With a Vengence

Well, winter is here with a vengefulness. In our time of global warming we are so far below normal for so long that I’m beginning to think that cold is the new warm. What else can one say about the near endless stories of record breaking snow and cold? When Burlington Vermont is having a record snow year, well, that could be par for the course. Records are made to be broken, after all. But still, when Huntsville, Alabama is having its snowiest year, that’s a bit more news worthy. When Shreveport and Dallas, and Baton Rouge and Tallahasee are having record breaking snow and cold, well, then that is something else entirely. Still, our Advocate will not crack the global warming fraud story. Still not a blazing headline about the utter balderdash of it all. Not one writer on staff sent forth to wonder about the whole shenanigans of $100,000,000,000 gifts to foreign lands for the corruption to take care of the nonexistent problem of overwarmth. Nor a word from or by or about our daring duo of senators who are remaining mushmouthed about cap and trade, and the EPA arrogating to itself power to control vast swaths of the economy to mitigate the nothing that is causing no problem. Perhaps one day.

After all, our Advocate is a timely purveyor of the news we can use, right? Well, no. Not exactly. For today, some three weeks after Hugo Chavez, King-in-training for Venezuela, declaimed that “capitalism is the evil that must be stopped” at the frozen, snowed in Copenhagen Climate Overwarmth Taxation conference to wild applause and a standing ovation our Advocate says “doh” and publishes an editorial about the outrage. And who applauded? Everyone. And who was there? All 197 countries that want to tax America for having the audacity of becoming the freest, most powerful, richest, and most peaceful, beneficial and generous country on earth and in history. And the world’s tinpots are still enraged. They will not take it any longer. They would stop us if they could, one imagines, by physical invasion. But alas, our military is bigger than all the world’s militaries combined. Not in manpower. No, they have lots more men. It is in technology and science, throw weight and capability. It’s in firepower and delivery thereof that we are way far ahead. Yet, one or two crackpot bombers get through, and cause some damage, but out government, in another story, assures us the ‘system is working.’ Indeed.

Still, now the Advocate pontificates – oh, horror, how terrible. Yet, in the editorial it says blah blah …. “consult those in Venezuela who seek freedoms that the decadent, capitalist West is oppressed by.” Yes, well, who is this West? Could it have been any of those raptuous  applauding? Probably not, for the “West” is the tongue in cheek evil meanies. So who was there among whose applause our Advocate took three weeks to decry? Perhaps our fearless editorialists were scrutinizing the list of countries greeting Chavez as teenyboppers greeted Elvis. You know, to see which were the “West” and which were the evil meanies spouting the horrors of the American Democratic Party – oops, the, um, non-West. Or the East. Or the Middle. Or the South and/or North. Wherever they were, it was not the “West” — for that’s where capitalism is, right? The West being a shorter list – after all East, North, South and Middle are four against one, no? Let’s look at that list first – it’s easy:

  1. We The People of the United States.
  2. Um, thinking….

And the other Westies? None, to speak of. For there were all “Western Europe” applauding as loudly as the East, South, North and Middle. Did the “West” get up and walk out? No. They applauded. Our allies – all joined in with Chavez in condemning We the People. Oh, how charming, and cute villages and grand cathedrals too. Of course, castles and palaces of royalty are always said to just be tourist thingys. But sometimes I’m not so sure, especially that other than France, the West is pretty chock full of royals living in palaces and leaving the lights on late at night to study ways to kill off those upstart liberty lovers and king slayers over ocean yon. The French just have socialists and communists, as any who study politics there can attest.

Though – to be fair — there were actually one or two other countries less than happy with Chavez. One was the Czech Republic, unique and alone, once again, in Europe, in speaking up against the onslaught of the state. Only Vaclav Klaus ever really said a word in opposition:

I agree with Professor Richard Lindzen from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who said: “future generations will wonder in bemused amazement that the early 21st century’s developed world went into hysterical panic over a globally averaged temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree, and, on the basis of gross exaggerations of highly uncertain computer projections combined into implausible chains of inference, proceeded to contemplate a roll-back of the industrial age”. Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic

Yes, the Czechs, who stood up as long as they could against the Nazis, and then against the Soviets, but before that the Hapsburgs of Austria of the 1700s & 1800s, and before that the rampaging Swedes of the 1600s, and then before that against the Pope & Church corruption of Medieval times, and before that it was against the Holy Roman Emperor, and before that, back in the mists of time, it was against whoever else was coming along to still the freedom of mankind. But that was then, this is now.

And of course, the Israelis also said poppycock or fekachte or some other pithy Yiddish word, but who listens to them?

