Defeatism in the face of Mush

Not a post on the news directly today, but on the larger issue of where are we going? And how will we get there? And what is at the “end” of our American journey? The mush will continue to flow as fully as the Mississippi itself that I can take a day off from looking at it and it will be just as full tomorrow. Today, though, here, at the onset of extraordinary cold in our mush pit of South Louisiana – at a time when country after country across the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing record snow, record cold — and record stupidity, it seems – the left seems to think they are winning. That they are bringing us to the end of history, or so they announce. Though rather it is the beginning. For leftists do believe that through Scientific Socialism they will bring us to the end of history and the end of all further discussion about what to be done. And they will freeze society at the exact right point of control that they feel is necessary. Just like kings and lords of old did try their best to do.

So, in the snow and cold, they are still touting global warming as a disaster waiting to happen. They are even saying, some do, that all this cold and snow is a clear sign that there is warming because the snow is coming from melting glaciers. How bizarre. To think that moving the ice and snow from one place to the other is warming us up is mush of course. And yet, that’s what the playbook calls for – government control of the climate itself. How strange, how mush-headed. Why believe such nonsense?

And then, daily, I read from many a rightwinger that thinks it’s hopeless. I read some two dozen blogs and newsmagazines online, and most of the comments posted. Not to mention our fearless Advocate. There is much smug hatred for thought by the Left that one wonders why they think they are the only ones who can think. The answer is clear though – for the Left says that to think Left is to think correctly and to “think” Right is not to think at all, but be lulled by false conscience and be deluded. We are heretics, they say, as surely as Medieval pope declared heresy. Such is the newness of the ideas of the Left. And still, there is much dispair among the Right as they think it through, and yet still believe what the Left is telling them – that they cannot think. The mush-headed-Right has bought into the “we are doomed” philosophy and that if only we just get the right leader we can solve this all. Such is not the case.

Still, there is much talk about what government must do to make the situation better. So besotted are we by government action that even the conservatives, rightwingers and Republicans are driven by the idea that a few people can make it all right for the many. This is the hallmark of Royalism. That a prince of some sort or another will ride to the rescue. That we need the best leader we can find. That we all have to be in this together, on the same page, to bring about a better tomorrow. There is talk about how Sarah Palin might be the princess to rescue us from big government – and yet I have yet to hear her talk about dismantling government. Indeed, she touts how she “fought big oil.” Well, why was the State of Alaska fighting big oil in the first place? Why is government fighting companies at all? How can you rescue us from government if your only plan is to run it yourself? Better, you say? How so? How can you run a broken and failed model of societal organization – big government – by merely altering the poobah in charge? It seems hard, if not impossible, to me. In fact, it seems to be just as Medieval as the idea that the last king wasn’t so good, but his son, the new king, will be just so much better.

And then we have all sorts of commentary that we need to “manage” it better. But none about dismantling it. Indeed, from the language that Harry Reid himself put into the health care bill – it “can never be repealed,” he wrote – and the commentary that “once passed it will never be repealed” is all over the place. And all I can say is mush. Mush. Utter balderdash mush. The goal is not merely to change managers. The goal, for me, is not to say, well, Republicans will win this time, and the Democrats the next, and so we will plod on into the future and all will be well with our “checks and balances.” The problem is that the goal of that idea is still big government. And government has grown under both Republicans and Democrats.

I even complained about Ronald Reagan because he said “lowering tax rates will give the government more money” — and that is more government. No matter how you look at it. Government to take our tax dollars and hand them back as if it was their money and we should be thankful. Government to make sure we are all licensed, bonded and insured so that we will obtain permission to perform our obligation to work. Government to make sure everything is fair. Mush. Mush I say.

I’m not sure what the answers are – for I cannot know what you would do – I am me and you are you – so long as you don’t prevent me from doing something I don’t care what you do. But still, we are told, “it’s a complex society” and that we “need” all the rules and laws and taxes and bureaucracies. And I say Mush. Mush it is. For it is exactly what Nero said to the emperor before himself. It is what Henry VIII of England said as he added to what Henry the VII did, but removed virtually nothing from his dad’s, the king, laws. Every law written stays. Every program devised stays. As if there was never a need for true change.

