Flying High

What a great Mardi Gras parade! Skewering politicians left and right, though just our favorite sons of Louisiana, with great sarcasm and ridicule, mostly the governor and the mayor, but others too. The festivities took but an hour or so to pass on by, tossing beads and trinkets like the drunken revelers they were. Then we went barhopping to help the economy.

The strangest thing was what was missing, and what was noticed by many of the people that I knew: The riff raff that used to skirt the crowds looking for victims to rob and roll. Now New Orleans is a Democratic city, and I’d guess that most of the people that I know think they are lefties and socialists even, but at least good hearted liberals to say the least. And what was their take on the missing riff raff? Well, quiet racial profiling I’d say. There was much hushed talk about the gentrification going on – though there isn’t a whole lot of renovation, or reconstruction, nor renewing. No, what is missing is the same thing that our Secretary of Education alluded to. I loosely quote the man, Arne Duncan: “Katrina blew apart the school system and now it is much better.” Yes, well, the riff raff is out. Now, when Mrs. George Bush, senior, pointed out that many of the poorest refugees from that city where better off out of it, the liberals and Democrats called her all manner of crude names, and a heartless hussy, ah, but when Duncan said it, it is wisdom of the ages.

Well, we’ve all known for a while that the racism and insensitivity charge is a one way street, and Democrats always gun the engines of the bulldozer of excoriation of the improperly sensitive by the carefully calibrated racial meter the Dems keep under lock and key until they need to excoriate. But the liberals in which I was midst were only understated in their happiness without the riff raff, who were the product, broken as it were, of the school system that Babs Bush and Mr. Duncan are right to point out was completely shot through with corruption, cronyism, sloth, and general incompetence and stupidity. None of the good people would say what was missing, specifically. Nor were they too harsh on the gentrified folks they pre-storm hated for upsetting the careful mix of races and socio-economic classes. Nice, of them, no? Sort of like the liberal mugged is the new conservative, the gentrified neighborhood is the new racial harmony level. They did squirm a bit when I said, “ah, all the young black roughians are gone from the streets.”

And so, given the deplorable state of state education across this land, and the multiple Katrinas that might be necessary, and which his own Secretary of Education said, one would think that Obama would be seeking out ways to so destroy our current system of education so that he would go down in history as the education president. But no, instead, buried in his 3.8 Trillion Buck Budget is simply billions more for more of the same. Reality and his own guy’s comments not withstanding, the president feels that pouring more money down the same rat hole will bring about a bed of roses. Such is hope and change.

And to call something a budget that shows you are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar you spend is rather odd. Surely it should be more like “Guys Gone Wild,” as more than a few folks down there on Bourbon Street were doing the same in their drunken orgy of excess. Budget? They don’t have no stinkin’ budget. They have plastic. They have ATMs, scattered like taxpayers, in every bar. Though there is big difference. The drunks will have to get parsimonious on other expenditures tomorrow, while the president and his Mardi Gras krewe up in Congress will continue to spend, according to the president himself, like a wild drunken fool until the hangover and the foreclosure come like Spring rains come to most of the world. That is, it is inevitable that the party must stop. Obama just hopes it doesn’t stop on his watch, just like in musical chairs you hope to be in front of one when the music stops. The current crop of plenararies of our nation are obviously, now, trying to make it out of office, and possibly off of the corporeal earth, long before the bills come due. Meanwhile, drunken orgiastic spending it shall be. Until daddy takes the T-Bills away, as the credit of the nation shifts to mush, from the rock it was.

And isn’t it fine that Nancy Pelosi is doing her part? Why, it turns out that she is burning through a million or two of tax dollars on Grandma’s Air Taxi Service for her family. What a gal! What family values indeed. Steal from the poor and give to the rich, connected and nepotistic hunkered down at grannies knee. Yes, thanks Nancy, for the forebearance and civil rectitude. Why, the booze bill alone is perhaps a $100,000, which is more than many a bar in the French Quarter makes a year in profit. Oh well. All the research is not done yet, there being apparently far, far more boxes of records to sift through than the dectectives on the case imagined. Such is profligate spending, it builds up, sort of like a federal budget, and then molds in the corner, sort of like an old sandwich at the Collier brother’s (don’t know them? Oh, great story, of rich wackos and a 20 room apartment filled to the rafters with stuff, and one dead brother rotting, before it was all found out.)

