disrupt, dismantle, defeat, destroy

There’s a lot of discussion all the time about Sarah Palin and what she is or is not.

There is always the undercurrent from her critics that she is some how incapable of handling the federal government. Well, probably true. No one can handle it. It’s too big. She knows she can’t handle it. In fact, her program, like the tea party, seems to be to have less of it. Right away, though, as soon as someone says less federal government there is this great hue and cry about anarchy. What? That makes no sense. No one is calling for anarchy. They are calling for less federal government. Big difference, to say the least.

There is a difference between the Federal gov’t and the lower levels. And to have no faith or trust in the Feds doesn’t mean you are for anarchy, you are probably for local government. A lot less federal government means merely people keep their own money, and the smaller tax burden by the states, cities, counties, is much more amenable to reform and the watchdog, and throwing out the bums when necessary.

Palin is great not because she can run the federal government, but because she is the shock needed to start to turn the feds back towards national defense and out of the intricate workings of the nation. Let the local governments do what they do.

She is the dismantler, that’s what people like.

Furthermore, neither she, nor anyone, is going to turn around the Ship of State in one term, or two — it took us decades to get here, it’ll take us decades to get out. And perhaps it might well take a brainier sort to really dismantle the interconnected mushpit of DC> but what is needed first is a wake up call. So view Palin as the slap in the face that hysterical people need when freaking out. Or she’s Paul(ette) Revere telling us the Brits are coming and we should be ready. She’d so disorient the big-gov’t socialist types, and the complacent ‘oh let Washington do it’ go-along to get along types, that the proper business of devolving power back to more local means can be effected in the most orderly way.

Go Sarah, disrupt, dismantle, defeat & destroy the behemoth.

Meanwhile, Obama is appointing a debt commission to come up with ways to reduce the deficit and the debt. Well, sir, if you’d pull all your proposals for more spending, more hiring, more rules, laws, regulations and taxes, and no more stimulus, and no more bailouts, and no – just no to your entire program, Obama. That should but a big dent in the deficit right off the top.

Meanwhile, what is it about commissions to do what Congress and the President are elected to deal with, but are now sloughing it off to some other people. The proposal abdicates the responsibility of both of these in dealing with the debt and the deficit. If they cannot handle the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. Oh yeah, that’s right. They are leaving the kitchen. So good, really, for them all to resign before they are unelected, or arrested for something or other. Bayh, Dodd, Kennedy, and so many more. A rogue’s list of rogues, all seeing greener pastures elsewhere. Well, good for them. They can’t get their big government plans in effect so they are quitting. That’ll make it easier to sweep the lot of them. Oooh, I don’t think the media and the politicians left standing in November are going to be happy. The shock and awe campaign of We the People is going to tear asunder what no man or woman in Congress has been willing to tear asunder. What are we going to rip up? Pretty much the careers of the incumbents. Time to say good night. And the Obama Plan, no matter what it is, is going to be shredded. So much so that only the 25% of the nation who thinks he’s doing a great job will be upset. The rest of the nation shall shout Hallelujahs and get on with the business of shoveling and mopping up the mess that both parties created, but that the Democrats dirty up more. We are going to tear asunder the socialist dream for these United States. Oh, they’ll go screaming into the night. And in the morning they’ll emerge to proclaim the people have spoken and what they want is change and the change they want is what ever Congress says it is. What they do not realize, these poor suckers, is that they akin to teenagers throwing a Friday night party while the parents went to the opera. Well, poor kids, the fat lady is singing, and she’ll be done soon, and then it’ll be over.

Yes, as I’ve said, it’ll take a few years, but the end is nigh for the “error of big government,” to borrow (and tweak a bit) Bill Clinton’s specious claim.

Why, by the time the votes are counted we might even enter into a new “era of good feeling,” of the sort that prevailed for Madison, or was it Monroe? No matter, both were great men. Either one would agree that what has been wrought is not what they attended.

Some people question the wisdom of relying on the ideals and philosophy of long dead white men, but I can say this – they did something that no one alive ever did – they fought the biggest empire on Earth – and won. Then they went ahead and created the freest and most well ordered, peaceful and decent country on earth. It drew in millions of immigrants. And it led to the richest most powerful nation on earth. For a bunch of dead guys they didn’t do so bad. They for certain did far better than the current crop of critters who would wreck what the first bunch did in their drunken orgy of taxing everything that moves and doesn’t, while giving away the proceeds to their friends and cronies. They have been caught with more than their hand’s in the cookie jar. They were discovered with a busted jar lying on the floor as they denied any complicity in what is obviously their action.

But dead white males are going to come to our rescue. We will celebrate them once again. Why, we still celebrate the best of the best’s birthday, one George Washington. We’ve got statues of him all over. And Clinton? Will he get a statue? Oh, I’m sure he has one in some flop house somewhere, as a joke, sort of. The most current crop, since, oh, Truman? None, save Reagan, will go down as great, in the top ten presidents. FDR got himself a memorial, but I’m sure it’ll be tarnished by the time it’s done.

And Obama? Well, the jury is out, but not looking good, and his one statue has been torn from its pedestal, like another Hussein’s, in Baghdad, and is off to the junk heap. Oh well, life is tough.


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