Like President, Like Mayor

OK, a late post since it was mostly napping and dealing with the garden, or at least contemplating the work needed to be done. Will I do it now? No. It’s not time yet. Let Spring come first. All the dead growth will still be dead, no matter where it is. Worst comes to worst it decays into the soil here instead of a landfill. Be that as it may, some people still won’t wait – there is no forebearance. Instead, it’s right back to what they were told not to do.

The mayor’s bond issue was defeated. Part of that bond issue was still more “expansion” of the convention center downtown. The bond issue was defeated because a good portion of the people realize that borrowing more money is not a solution to the woes of our public finances. And using state money for cosmetic projects is not wise at this time. Any kid can tell you that when you have $17 you can’t go spend $20. And they can tell you that if something is $17 and they have no money, borrowing $17 to spend today means that you have to pay back $20 in a short while. So what does the mayor do? He runs to the city council and asks for permission to borrow $17,000,000 to expand a convention center that is hardly humming with business. A center that is a fine size for the many shows in America that need just such a venue. It is a fine size for what the city needs, since the city has been doing remarkably well in our troubled national times, and we are ahead of the game. A fine size given that there are none too many new and expanding events that need convention centers, since they are all staying put or downsizing because of the tenuous times that show no sign of abating. With the president running around threatening to tax more, and the Democrats in Congress giving the nation, and particularly the people of Massachusetts, a resounding poke in the eye, as they attempt all manner of charades to get parts, or the whole, or the truncated, or the meat, or the whatever they think is so important to the nation of their health care taxation and control bill.

That the mayor went ahead and signed a contract with a sports league obligating the citizens of Baton Rouge to upgrade the convention center to the liking of the sports league is just beyond dumb, and perhaps leans into incompetence, and violation of oath of office to protect the taxpayers of this parish. He sold me into slavery to the Bowling Congress. For I will now have to pay for their frivolity. How utterly aggravating.

The people are spending less. Sales tax revenues are down in nearly every quarter of the state, including this and neighboring parishes. All tax revenues are down. The cost of borrowing is up. The state and city are indebted to our eyeballs already. We are on the hook for a new sewer system by federal mandate. We have a bus system that is woeful. We have no guaranteed funded and in our hands steady public transport between this city and New Orleans. Government street is still not paved as the mayor promised he would do when he ran for office. There is much concern about the public pursue. The State is on a cutting spree that is leaving all manner of screaming constituents and power brokers. Ah, but the mayor – he wants to borrow $17,000,000 more to expand the just very recently expanded convention center. Is there no stopping this man?

And the article by Greg Garland of our Advocate’s staff points out that this is only a part of the much work in the dream time line. Which means that once this part is done, it will have to be torn all apart so that they might do the rest of the project which the $17,000,000 won’t cover today, and that no doubt the mayor will come to us in a year or so and say he needs $20,000,000 do to another phase. What’s the extra $3,000,000 for? Well, $1,000,000 to pay off the debt of the $17,000,000 and the other $2,000,000 to take apart and remove what was just finished with the previous installment of what we don’t need at all at this time. Meanwhile, I’m sure, people will come before the city council once again to bemoan the fact that the woeful city bus system is but $700,000 short in its usual annaul crisis.

Now, if the mayor said “Let’s borrow $17,000,000 at 4% interest, and deposit it into a mutual fund for 8% interest. This way the city could perennially earn about $1,2000,000 a year. $700,000 for the bus system, and the rest to go to paying off the original loan. Then, in about 15 years, the $17,000,000 can just sit their gaining interest to cover the perennial shortfall of funding for the bus system that by now it is obvious that no one in power in this city, parish or state has any intention of making into a rational and frequent and comprehensive system that ties in a big loop from Baton Rouge down to New Orleans and up to Hammond and back again. My my, what can be done with a measly $17,000,000 for that. And not have to spend a dime – and certainly not the usual $2,000,000 or so for architects and engineers – on buildling anything. But actually just buy a few buses and use the roads and parking lots we have.

While he’s at it the mayor should call up one of those vegatable oil bus dreamers and have them come on down to LSU and talk to some of the folks there, and why not bring in the agriculture folks, to see if all the old vegatable oil around from our fry happy mush pit and all that waste from the sugar cane fields and the daily pick ups of the overgrowth of our tropical paradise, mix it all up in a sweet elixir and green power the buses we are expanding all over the place where people actually live. But no, sneak in the back door with provisions of the very bond issue the people resoundingly rejected. Go Kip! Why, you are just like our president, who is seeking ways to get his inordinately unpopular health care taxation and control ideas through the congress in piece meal fashion as if the people who keep track of how many yards a running back runs can’t see what the dickens is going on with the mumbo jumbo. Obama has been heckled once or twice now. Keep it up sir, and you or your wife won’t be able to go out for some organic kale at any time of the day. We’ll heckle you from the stages of America. You will have abdicated your respect. That you would do so willingly is odd.