We are willing to repaint our houses. And we are willing to replace our cars. We go shopping willingly for new clothes. Then we go off to see new movies and hear new music. New, new, new – that’s what comes at us daily. Except with Govenrment – and there is the past is frozen. What is is what is. The Gods have spoken and put the Department of Commerce on our shores – and it is imperishable. Along came the Department of Labor – and it shall brook no reform. There was the Department of Education spending billions to get us the exact same results as we had before it ever rose its head above the swamps of the Potomac, and now we can live no longer without it. Then the Department of Energy, so that all the energy every brought to bear in America is now a Federal Responsibility – for some reason unknown to the users of energy, other than to find out that the DOE is attempting to prevent all new energy sources except those that are the least reliable and the most expensive. This is good for us, it is said, for it is governmnet, and someone must level the playing field, and make it fair, and I say – as you know – Mush. Mush to it all, for it is all mush. We need these departments for our nation like we need hangnails and ripped jeans to attend a wedding, and have a badger root through the garbage beneath our sinks, as it bares its fangs in hateful hunger.

Then comes the committees of Congress which suck the lifeblood from the Republic, for these few men and women do believe, though they be lawyers all, that they have the knowledge and expertise, and the wisdom and fortitude to decide what the other 300,000,000 people must do. They are sure of their sureness, but so little else. Then once ensconced they are like mush in the cleats of snowshoes – utterly worthless and hindering progress. Where are our leaders to lead us away from temptation of more government? They are few and far between. Usually diehard libertarians, such as myself. .

And once on this path to royalism-socialism, supposedly it is unstoppable. For Big Government knows no stopping until it is Total Government. Such has been the case since the dawn of recorded history. Why anyone, at this time, thinks it will be different than it ever was before is beyond me. Yet, still, even those opposed to government’s growth lie down in sweet pastures like sheep and say “oh, we can do nothing, for they have won, and we have lost.” Mush, mush I say.

Where is anyone left to fight the battle? In just the most recent, most pitiful, most disgusting example of this mush-headed craven collapse to Big Government our erstwhile Republican Leader, one Michael Steele, has decided to lay down and surrender. Such is the fight left in him that his “steel” has turned to Mush! First he says there is no way for a Republican to ever win the Senate Seat in Massachusetts – as if 5.5 million people are forever so besotted by the lure of Big Govenrment that they are irredeemable. If so – if so, then why bother to even hold the election? Like a Medieval king perhaps Obama should just appoint whoever supports big government the most. Then he says, amazingly so, that there is no way for the Republicans to take back a majority in the House of Representatives in 2010. This stupid man has acceded defeat before the battle is even started. He has surrendered to Big Government before they have even shot a warning shot across the bow of freedom.

This is the sort of defeatism that I cannot abide by. This is the sort of “woe is me” mush that aggravates the living daylights out of me. If there is nothing to be done – then, Mr. Steele – just disband the party — and get the hell out of the way of those of us who will fight to the last man for life liberty and the purusit of happiness. If Republicans will not lead the fight – then get out of the way, perhaps you’ll even cross to the other side, like Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania. Why fight when you can surrender – such is the philosophy of our current Republicans. Such was the mush of the two Bushes – no new taxes and no new government programs as they raised taxes and created new government by the volume full of blank pages for bureaucracies to fill out later. They were mush heads, extraordinarily so.

Get out of the way, you defeatists, for you are on the side of Big Government – and thus you are against We The People and the Liberty which we crave. You are a heathen in the face of the attackers and you see no God but Government – and such mush appalls me. You are but the focus I see tonight. But still, everyday, on so many websites, there is a defeatism that I cannot tolerate. I will not tolerate. And if they, the Socialists, have to come and take me out to the nearest wall and shoot – as they are prone and known to do wherever they have gotten the power to do so — then I regret that I have but one life to live for my ideal – not my country – but for the ideal of liberty is not only American – but instead was part and parcel of the revolts against Roman Emperors, and the revolts against Medieval Kings and Chineses Emperors, and against Plantation Slavemasters – Revolts were always for liberty – and big government be damned. Still, defeatism is what we are given, and I say it’s Mush, MUSH!

And thus the rant is gone for the evening, and I retire, cocktail in hand, to rage at the forces of defeatism so that it might warm the cockles of my heart in our time of global warming induced freezing temperatures. What will it take for you to see the mush?


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