Watching the parade

Well, ’tis the day after Baton Rouge’s famed Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade. Three hours of bead tossing fun. Beads, worth nothing really, sort of like modern Oscars for documentaries and Nobel Peace Prizes, are a hallmark of Louisiana parades. They are tossed to the crowds in wild abandon. There were three main themes to the some 60 floats that passed by. One was the 30th anniversary of the parade, a hallmark to be celebrated at all costs. A second was the Saints, and why not? To poach from the president: “We won, so there.” The third was Obama. Though not a word of niceness was presented, neither were there any references to the man himself, just his policies and programs. He was not called a professor at all. The references were, shall we say, um, negative. I did not discern the crowd going more wild for the anti-Obama floats than for any others, but nor did I catch any groans or moans of how unfair it all is.

The people here know, (well, most of them,) the man’s a fool. I saw, on the net, a picture of a large cartoonish Obama balloon in the parade in Nice, France, which is nice, French. Thanks. And to think you clammored for this guy. Well, shows why there is a cultural prohibition, lax of late, against meddling in other nation’s affairs. Europeans are especially befuddled by America. They don’t even have good translations for Rambunctious and Bodacious. But since they thought, (nay, knew) that Obama was of a Euro-socialist bent, he was the best. Still, he did fall fast, and now today, I doubt many Europeans would “vote” for him if they had the chance.

Meanwhile, I get up on the net this morning and find a fine bead thrown by Professor (in a non-racial way) Jacobson – who says I’m the “blog of the day.” Who am I too argue? Thanks sir, and for all your hard work at I ran across his blogs months ago, having returned from extensive Mexican travel, and wanting to get back into the swing of things. I was, as is my want lo these many years, calling for an insurrection of sorts, legally so, against the powers that be, with some of my friends. They are all liberals, to one degree or another, though their wall of thought is spalding bit by bit. So I merely searched for such a term, to show that it was possible, and poof, there was the Professor. A day without a read of his ideas is a day without warmth and sunshine, of which we’ve had far too many just now.

Though this has been bringing on the downfall of the climate warming mush. Hard to convince people it is warm while in the whiteout of a blizzard, though they will try. Mush can never stand by itself, and must, of course, puddle there beneath our feet. No one likes to wallow in the mush, or even step in it. Icky is the word we use for mush, no? And certainly in these times of declining readership of the major newspapers, the major networks, and news magazines, it seems apparent that the mush has been noticed. And the people’s Ick factor is rising high. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that in the next two to five years most of what conspires as the mainstream media will be swept away. Either bought, sold and traded back into reality, or simply hosed away in destructive capitalism of the finest kind.

Meanwhile, the head charlatan of the mush, one Professor (I use the term lightly) Philip Jones, is going out a limb, saw in hand, and trying to cut himself down from the petard on which he’s been hoisted. It shall not work, and he shall be hounded from his position, and given over to Hollywood screen writing so that he might peddle his fantasies to a more willing audience. I’d expect Ed Bagley to play the professorette on the big screen. I can see the posters now, a small head peaking above the snow, saying, in a cartoon balloon word snip, “But it’s still warming.” It might seem very much in the spirit of Gallileo, but that man, with much more primitive means at hand, did have real science to rely on. But still, it did take the Catholic Church some 450 years or so to finally say that the old heretic was right. I fully expect the Church of Warmth to fight on for another 450 days or so, they nor their faith being not nearly as strong as the Church of Rome. And then they’ll cry uncle.

One last bit of mush pushed upon my face this glorious Sunday morning is the headline in today’s Advocate: “Jindal avoids big cuts, governor relies on tax amnesty, surplus, stimulus.”

Yes, well, this is not good. Why? Because it only forestalls the reality to next year. And the reality is? There is not enough money to do take from one group of citizens and hand over to the more favored, and usually less productive people, in our mush pond of a state.

The tax amnesty means that the people who are clearly, for one reason or the other, opposed to paying taxes, can now pay what they owe without penalty. Well, even if it rakes in say, $100,000,000 – what about next year? And in a budget of some 28 Billion Bucks, does it make a difference? Still, two things, really: 1) either all the back taxes will be paid, and perhaps paid again next year on time, meaning no real new growth in receipts for the budget which was based on that money being there anyway. It’s not like new money. It’s been budgeted. It was expected. All that will happen is that the unsustainable spending will be better balanced with the money already accounted for but missing. 2) Tax avoidance will be the same or bigger. People are getting more and more fed up with paying taxes. And while it is surely illegal to pay not your taxes, there is a level of civil disobedience, of legal insurrection, as it were, against so much money going down the mushpit without cessation, that is permisable. The legal tax avoidance industry expects, quitely I’m sure, much new business to craft the protective response to the government’s ongoing inability to do simple math, let people keep their own money, and manage the public purse with probity.

Surplus? What surplus? Is that the money they saved from last year’s brilliant budget that did not require more taxes, more enforcement, more spending, but is now freed up for use this year? No.

Will it be the money that they saved from prudent management changes? No.

Will it be the money saved from not overpaying our civil servants, and especially those that retire so early as to have more non-working years getting paid then they do working years? No.

Were will the idle nobility of our times come from? Why, the overpayed public servants who serve up the wealth of the public at their fatted calf barbecue of the people. They are the new nobility. For now they’ll have the time to engage in things noblesse oblige, or largess implied, now that they don’t have to shuffle paper about the halls of power. Still, should there have been a surplus, now it is being spent, so what of next year? How much surplus can there be? And why is it never returned to the people, but always spent to plug the gaps in “this year’s budget”?

Stimulus? Would this be the one time purchasing of state sovereignty, bought and paid for by the DC vision thatchers? They of Tax Everything That Moves and Doesn’t is still then going to be the program of the next year, for where else will the governor get the money? Now Jindal is a Republican, a wonderkind of some sort. But now he is going to tell us that the current budget is preserved by all manner of one time moneys, chicanery and the chimera of fiscal probity, and hopefully the inevitable problems will be pushed over to next year, ad infinitum, until rationality surfaces again, or bankruptcy happens, or the people denuded of their wealth a la TETMAD before the people rise up Really Mad. Oh well, it’s so mucked up that another year or two won’t really make a difference, will it?

So the wonderkind governor is going to do exactly as he more or less swore off doing at every turn in the past few years. Something along the lines of “read my lips, I’ll fix the problems.” Does he? No, to put it charitably.

The solution? Yet another bum to throw like a Mardi Gras bead from the parade float of state.

Not anywhere is cutting the budget, and eliminating piffle programs, instead it is spend like there is no tomorrow because these funds are needed. What a way to govern. Well, I suppose it’ll last a little while longer. But, like Mardi Gras parades, and the entire season itself, all good things will come to an end. Say goodbye Jindal. Watch your reputation go the way of the Dodo Bird. Oh well, you were a wonderkind, not much different than Obama, what with hope and change met with spineless collapse to the collapsing system.


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