Double trouble

The most annoying news of the day, so far, almost, is this double dose of mush from our Advocate’s editorial page:

[Mitch] Landrieu does not plan to leave his job as lieutenant governor until May, when he is sworn in as mayor of New Orleans.” This is followed three paragraphettes (remember, virtually every “paragraph” in our Adovate is but one sentence long. Sometimes two. As often as a wild elephant in New Orleans’ streets they go to three sentences. Oooh, erudite.) down the page by: “Although Landrieu doesn’t plan to leave his state office until May, he’s probably spending a lot of time on transition duties for his new job in New Orleans.”

What? Do I need to read near exact duplicate sentences so close together? Does the Advocate, professionals they claim to be, not read its own stuff before putting it in our faces?

The second sentence is perhaps far more important than the first. For it tells us that the mayor in waiting is going to get paid for being the guiding light of our statewide tourism and arts industry when he is not actually going to be doing the work, whatever it is. Sweet job if you can get it. Now, he went for the mayor’s job. It’s his problem how he is to support himself while he is transitioning. But he should resign from the current post immediately. Why, I think politicians should resign from whatever office they hold currently whenever they even run for another office. Hell, I think it should be a law. Who else gets to openly look for another job, and get paid for the privilege? So why didn’t our Advocate call for that move? They did not. They only considered it “a question to be considered.”

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. OK, I thought about it. Resign Mitch, and save your city and your state. But you cannot adequately serve both. The mush that our Advocate put into the first sentence should be stricken, and the words “Mr. Landrieu should resign so that one of the economic engines of the state, newly boosted by the Saints Superbowl win, can be put in capable hands on a full time basis.”

What a wasted opportunity to call for good government. And they wonder why the tea party folks are miffed.

But another annoying thing I saw was on the Yahoo front page when I opened the internet this morning. It was there briefly, at 6:30 AM, now disappeared at 8 AM, and good for that. Because the article was excrement, the worse sort of mush. It’s headline was something like “Are tea party politics potential violent extremism?” Such calumny! Such malarky! Such dastardly misrepresentation of reality masquerading as news. How dare someone ever write that. (not a question, a statement!)

Not one person has done violence at the thouands of tea party rallies over the past year. Not one person called for violence. People are handing out copies of the Constitution and saying stop the taxing and the spending and it’s time to vote the bums out of office. And what is this “extremism” that was mentioned? It is “racism.” That’s what this cretin purported to detect in the tea party. Because white people are in it. Such a cad, whomever wrote this. It went by so fast, that when I went back to scoop up the nastiest, stupidest and most vilifying quotes and the name of the raving idiot instigator of hate it was gone, so I cannot tell you. But boy did it burn my gourd. If I find it later I shall excoriate the putz more fully. He should be fired, if you ask me.

This constant bleating that the tea party is racist is absurd. There are many people of many ethnic and racial heritages sprinkled among the crowds. Still, the reality is that 75%,e ven 80%, of the nation is white, of European derivation. If racial parity is struck then every crowd is going to be 75% white, and can be no more than 12% black, a few % yellow, or 10% brown – it’s a veritable rainbow. Even more in reality, if you hold a tea party rally in Idaho (from which the article appeared to be “reported” from) or Iowa, or downstate Illinois, or over in Northeast Indiana, or even in the president’s own Waikiki, there’s no way you can get a significant number of non-Euro-Americans into a crowd. That’s because there are none living there. How can you get 10 or 20 black people per 100 people crowd, to reflect the “racial” spread in our post-racial times (harrumph) where there’s only 1 or 2 per thousand population density? It is impossible. It is scurrilous, though, to conclude that the lack of “Diversity” is thus because of racism.

But, hey, why not count the numbers of blonds, redheads, towheads, brown hairs and black hairs, along with grey and dyed hairs, and the bald, too, among the many in the crowds? Maybe that’ll still the excrement tosser of Yahoo’s blind idiotcy about what the tea party is about. It’s about LESS GOVERNMENT. It’s about people keeping their own earned money. It’s about less rules, laws and regulations. It’s about local control and not some far away bureaucrat with a lifetime sinecure making wacko decisions. It’s about the God-given right to change OUR form of government. Nothing more, nothing less: LESS is more as far as we are concerned. It’s the people who came first, we set up this government of ours, and we can change it when we wish. It is our moral duty to do so, so that “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth.” (Said by the Republican who freed the slaves, mind you, while the Democrats did what they could to preserve the plantation system. Lo, they do forget their history.)

Nor is it restricted to any segment of the population. In fact, nothing could be more exicting, and far better for all concerned, and more welcomed into the fold, than if the diehard 90% of African Americans who continually vote for the Democratic party candidate, even if he is a wacko, finally wake up and come to their senses and put the socialist behemoth, which keeps them in poverty, out of its misery spewing hate for the American way. The perpetrators of Tax Everything That Moves And Doesn’t have to be removed from office. That’s the point of the tea party.

Will African Americans quit the Democrats? Eventually. For the wholesale prices for January rose 1.4% — a big rise, inflationarily so, and opposite to what would be expected in a recession when people are demanding less. Less demand, lower prices. But no, we have economic illiterates in power who are continuing the recession for reasons not quite explained or rational, while pumping up inflation just as fast as they can. When folks start paying the new and improved higher retail prices it’ll be a clue that this president’s policies are inimical to their own lives. And since taxes are bound to go up, in direct contravention to the president’s repeated statements (though now agnostically so,) well, that’s a sign, too. And when payday loans, so much used in minority communities, will be stricken from the streets by this Congress and Obama himself, bent on “protecting” the consumer through destruction of the popular, and rationally economic means of living in an over-taxed and inflationary world, that too will have the smell of coffee wafting on the breeze of true change. And another terrorist attack foul up will surely push a few more into the fold of Liberty. Indeed, at every step of the Way of Obama more and more scions of slavery will realize that this pusher of African Socialism is not one of them. They will turn on him, and with far more ferocity than Euro-Americans have. They will see him as an usurper of the dream of Dr. King for a race blind society and equal opportunity.

Indeed, with some 80% of the nation now in one form another miffed as the dickens at the whole shebang, kit and caboodle, it seems as if 80% of the nation is being called racist. It is so infuriatingly stupid that one wonders what planet’s aliens came and injected stupidity into the writers of the press.

And has the tipping point come for the African-Americans of this nation to get out their tea bags? Perhaps this is but one sign, that yes, it is approaching:

From :

Those of you who didn’t stock up on all things Barack Hussein Obama when the stocking was good might have a slight problem as Douglas Heye of U.S. News and World Report discovered.

This time last year, the Obama Store was teeming with customers. Ideally situated in the basement of Washington’s Union Station, the store was filled with consumers eager to buy anything with Obama’s likeness while others took pictures of the life-size cut-outs of the president and first lady. Now, the Obama Store is boarded up. (snip) That the Obama Store-which apparently received no stimulus money-has closed may be the most tangible sign yet that the honeymoon is over.”

And so that’s this morning’s rant. Now that Mardi Gras is over – and at every parade I went to people of all ethnicities and races, combinations and predilections, all came together in the streets in wild abandon of bead catching fun with peace, love and harmony – I can get back to the daily mush, which does need mopping up. And finally too, it appears, after the some 65th day of below average temperatures due to “global warming,” we shall hit a miserly 60 degrees. Amazing what the cold slap of reality will do for a person. I suppose all that slush and snow are going to make for some nice Ice Tea.


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