of Hercules, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse all at the same time. Did I leave anything out? Sign wise, that is. I’m sure. But still, for Mr. Continetti, these are the clearest signs. Perhaps it’s up to one’s viewpoint among the thicket of signs of permanent, irrevocable, and amazingly, still building trouble points for O….

This is the round of up of the usual suspects. Thank the heavens Mr. Continetti read this stuff, I can’t stomach it anymore, too weak from ducking the utter nonsense that comes my way. Why these fine (formerly so, at least,) newspapers and newsmagazines would decay to this point is hard to say. Perhaps they have the capitalist death wish – they want to drive their companies into bankruptcy. Maybe, like the Producers, they think they can make money from a failure. For surely they don’t they think they can continually trash the great majority of people and hope to survive, do they? Perhaps their readership is now down to the congressional elite force attacking America today? But these elected officials and their entire staffs will be sent back to the provinces in which they no longer spend any time.

You aren’t too bright, for one thing. After all, opines Jacob Weisberg inNewsweek, the “biggest culprit” behind “our political paralysis” is the “childishness, ignorance, and growing incoherence of the public at large.” You simply do not know what’s good for you.

I take umbrage at Mr. Weisberg. What on earth is he talking about? Is some 75% of the nation now opposed to whatever Congress and this president do really just “childishness”? How dare he? From where does he get this mush thought? Surely this is delusion, no? To think that 200,000,000 adults are but children, to be admonished, and chided, and corralled, well, then, this is preposterous.

On many issues these days,” writes theWashington Post’s Steven Pearlstein, “the American people are badly confused.”

Thank you sir, Mr. Pearlstein, yes we are confused. You know what about? How on earth did we manage to get hoodwinked (well, some of us,) by this tax everything that moves and doesn’t crowd? That’t the confusing part. But don’t worry Mr. Pearlstein, we done woke up. Clarification is a-coming. Perhaps you don’t see the signs.

The people may have spoken,” writes the New -Yorker’s James Surowiecki. “It’s just not clear that they’re making any sense.”

Well, actually, we’re making perfect sense. I think perhaps, though, that there is not enough, how do you say? Ah yes, “nuance,” in what we are saying. In fact, Mr. Surowiecki (whose Polish ancestors and relatives suffered through the same sort of nonsense we are trying to prevent right here,) does not seem to understand the word “NO.” This little word, so easy, so encompassing. Let’s take a look how simple, shall we?

Obama says “blah, blah, blah, I’m wonderful, blah, I’m great, blah, splather, spew, invective, threat, blah,” and so on incessantly now for more than two years and finally we say “NO.” No. No to whatever syllables he is stringing together. It’s all mush, piffle and prevarications, to which the only sane answer is NO. But Surowiecki is apparently uncomprehending of this simple word. Perhaps he has not heard of it before.

In a blog post titled “Too Dumb to Thrive,” Time magazine’s Joe Klein cuts to the chase: “It is very difficult to thrive in an increasingly competitive world if you’re a nation of dodos.”

Well, yes, Mr. Klein, true. And who has run the school system for lo these many years churning out the dodos and the chum, the bottom feeders and the louts? The Democrats, and the Department of Education, aka, Federal Behemoth for Indoctrination, and the teachers unions. What have they wrought? Well, exactly, almost, what Mr. Klein decries. Ah, but no, that’s not right. What we got, beyond the best hopes for destruction lurking in the hearts of bureaucrats, is a rather astute populace, one that is slow to anger, but hard to calm down. Miffed is the gentle word for what we are. Dodos? Well, that was but a fleeting moment during the election of ’08. Now, however, due to the great calls of Ms. & Mr. O… we are quite willing to organize the community. It just happens to be against the daring duo of newly found pride in the nation. In fact, after Mr. O… done wrecked the economy as best he might, we all followed Ms. O…’s balm of social activism. We even have plenty of time to do what we want to do – which is end the swarms of bureaucrats in our midst and all their ministrations. So don’t worry O…s – help is on the way.

The problem, as Weisberg sees it, is that America “simultaneously demands and rejects action on unemployment, deficits, health care, and other problems.” Note the myopia. For Weisberg, the only conceivable “action” on any issue is limited to the policy preferences of liberal Democrats. No other options spring to mind.

Actually, the only action Weisberg wants is more government. He is apparently unable to contemplate a free people in a free Republic doing what we want do when we want do it and with our own money too.

Oh well, just a short while longer and those who fret the Dodos in our midst, and those who decry our childishness, and our perfidy, and the utter disdain still building, still not reaching the height, (or is it the depths?) of public opporbrium.

And when you use words such as opprobrium, well, then, I’d hardly characterize that person as a dodo or a child. No, I’d say that person is quite aware of what he is doing. So be afraid, very afraid, NY Times, Newsweek, Time Mag, and the rest – for you have seen nothing yet. Hallelujah and Hosannah for O… for having kept one campaign promise – He indeed has united We the People, and We say NO! Sorry, it was almost the start of a beautiful friendship, but alas, ’tis spoiled, like a slab of raod kill on the hot tarmac of a summer at the airport.


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