The rest of Europe joined in the condemnation of capitalism and the “West.” Thereby leaving little left to be “West” except the US, which is West of everywhere if you go in one direction, like Columbus, but east, of course, if you go the other, like the original folks. We are to the East of Russia after all. And there was one that is in the Middle of Europe – equidistant from London and Moscow, Athens and Helsinki – the Czechs. And one in the Middle of the East – and no one would deny that Jerusalem, that ancient Jewish city is not the center of it all – that’s what the fight is about right? So that’s three against 194. or 197 – 3 = 194. Wild ain’t it? But this the Advocate calls the “capitalist West” and this it tells us three weeks after the wild applause.

I guess they wanted to wait it out to see if Landrieu could bring home something from the climate conference, like the promise not to utterly destroy the oil, gas and petrochemical carbon Co2 industry that is God’s gift to mankind and Louisiana’s part in the modern world, with of course, hot sauce and jambalaya, which should not go unmentioned.

Meanwhile, there are three letters to the editor about the health care debate. Two say that the GOP is not nearly as bad as a letter writer named Alex Chapman wrote some days ago. I did not read that letter, but the two new letters do state rather forcefully that Chapman is a chap, and even a chump, or a chimp, who chaps the wrong way, and should champ it shut. Ok, that’s political disagreement, I’ll let that slide. Still, that was two against one.

Yet, the lead letter says that by the Republicans Not – NOT – supporting the Chavezization of America – then the Republicans will not garner any of the vote of the 65% of the people now more or less opposed to virtually everything the Democrats are doing and thus consign themselves to electoral oblivion. Or, as the Democrats so aptly and more benignly put it (they don’t not sing the glories of Chavez directly, after all, for which some credit is due) instead they say — “we want to be just like Europe” — on health care, on taxes, on law enforcement, on economics, on industrial targets, on central planning, on stimulus packages, on executive decrees, on environment, and on and on on any number of matters big and small – and whom did Europe (except the Czechs, remember) laud and applaud in wild frenzy on stomping feet? Chavez. And what did the Advocate itself say? Chavez is a wacko, more or less. Ergo, Europe is wacko. Ergo, those who want to be like Europe are Wacko. And thus, ergo, Democrats are Wacko. A simple logical progression, but still, no conclusions drawn by the Advocate. But, the Advocate merely published the letter – it is some mad, mad, addled, retired librarian and professor named Weeks who is bumfuddled. How odd to think that by aligning oneself with 65% of the people you will lose their votes because the 65% will not vote what they perceive to be their interest. Winning by going for the minority – what a strategy! And Weeks is to be commended to something or other for such sage advice.

In other no-conclusion territory our Advocate points out that our Senator’s brother, Mitch, is employed to promote a leading business in this state – hot sauce and jambalaya, more or less – and yet, is seemingly distracted by his run for his dad’s old seat. And it will distract him – for he already lost twice for mayor of New Orleans, and if he means to be serious this time then he had better redouble his efforts. And Godspeed, Mitch. Though which leaves precious little time to take care of the old plantations that still befuddle our mentality. Our Advocate does lament that Mitch’s life is a bitch, and hopes that it works out well for both employee half on the job / candidate full time – and too for the rest of us who have to suffer the indignity of seeing our employee not only take time off with pay to pursue outside adventures, but gleefully submit a resume for another job while slacking off. A fine example of public service indeed.

Our Advocate gainfully points out to us that this is “far from unusual in politics” but not the obvious – it should be illegal. It should be required of an elected or appointed official that when he or she runs for another office than they should give up the one they hold. If they are too important to continue in what they are doing, but seek a more powerful and gainful post, then fine – go to it – but resign, so that the duties for which you were hired, very important to the state and its people as they are, are taken care of appropriately and completely as is warranted by the trust put in you by We the People. We did not hire Mitch to go job hunting.

But no, our Advocate, wimpily, cravenly, Chavezingly, says “we’re glad that Landrieu won’t have to divide his time between his two roles indefinitely.” — Doh! My head just crashed into a nearby wall. He has but one “role” — overseer of the plantations. He also has this hobby of running for mayor down in New Orleans. If he took off time for his hobby of knitting mittens for kittens would we just benignly say, aw, so cute, so wonderful, that he cares so much as to try to run two things at once: a portion of the state’s economy and kitten mittens. How can one stuff two 40 hour jobs into one 40 hour week?

Furthermore, without casting aspersions too strongly: The two roles are contradictory. In fact, I wonder if in control of the tourism and cultural offices of this state he is channeling just a little bit more largess down to good buddies and wavering, wondering citizens down the river so that they might more carefully consider the benefits of his good offices for the benighted Crescent City. The recipe is ripe for ripping off the people. But good, that our Advocate is hot on the trail of such promise of corruption with a “glad it won’t last long.” What mush, what aggravating mush. But I will not say that such corruption is happening. I’ll just point out that if our French allies can say that Chavez is right, and we are so beloved of the Frenchiness of our mushpit, then well, perhaps we are a capitalist decadent drain on the world, with a vengefulness.


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