Meanwhile, in another vein, I was reading and ran across these anecdotes from William Kristol, editor there, and quite a smarty when it comes to this stuff:

When Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (the old black and white movie) premiered at Constitution Hall in Washington in October 1939, half the Senate was in attendance. The senators were outraged by the film’s depiction of widespread venality and corruption in that august body. Senate Majority Leader Alben Barkley denounced Mr. Smith as a “silly and stupid” movie that “showed the Senate as the biggest aggregation of nincompoops on record.”

Yes, well, Mr. Barkley, that’s called telling the truth. If one took the time to go through the livfes and fortunes of the grandees and poobahs of the era one can see indeed that he was right. And if Harry Reid looked around his little dream world he might see that he is right there in the biggest aggregation of nincompoops in quite some time. But, then again, as Ben Franklin said, all those years ago, at the beginning of the Republic: No man’s life liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session. And Franklin was quite the sage.

Mr. Kristrol added:

Another similarity between art and life was provided by the Kennedy family. The patriarch, Joseph Kennedy, was ambassador to Great Britain in 1939, and he complained to the head of Columbia Pictures that Mr. Smith would harm “America’s prestige in Europe.” Indeed, he urged that it be withdrawn from European release

Yes, harming our prestige at the very time there were several millions of people trying to get out of Europe and come to America. Just as there had been since about, oh, I don’t know, 1600. And meanwhile, continuing unabated, through all our times of harmed prestige, and horrendous presidents that brought low our reputation in the world, well, then too, the huddled millions kept coming. They kept coming and coming until the American public who was born here or came over on the last ship complained that even one new immigrant was going to destroy the culture and the country. At least until Obama got in. Almost immediately the numbers of immigrants declined as the people realized that there was little point in going from their socialist morasses into the new socialist morass of the United States. In fact, a recent report by some august group who follows such things notes that the United States is no longer among the ‘most free’ nations. We’ve slipped a bit on that banana peel that Obama threw to us and told us to either stuff if, smoke it, or slip on it. Thanks Mr. President!

But the biggest similarity is this: Americans liked an underdog in 1939. They liked one in 2010. When the establishment is arrogant and unresponsive, they tend to side with a Jefferson Smith/Scott Brown figure.

Almost anyone who runs against any sitting politicians is an underdog at this point. And thus the American people are going to side with them. And I do believe that the upcoming elections will be a route of singular proportions.

In 1939, that establishment seemed to be made up of conservative economic royalists. Today, that establishment seems to consist of liberal political royalists.

Yep, as I’ve said, they are royalists in league with royalists, who side with socialists, and environmentalists, and communitarians and Lord knows what other ist and ian flying around trying to muck thing up to their benefit.

Pundits today may not be crazy about Scott Brown’s victory. But the public seems to approve.

Can’t wait to see the utter shock on the pundits, the deposed, the departed and the deluded when the disapproving people remove vast numbers of the Vast Conspiracy Against the People. V-CAP for short. Yes, the politicians of today are in a V-Cap – and the people are not amused. Thanks Mr. Kristol for the info.

Then I saw this, as the tag line of a blog, and I liked it.

A blog about ideas. Ideas are not beliefs or opinions

True, and I often have lot of ideas that I throw out amidst the ridicule and mathematics. And the reporting of what people said. Still, ideas are what we need – very new ideas. For not one idea currently in play in our politics of our Republic today makes much sense anymore. And if no one will even examine the ideas than we are in a heep big trouble. But I’m really tired of hearing about the opinion of whether the president or a senator is going to make some deal about something with no other reason than to keep their jobs. They are supposed to make it right, that which they themselves say is mucked up. They are not supposed to add to the muck, or channel it so that it better serves their purpose. It’s the muck, dummies.

Finally, about the recent free speech for group entities — “The Court’s reasoning is best encapsulated by this quote (citations omitted):

In England, as Wilson noted, the “law” began with the notion of a Sovereign issuing commands. But in America, he said, the law would begin with “another principle, very different in its nature and operations . . . laws derived from the pure source of equality and justice must be founded on the consent of those, whose obedience they require.

This is also part of the problem. Our president does not recognize that there are two types of law on earth – and for a constitutional law professor, he claims, that is rather odd. Still, there is the Civil Law – that which comes from the King. And there is the Common Law – that which comes from the people. Mr. Obama, and Mr. Holden, our mayor, and Ms. Landrieu our Senator, and probably Mr. Vitter, the other one, and so many, if not all, of our current political class either sees the distinct and says screw it, or they are blind to it and thus are incompetently dangerous. In either case, it’s time for them all to do nothing, serve out their terms, don’t run again, and get some new people in there. People who not only recognize the difference, but luxuriate in it as American Exceptionalism, and that’s why the federal behemoth must be stopped as much as the Baton Rouge mayor must be stopped. They are wrecking the country for their own political power, and exempting themselves from the very laws, rules and taxes that the push on the rest. Not much different than George III. Well, we took care of him after the first tea party.


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