cheers & jeers

From the

“The newly elected GOP politician departed from the Boston Park Plaza hotel early today on a commercial flight, where he was seated in coach.

A stewardess announced his presence on the flight, prompting his fellow passengers to erupt in cheers. He drove around Washington in a Jeep Laredo.”

I don’t need to give his name do I? The most famous Politician in America today, bar none! He’s it. All things are relative to pre-he and post-he. Still, there he was, with the poohbahs, as if a king’s lowliest jester was promoted to king’s minister of everything. Alas, probably no place to rent a pick up truck.  Still, think about it — a “stewardess” (my, are we getting rational again?) on a plane took it upon herself to announce the hero and the place erupts in cheers. Chuck Shumer? Ha!

Senator Ben Nelson is scolded out of a pizza shop. The president himself is heckled in Massachusetts. They are the goats. All of them. Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Geithner, — and Sanford too, and other miscreant Republicanos — behaving as if they are South American  caudillos with haciendas and peasants to tend their estates. Like Olympia Snowe and the ex-R Arlen Specter. And Charlie Crist. Ah, the list is long, no? They are to be jeered at. Heckled. Dismissed as fools. For that’s what they have become. People at Pelosi gatherings should stand up and say “Are you serious ma’am, are you serious?”

Politely, firmly, never a cross word, never a curse word. If you can’t say it in front of a grandmother don’t say it — there are ways in English to belittle people. And by the way, Belittle was coined by Thomas Jefferson. It is as an American word as you can get. He belittled — made small — the Greatest, most Powerful King on Earth — George III. We won! Yes, and belittled power and privilege, and though he had his, he somehow regretted it, and tried, within the bounds of his times, to ameliorate the reality he saw in his life. He was aware that slavery was bad, and against liberty, but still, in his times, there was little to be done about it but account for it as best they could and leave it for later generations.

Harry Reid was prone to say that Republicans against his health care taxation and control scheme were akin to slave holders. If so, though not at all, but if so, then it was in the spirit of Jefferson. Yes, health care, and poverty, and stupidity, and bad education, and roads, and such, and all, are a problem, but none is so dire, so desperate in this land of great wealth and opportunity that we can’t take an entire presidential term to resolve the problem. If Obama had said, as almost promised repeatedly in his campaign, from the get go — “let us sit around for three years, and openly, in front of the TV cameras, daily, talk about each and every aspect of our health care system, with it’s conflicting and confusing morass of providers and purveyors, and developers, and practicioners, and most importantly the patients and then in the fourth year let us take the very best ideas we have and enact them.”

But no, instead he went to secret palace mode of emperors gone by. Sad. So sad. And he took so many with him, some very willingly mind you. But others, like probably our dear Landrieu, befuddled by the game she says she doesn’t play up in Washington DC when her party leader says “he who doesn’t play the game loses” or something like that.

So instead, Scott Brown is cheered on an airplane spontaneously and Ben Nelson is chased from a pizza parlor. Let us take it to the governing class and let us vote for them this way — in the court of public opinion. They want to be celebrities? They want the dazzle of Hollywood — well, the movie going public is fickle. Often it is the blockbuster aka Obama that fails, and loses, and it is the sleeper, aka Brown that is the popular upstart. Welcome to celebrity politics, almost. Because Brown seems the reluctant star, though he is not — he sought that seat knowing full well what a win would do. That’s OK. The difference is that he is not for His vision, he’s for just less government so that, in a Maoist phrase that might tingle the pants of Obama’s staff, a million visions can bloom.

For America is about millions of visions. That’s the pursuit of happiness. The Democrats have morphed into a MY VISION OR NO VISION mentality. And some Republicans lean way to close to that idea. So Obama is turning out to be the goat. And Scott Brown is the hero. There are a lot more coming.

Now imagine, if, in the State of the Union address Mr. Obama says “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that America wasn’t ready for my vision. Let’s get to work doing something more practical. Sorry, for the bother, at least it made us think.” (Let the man save a shred of dignity.) “I’ll go sit in the White House now, and talk to my generals about how to defeat the crazies of the Islamic faith. Call me if you need me.”

Yes, sir we sure will, but you scream about the bankers now? Egads, you idiot.

Sarah Palin is beloved by millions and … well, who is on the other side? Which liberal has captured the imagination of the people for a free republic? None on the left. They call, through guile, and Orwellian Speech, for ever more taxes, more jealousy, more accusations, more politics, more rules, laws, regulations, bureaucracies and on and on the joys of big government — to which these shores 250,000,000 of us agree we came to escape. But the 50,000,000 who voted for Obama with dedication, they are of the mind that they will tell us what to do. Such is not the case.

Not while Scotts and Sarahs are being cheered, and Bens and Baracks are being jeered. Yep, change is a-coming.


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