Tea Party Unity?


At this website I found an interesting article on the Tea Party movement, and so called factional fighting within it. Oh I’m sure there is. Not to worry. There are people who think they are Tea Party, or who pretend to be, so that they might take over the “organization” and claim it for their own and ride it to power. That’s not what the movement is about. It is about liberty, and honest government, and limited government. Espouse those ideals, and more, lower taxes, and rational spending and truthfulness, and you’ll find a voting block behind you. Espouse gaining control over the organization and you’ll lose. It’s not about organization. It’s about liberty. And liberty is not organized. It is chaotic. And like in partical physics, the more chaotic small things are, the more stable they are. And the more big things are, the more unstable things are. It’s just one of the conundrums of physics. I’ve read about it, I’m not sure I can explain it well enough. But basically, the chaos breeds flexible organized bits that get their part done. And the stability brings fragility and the likelihood of catastrophic failure.

This is the nature of liberty. This is what people want. We don’t want a leader, except whomever will dismantle it. We don’t want someone who “understands” the way things work. We could give a damn how it works. We want it rational, and it isn’t now. However it works. We don’t care what the personalities are, or the old grudges. We care about reasonable explanations for policies that make sense, and yes, are compassionate to those in need, but also thoughtful before handing over our cash. Nor do we think of how some politician is going to get his or her name on the project. We want to know, first, if the project even has a point, and two, what is the most efficient way to do it. In fact, I’d bet if there was ever a referandum on banning politicains and their family’s names showing up on projects that it would win an overwhelming majority.

But then this article which got me thinking also misses out on a very reasonable process of enormous amounts of discussion on this very complex thing called America. The reality is that the system is so convoluted, and so complex, and so interwoven with the way people live, that I doubt you’ll find anyone to say just “stop it tomorrow,” at least no more than as a joke. Everyone knows that it is going to take a lot of careful thought to dismantle it. At least we in the Tea Party Movement do. None of us, that I can determine, thinks anything will get solved in the next election cycle. Least of all will any of the current morass of programs and agencies be eliminated. First and foremost the Tea Party is about NO MORE RIGHT NOW. I think that every Tea Party person would agree that just stopping doing anything for even just a year or so might just let people get a breather. And look around us, and see what really is going on. It’s all the change that is worrisome. It’s all the mindless running around like chickens without their heads on, and doing mindless, braindead stuff. What the Tea Party is about is NO MORE> of whatever you propose – except either stopping it, or dismantling it, or at least whittling away at it. Stop it, whatever, Mr. Politician, you are proposing. No one has any answers other than: DOING THE SAME WON’T WORK.

Not a year has gone by in Decades where there wasn’t some rule, law, tax, credit, program, regulation, filing, compliance or report, or whatever it is they are calling it, that hasn’t changed. How on earth can anyone make a decision for the future when we have no idea what much of anything is going to be like in just a few years hence. No, stop it. Stop the change. Stop the constant tweaking – except to strip provisions, end taxes, lower fees, and lower spending. How hard can that be?

Instead, our president will get up in Congress Assembled and have a flood and a raft, and flotsam and jetsom of ill considered ideas, most of them tried a dozen time before, all of it designed to change something, and all of it going to befuddle an already angry people.

Well, so be it. But that’s the Tea Party. First stop it. Then worry about how to dismantle it. But we can’t even begin to get to step one if we still have the current crop of creeps in power. And so first, no matter what, the message has to be vote the bums out. Makes no difference who gets in – for the answer the next cycle is also – vote the bums out. The only change is to keep voting the bums out until those running start to speak the same language as the people. And for many people still in great confusion begin to realize what the problems are with the government’s response to quite obvious problems.

No one says a 90 year old diabetic lady should die or suffer, or live on the edge of sustenance. Sure, let their be programs to help her. Same for the child born with a horrendous conition. We are a compassinate people. More than any other on earth. But make the program rational. Make it reasonable, and most important, make it so dog darn clear that anyone can understand it. But don’t, no don’t ever tell me “oh, well, as soon as this legislation is passed and been around for awhile like a dead rat molding in the basement you are going to love this program!” How utterly absurd.

Finally, tonight, two things. If the health care reform bill can be perfectly fine not going into effect until 2014, then it is perfectly fine to craft better responses – but the only response off the table is MORE> no more government – work with what you have, and with less. And do less, and get your cotton pickin’ hands out of our wallets.

And second, I went to a bar tonight, to do some business, and oddly, in a normally liberal bar, not a person was happy with Obama. And it was a topic of discussion. People are talking about two things here in Louisiana – how terrible this president is, for whatever reason they think so, and the Saints. The only thing we want more of here is touchdowns for the Saints. Yah, and a whole lot less of this president who blew his good standing and his position in history – and will in all likelihood never pull it out of the dump he pushed himself into. Oh well, that is his fault, and not Bush’s.


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