30 Years?

I’d comment on the newspaper if it only wasn’t all Saints coverage. Though I did not hear that the NFL has gone after this profit making enterprise that is using Who Dat and the Fleur de Lys and the other trappings of the Saints to sell as much advertising and copies of the paper as possible. Nice to know that the vaunted press has the First Amendment on its side, — oh yeah, just like we do. Who Dat say don’t try it to the NFL? We Dem.

So I found this on the internet:

WASHINGTON (WAFB) – On Thursday Sen. Mary Landrieu defended her vote for the public health bill.

What? The world has shown that the vote is nuts. The numbers don’t add up. The control sought is anti-American. Still, I’m told she defends her vote for the further destruction of truth and the American way.

Back in November, Landrieu added an amendment to the bill which would have given $300 million to Louisiana to cover a Medicaid shortfall.

Why did she wait for such a time? Any of her staffers, persumably paid, by us no less, to look for all the things that could help or hinder our state. Instead she waited until the last minute.

Some said Landrieu only voted for the health bill because it included the money for her state. Thursday afternoon, she defended herself.

Oh yah, nice to know then that you are selling our into socialist servitude and financial ruin. Good to know that you are with, charitably, the enemy. Further, you lied, then, if you are defending your vote as not for the $300,000,000. You would have voted for it anyway? That’s the way the sentence reads, perhaps it’s different elsewhere.

“I’ve spent 30 years of my life trying to represent the people of my state and make them look good,” said Landrieu.

30 years is far too long Mary. Time to retire. And we don’t need you to look good. You did not help us look good, but only yourself to gain reelection.

“Even when they were wrong I’ve defended them and when they were right, I praised them. When I was wrong I apologized and when I was right, I was very proud of my work.”

If you are proud of this abomination called health care reform, aka, take over health care and tax everything else bill, which is your work, then you are as abominable as the bill itself. In your 30 years, Ma’am, Louisiana has stayed at the top of the worst lists, and the bottom of the best lists. Nothing changed, and this you recount as accomplishment? This is forward thinking? This is your work? Your life? No, this, ma’am, is mush.


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