Meanwhile, an anti-capitalist as fervent as the socialist Pelosi, one Fat Mike Moore, got captitalist tax dollars to shoot his non-union, low wage, “I’m not sharing the profits,” anti-capitalist flick that bombed at the capitalist box office. No word yet if the good socialist will sue the movie going public for having unfairly singled out his flick as a piece of garbage, thereby not being sufficiently deferential to the brilliance of socialist film makers. Nor word if the tax bucks given to Big Fatty will be demanded back as wasteful spending of an economic development sort that did not produce the jobs it was said to produce.

Meanwhile, Obama, not any mere film maker, will not spend $100,000, or a $1,000,000, or even $100,000,000, like so many other failed economic development expenditures. No, in order to simply throw to the wind money that is best used by the people that actually earn it, he will perhaps announce another $100,000,000,000 in borrowed and taxed money to go his favorite people, or whomever can catch his ear. For some reason these good government economic development types think we all come out ahead if Johnny gives up his money to Steve, with a nice commission to Paul for the grants to be written and the compliance reports filed, and Jason’s percentage to run the tax system, and a small fee to Charley the lawyer and Jake the lobbyist. Let’s do some math. Let’s start with a measely $10,000,000. You can add as many or few zeros as you wish, for the proportions stay the same. Sure, for every deal the numbers may be slighty different, but it’s as they say “it’s the concept, people.”

Johnnies of the state pay in $10,000,000 in taxes – or spend $10,000,000 of their own money. That’s the choice. That’s the calculation’s start. Do we come out ahead in real wealth if the Johnnies of our nation keep their own money, or do we come out ahead if some bunch of guys in a city far away spend it for the Johnnies, you know, “more efficiently,” as perhaps the regular Johnny just doesn’t spend his own money well enough to help society. Such is the logic. But here, a comparison of sorts: Government v. private $

Department flunkies to identify good projects: $500,000 —

existing business: $0

Tax compliance — $500,000                                            no tax forms: $0

Grant submission and evaluation: $500,000        purchase agreement: $0

Lawyers & Lobbyists: $1,000,000                               nobody like this; $0

Fancy Dept.Building: $1,000,000                               existing building: $0

New Fancy Building: $2,000,000                                existing building: $0

EPA, OSHA & other bureaus: $1,000,000             staying put: $0

Money to new company: $5,000,000           money in sales: $10,000,000

graft & corruption, nepotism, loss, $500,000               customers $0

Net economic development: $5,000,000          net economic development $10,000,000

Salaries & benefits: $5,000,000                   Salaries & benefits: $5,000,000

Profit (loss): $5,000,000 & ($5,000,000)       Profit (loss): $15,000,000

Yes, give the money to government to hand out to favored friends, get a net loss.

Let people keep their own money, get a profit.

What does Obama do? $1,500,000,000,000 in deficit, means that much not kept in hands of those who earned it. So, that means about Two Trillion in lost Economic Output Every Year in order to help people with 1.5 Trillion. So, we lose, roughly, about $500,000,000,000 just to have the government help us. Why, those millions spent by Pelosi are just a shot of spit compared to the real money involved.

No wonder she thinks she can get away with it.

Will she be skewered, or He, the One, in a Mardi Gras parade? Doubtful. The left, liberal, Democratic Socialists of Louisiana could not bring themselves to do it. But, I’m sure, though I have no proof yet, that poor Sarah Palin will be skewered. For Socialists have no clue of money, but they know how to mock and wreck. Just ask Trotsky, as soon as he gets the pick ax out of his head.


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  1. A third party will not be victorious. It never has been; study a history book. Dr. Utopia is systematically breaking up this nation piece by piece and were out here proposing songs to the dance band? It is absolutely, vitally essential that tea partiers, levelheaded conservatives, whatever we wish to call ourselves, TAKE BACK the GOP.

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