Sneaux and feathering

Sneaux Job.

That’s how we spell Sneaux = snow. It’s a French thing. John Kerry would understand, perhaps even Al Gore. But they dare not say what is observable in front of them: Sneaux. Tons of the stuff. Endless amounts of the stuff. Weatherman awing Sneaux (cue video)! Climatologists – oh boy, Oh Boy, they are still in denial. Well, no, wait, this just in. A tiny fissure in the Sneaux Job of “global warming.”

Seth Borenstein, global warmist like the rest of the AP group and media assembled, does now admit, as the headline proclaims, “After errors, scientists seeking better way to do climate report.” Yes, well, I’d suppose after “errors” one might actually want to do science.

The first sentence is a beaut. “A steady drip of unsettling errors is exposing what scientists are calling ‘the weaker link’ in the Nobel Peace Prize-winning series of international reports on global warming.”

Yes, well, I suppose any dripping of errors, mistakes, contortions, twistings and such and so on in science would be a “weaker link” in anything one does scientifically. There is actually a science of sorts relating to such errors, et al. It’s called the fraud statutes. Other parts of the science of fraud is firing the fraudster. He should be, pardon the pun, frozen out of the business. Who’s first to go? Well, the top dog, his head is being called for. Some Indian dude, Seth doesn’t give his name, for it shall not be spoken in the same breath as “errors.” Perhaps he is too exhalted.

“No errors have surfaced in the the first and most well-known of the reports.” Well, the fact that this report referenced is tied like umbilical cord and baby wrapped in mommy’s womb with the reports with “errors” (I giggle every time I write it, Seth, sorry.) So I guess it’s just then a matter of time, perhaps within days at the current drip rate, that these errors “surface.” Perhaps instead of looking at what did not “surface” or what? Bubble up from the first report? Seth should look at what is steadily dripping. There he might find a story, instead of mush.

He should perhaps look at what he calls, honestly, “stolen private emails.” Yet, there, in the following sentence, his own words doth proclaim: “The researches were found to have violated Britain’s Freedom of Information laws.” So I suppose, being subject to FOI laws, these materials, unlawfully withheld, were not “private emails.” They were, and are, “public emails.” We paid for those suckers. Seth should be honest and describe the emails as “illegally hidden emails.” Honesty is the best policy, no, Seth?

Throughout this wavelet before the Tsunami a-coming Seth can find only people deep in the slush and mush to quote. He doesn’t bother tracking down those who are doing the water torture, the dripping, as it were, like, say He can only go the very purveryors of the crushed dreams of “Tax Everything That Moves And Doesn’t” program, lest he be frozen out of the frauding cabal’s Sneaux job, worth billions to a corrupt few, like, um, yes, like Al Gore himself. Yes, TETMAD. That’s the new global warming. They – the politicians of our times, the worldover, but more alarmingly here in these United States of late, have joined the TETMAD Express. Alas, there was Sneaux on the tracks, and errors in the Sneuax removal and prevention efforts have failed.

TETMAD has not warmed the cockles of the American heart, as Obama, the Democrats, and the Republicans, are finding out. It does take a while for TETMAD to get a rise out of people. But throughout history it always does. Eventually, let us say that “errors” are discovered in the “first reports” of government that you cannot push long for TETMAD before the people do get ornery. In times past revolts broke out and the local lord was served up on a platter to a king or potentate, often literally. Those were brutal times. Sometimes it was the king himself, and you can ask Louis XVI about that. In less sanguine places on earth it is usually refered to as “violent civil war,” or “the president was taken out and shot.” There are many such phrases. They are almost as common as deposed potentates.

Here in the US, which was founded on a very anti-TETMAD platform, it was enshrined in the world’s first constitution (which the Texas schoolbook board is thinking of eliminating celebrating, to their everlasting shame.) There was first tar and feathering, a unique contribution of these United States to the world. And running the cad out of town on a rail, or backwards on a donkey (what a great visual.) It’s as American as apple pie and Mickey-D’s. We now do this figuratively, and the cads are lucky for that..As in Patrick Kennedy, last of the besotted drunks of that lineage, is not going to run for the seat he held for 9 terms – -18 years! A vertiable career of, what did he call it? Oh yeah, “I haven’t worked a &^%$# day in my life.” Such a public servant is to be appreciated for the cander alone. Would that the rest speak with forthrightness, lest the tar be warmed. He blamed his forebearance of further TETMAD efforts by saying he was saddened by the death of his dear old dad. Which shows that the is nothing like his dad at all. Dad did not let a silly thing like death (where be ye Mary?) stop his TETMADding adventures. But perhaps his 30% approval rating, and his 60% disapproval rating, did sway the young pup’s fortitude towards “finding another career.” Perhaps he can join cousin Robert who said just recently “they’ll never see snow if DC again, so hand over all you money to me, to protect yourselves!”

Ah, but tar is warming. The anti-incumbant climatic change is a-coming. Oh, it’ll take a bit of time, perhaps two or three election cycles, to shovel out the mush. And if ever there was a shovel ready project it is digging out the mush and slush of Congress, and all the minor Congresses sprinkled ’bout the land.. To borrow from Seth, “the weaker links” will go in the first report of the firing of the vote of Americans at the TETMAD hordes. Report in this sense is, of course, “noise” — a word used most often in this sense for “Report of a Gun.” And son of a gun, what I have been advocating for 35 years is coming. I can feel it, as much as I can feel the Sneaux outside this morning. We can all see the coming storm, the first flurry which was the recent votes inVA, NJ, MA.

AH, but still the gathering clouds of voter discontent surfaces, and drips down, and swirls like Sneaux flakes in the breeze. The blizzard is coming. The flakes are us, (well, that’s about what every politician still standing after their drunken orgy of TETMAD frenzy calls us, one way or the other.) and we shall coalesce into a blizzard. Oh, fun, watch the coming Snuffpocolyse – snuffing out the dreams of TETMAD that dances like sugar plum fairies in the heads of government.

Oh, these TETMAD’s will go down fighting. They will spend ungodly amounts of money telling us that they can spend our money better than we can. They will speak oddles of words to tell us that they can run our lives better than we can. They will write millions of words telling us that they can provide the rules of our lives. But, now, they doth crossed the line, yet they see it not. Dodd, who already pulled his own Kennedyesque move of running away from office, wants to push one more TETMAD bill on the banks, so that he might go down in infamy for dealing one more sucker punch to the economy of We the people. What a doddering old fool, lost in the Sneauxfall, one should seek to bring him in from the cold, for compassion alone.

According to virtually every poll about in the maelstrom says that 75% to 81% of the people would simply not vote for the current office holder at virtually any level of government. These folks must be swept away as clearly as the aftermath of a blizzard is swept away. They are to go quietly, like Sneaux flakes, into the wind, and melt away, and they should go by the sea, and get out of our way. For we are shovel ready. We are just fed up. TETMAD has made us very mad. Well, most of us. There are still some who think not enough is taxed yet.

That it took me 35 years to get this rolling is perhaps my fault, I did not try hard enough. I did not shout it from the roof top. I only shouted it in the living rooms and bars of my acquaintance.

Speaking of roof tops, it seems that with the repression in Iran on the streets the protesters are getting up on their roof tops of their houses and making a ruckus from there. Good for them, and good luck. What is Farsi for “go for the gusto”? There is a blizzard coming against the incumbants of Iran too, and over there, there may well be some real tar and feathering, and violent disposition of the end of term of current office holders. I can sense that from here.

I’d suspect that the disruption of Venezuela’s clown-in-charge’s term will begin any day now, too. Electric shortages do get the people riled up, especially after the clown did buy 6 Billion Bucks of military equipment. That’s what it might take to keep TETMAD in place, sadly. There in the soft tropic breezes, where TETMAD has long struggled to kill off the economy, as TETMAD is designed to do, there is a forecast of a blizzard of feathers. That too will probably turn violent.

Fortunately, because we are too settled in our not-to-be-apologized-for-by-our-president civility we will merely vote the bums out. Then, if appropriate, and it almost always is, investigate and prosecute and incarcerate any who don’t turn state’s evidence in the hope of salvaging some small bucket of mush to live off of. But gone they will be. Gone with the wind, like the Sneaux Event, as they call it instead of that oldfashioned, and dangerously cold-idea-inducing Sneauxfall. This will be gone from our mushpond by this afternoon, leaving behind the residue to clean up. Ah, then Spring shall come, for the yard as well as the nation. In this I have faith, We the People shall wreck the ship of TETMAD and get on to the modern liner of Liberty. Yah, enjoy the show, folks. It’s in 3-D too! Wow.


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  1. No family in American history – not the Roosevelt, not the Adams, and certainly not the Bush families – have paid a higher price in the service of the people than the Kennedys. And to be perfectly honest with you, I’m sick and tired of listening to them get kicked around by the clueless right wing.

    It was announced yesterday that Ben Quayle, son of the former vice-president, will be running for congress. We here, at this glorious moment in the history of our great nation, are proud and privileged to bear witness to the birth of the Quayle family political dynasty.

    I need a drink.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

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